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Social & Leisure
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Marketing & Sales
#8 worldwide

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The Australia Startup Ecosystem is World’s Leading Innovation Hubs, ranked at number 9 globally, and shows a negative momentum -2 spots since 2020. Australia also ranks at number 1 for startups in Australia and Oceania.

There are 12 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Australia and the top ranked city in Australia is Sydney at 36 globally. Sydney is followed by Melbourne at 39 and Brisbane at 112.

Australia is an ideal place to locate for Ecommerce & Retail, Social & Leisure and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 487 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Australia, 180 Social & Leisure startups in Australia and 178 Marketing & Sales startups in Australia, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 1406 startups in Australia, 16 accelerators in Australia, 58 coworking spaces in Australia, 62 organizations in Australia and 2 leaders in Australia.

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1,387 startups in representative sample
Redbubble gives independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Over 400k artists and designers across the planet connect with millions of passionate fans. A brave (and dare we say stylish) new world of self expression. Read more
Rome2rio has developed unique, multi-modal travel search technology to deliver door-to-door travel itineraries. The Rome2rio technology offers a novel approach to travel search that can accept any address, landmark, town, national park, etc, as the input origin and destination. Rome2rio searches a purpose-built repository of air, train, ferry, mass transit and bus routes, walking directions and driving directions. Rome2rio’s solution is elegant, stable and fast.  Read more
Gleam helps businesses better engage with their customers through a growing number of apps: Competitions ( - Run beautiful competitions directly on your own site, fast setup and entry options that align with business objectives. Currently driving over 100k business actions per month. Rewards ( - Create one time rewards that a user can redeem by completing defined actions. The reward can be a coupon, redirect, free sample or download. Feedback (coming soon) - Get feedback from customers direclty on your website or at any point in the sales process. What's more, you can incentivize your user to provide the feedback - POS, Thank You Page, Via Email, In-Store or via onsite widget.  Read more
Envato is the leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people. Millions of people around the world choose our marketplace, studio and courses to buy files, hire freelancers, or learn the skills needed to build websites, videos, apps, graphics and more. Read more is Australia's premier online shopping destination, offering the best prices on TVs, Phones, Tablets, Computers, Audio, Homewares, Appliances and more. Read more
Founded in Melbourne, in July, 2012, HotDoc is a Health Care Information Technology company that provides an online platform for patients to book medical appointments in realtime. In 3 simple steps, patient users can make a health booking at home or on the run, 24 hours a day.  Read more
We are a premium domain reseller site that strives to bring you brandable domains. Search through thousands of domains to find a premium domain name. Read more
Stan is an Australian streaming company which offers subscription to unlimited viewing of selected movies and TV shows. Read more
It's easy. Simply post a job you need completed and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes. Read more
Zip Pay is a friendly, interest-free payment solution for everyday spending, and Zip Money is great for life’s bigger buys. Read more
SelfWealth is Australia's first online investment solution enabling self-directed investors to compare to peers, professionals and the market and use this knowledge to improve their own portfolio performance. SelfWealth is a collaborative investment tool allowing for a 'crowd sourced' portfolio of stocks. SelfWealth's dedicated web portal incorporates: * Ability to follow other investors and create a target portfolio comprising socks of the investors being followed. *Re-weighting to your target portfolio through online broker execution to produce above market returns *Risk profiling *Asset allocation and portfolio construction *Independent research and stock screening *Portfolio data collection form multiple broker sources including full trading history *Individual perofrmance comparisons against other model portfolios, professional fund managers and industry benchmarks *Mobile and tablet compatibility.  Read more
Clipchamp's area of expertise is digital video processing, making it easier for anyone to edit, convert, compress, record, share and upload video. Our unique, in-browser applications overcome limitations of both desktop and Cloud-based alternatives. The company is headquartered in Brisbane and was started in 2013. It has since published 3 products that are all gaining traction internationally with a growing customer base worldwide. Read more
We started Starts at 60 to bring together online the growing number of people who were turning 60, and tasting freedom from work and family commitments, and starting to live their own dreams. We are the largest digital community of over-60s in the world, anchored by our awesome media output, which ranges from fun ‘trending’ stories to helpful information and serious discussion points, and the conversation our community has about this media, and everything else under the sun! We pride ourselves on giving a loudspeaker to the voice and listening to the heartbeat of the Baby Boomer generation, and seeking out ways to make our readers’ lives better, more fun and more exciting. The news, inspiration, stories, offers and travel deals you see on the outside are just the skin of something far more special, which is a real community of millions of people who’ve all got one big thing in common. They want to talk about it, experience it, share it and find better ways to live it. Read more
Tinybeans lets busy parents keep a journal for their child simply and quickly. Using a mobile app the parent can upload photos and check off developmental milestones in no time at all. The journal can be shared with close friends and family and also allows parents to measure their child's progress against real developmental benchmarks. Read more
Creately is an online diagramming and a collaboration software that runs on SAAS platform. Read more
BugHerd is the world's simplest bug tracker for web developers and designers. You can embed it directly into a website so bugs are flagged and managed visually without the need to fill out lengthy forms or annotate screengrabs. Bugs can be logged in 5 seconds! So much quicker than sending emails back and forth, phone calls or any other issue tracker on the web! BugHerd is now expanding across the production lifecycle from proposal through wireframes, design and production with a focus on digital agencies and their clients.  Read more
Allows to download videos from popular video streaming sites. No need for installation. Easy and fast Read more
Shippit is a simple shipping platform that takes the guesswork out of delivery. Read more operates as a game developer. Read more
We think anyone should be able to create delicious animated videos so we’ve made it as simple as Powerpoint. Biteable is packed with broadcast quality animation styles. Simply select the styles you’d like, add your content and you’re done. No more waiting weeks for video production. Simply build your videos online, preview and share with your team before you spend a dime. Try it for yourself at  Read more
Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace for people and businesses to outsource tasks, find local services or hire flexible staff in minutes - online or via mobile. Whether it’s handyman work, office admin, photography or anything else, you simply post a task for FREE and then choose from rated, verified and reviewed people ready to work. Read more
Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results. Read more
BuiltWith Pro lets you do competitive research on technology implementers. Use the results as sales leads, competitive intelligence or as potential business prospects. Read more
Murmur is a staff surveying and analytics platform. Murmur takes your employee survey and combines it with a great user experience and powerful analytics - The first People Intelligence platform. Engagement, Candidate, Recruitment, Onboarding and Exit surveys. Real data and genuine insight on your most important asset.  Read more
Brave New Coin is a Data & Research company focused on the exponential Blockchain & Digital Equities industry. Read more
FoxOMS is resource scheduling software designed for creative professionals in the graphics design, video editing and film production fields. FoxOMS can schedule all your resources, including rooms, staff, freelancers and equipment. FoxOMS also features inbuilt project management tools which integrate with bookings and tasks Read more
With ServiceM8, you’re connected. Urgent jobs can be dispatched to staff immediately, and without phone calls. Staff on the road receive all client details and badges assist in highlighting critical information. Staff will be given turn-by-turn navigation in the tap of a button, so they won’t get lost. Clients can automatically be notified via SMS that you’re on the way, and because you know where staff are at all times, you can work even smarter. In ServiceM8, every job has a story. From a client’s first call, every note, photo, email and text message is stored in the job diary for reference. Staff have a complete job history available on the road, even when out of coverage. Staff have clear job requirements, and with checklists and tasks, jobs are done right the first time. Everytime. Creating invoices on your iPhone takes seconds. Print, email and even post professional invoices directly to the client straight from your iPhone and inspire confidence.  Read more
We've built an awesome place for people to teach and learn online. It's social like Facebook, collaborative like Wikipedia and available to anyone in the world. We've designed OpenLearning to give power to students by enabling them to improve courses as they are run and to teachers who can finally teach the way they've always dreamed. OpenLearning builds upon the successes of social media, gamification, and peer communication to build strong course communities. The resulting immersion, engagement and enjoyment leads to deeper learning in students, increased retention, and more effective information sharing within organisations. Student interaction data is used to recommend ways to improve course quality, while OpenLearning's unique administration tools make it easy for non-technical people to create and manage stimulating courses. Read more
Spaceship is a financial services company that believes technology is the key source of business advantage in the coming decades. Read more
Immutable is transforming in-game items into a brand new digital asset class. Read more
Buy original Australian art direct from Australia's leading artists with prices starting from $99 and thousands of works available. Free listings for Artists. Read more
Mable is an online platform where people with disability, or those who are ageing, can find and hire local care and support workers. Read more
School Organisation System (SOS) for streamlining and enhancing daily administration in K-12 schools Read more
Banxa is an internationally compliant fiat-to-crypto gateway solution for exchanges, wallets and other cryptocurrency businesses. Read more uses a combination of a website and smartphone application to provide consumers and enterprise users with the ability to access any site on the internet without ever remembering or typing a username and password while also providing them with more security Keyless holds the following advantages over the competitors: No plugin installation needed • Works on every device and operating system (smart TV, tablet, pc, laptop) • Works with every website out of the box • Higher security and convenience • Easy to access • Easy to use Keyless provides the following services and benefits: • Secure access to website without the need of typing passwords • Secure access to identities/credentials on unsecure devices/networks • Enhanced security and privacy • User delegation and secure access sharing • Access control and notification via mobile • Fast browsing experience • Parental control • Secure password management • Reducing data usage Keyless is more than a password manager! Read more
Classe365 is an integrated LMS, SIS, CRM and more for educational institutions. Read more
Brosa is the for homewares. We are a marketplace where industrial / physical product designers can get their ideas manufactured & sold to customers who are looking to buy unique & designer homewares. Physical product designers have lots of ideas/sketches/concepts for products they want to sell but they never will because they can’t get it manufactured. Designers lack manufacturing experience, buying power to manufacture cost effectively, & a large customer audience. They also don't know which of their designs will sell best, often getting left with dead stock. We work with designers, taking their ideas through the manufacturing process to establish costings, specifications etc. Designs go onto a voting page where we crowdsource what customers like best. Popular designs go up for sale & designers earn commission on every sale. Customers also enjoy affordable pricing because we remove middlemen & cut costs.  Read more
Enabling marketing and engineering teams to collaborate on designing real-time email and push notifications. Read more
Coviu is a highly secure, affordable, and scalable video consultation solution for healthcare businesses. International B2B SaaS platform. Read more
Stackla is a unique social media aggregation, engagement & reporting tool, the only one of its kind in the market today. Its aim is to enable a brand greater control over their social media while at the same time offering their fans & followers a unique environment to connect & engage with each other. Stackla is also an effective user data collection tool, providing the missing link between social fan data and CRM. Read more
Have you ever tried to collaborate with a designer on a new logo or a website? Email can be painful to get your ideas and feedback across. Did you ever feel you needed to collaborate visually by drawing, tagging and commenting on the creative? Well now you can with GoVisually is the simplest way to get visual feedback on designs, mockups & print media GoVisually gives you a beautiful interface to upload your designs and recieve feedback from peers and customers real FAST.  Read more
With Good On You, you can discover the best sustainable fashion from around the world and learn all you need to know about ethical and sustainable fashion. Read more
Automotive Superstore is an Australian online automotive retailer Read more
Everything You Need in Structural Engineering, All in One Platform Read more
Mad Paws helps you find reliable pet minders to mind your pet when you can't. Read more
Cluey Learning is an Edtech startup. Read more
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