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#8 worldwide
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#17 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#22 worldwide

notable startups
startup iconStuDocu
startup iconCreative Fabrica
startup iconBrainsley

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Amsterdam is ranked at number 29 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -9 spots since 2020. Amsterdam also ranks at number 1 in The Netherlands, and 5 in Western Europe.

Amsterdam is an ideal place to locate for Foodtech, Fintech and Hardware & IoT startups. As the most popular industries in Amsterdam, there is a sample of 165 Foodtech startups in Amsterdam, 59 Fintech startups in Amsterdam, and 56 Hardware & IoT startups in Amsterdam, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 447 startups in Amsterdam, 1 accelerators in Amsterdam, 11 coworking spaces in Amsterdam, 6 organizations in Amsterdam and 2 leaders in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Startups

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StuDocu provides a platform to millions of students around the world to share knowledge, helping them to get smarter faster! Read more
Creative Fabrica is a offers premium content from leading designer. Read more
On Brainsley, experts tell other experts what to read. Discover great reads, without any noise, organized in your areas of expertise. Read more
Publitas is the easiest way for retailers to turn their print catalogs and magazines into interactive, shoppable publications on web and mobile devices. It automatically optimizes the retailer’s PDFs for search engines, makes their products shareable on social media, and enables them to link to their ecommerce site—all helping the retailer to reach more people and drive traffic to their online stores. Over 300 leading retailers such as METRO Cash & Carry (in 17 countries), A.S. Watson Group, and the Carphone Warehouse are using Publitas to create digital catalogs. Together, these retailers have over 14 million visits to their digital catalogs and 145 million pageviews per month. Read more
Free, instant, collaborative sandboxes for rapid web development. Read more
The award winning banking software for microfinance organisations Read more
Recruitee is a collaborative hiring platform for teams of all sizes. From employer branding, job promoting, talent sourcing, to applicant tracking, Recruitee helps teams streamline their hiring efforts and stay efficient while selecting the right candidates. G2 Crowd named Recruitee one of the top B2B tech companies in the Netherlands. Based in Amsterdam and Poznan, Recruitee is quickly becoming the industry standard for fast-growing companies around the world. Recruitee’s clients include Greenpeace, Usabilla, Hudson’s Bay, and Rackspace. Read more
Tripaneer is an international travel marketplace for themed vacations Read more
Bunq is an online banking solutions provider. Read more
Stuvia is an online marketplace where students buy and sell study material, such as summaries, lecture notes or assignments. Rather than locking everything students wrote for themselves inside their (digital) cabinet, Stuvia offers a much more viable and lucrative alternative. Read more
A safe place where people buy and sell e-tickets. Read more
Freenom operates several Top Level Domains (TLDs) and offers all its domains for free. Currently, we support 4 TLDs: .TK, .ML, .GA and .CF .TK is the largest country code in the world, with over 20 million active domains. Globally, Freenom is the second largest domain name operator after Verisign (operator of the .com)  Read more
At Polarsteps we embarked on a journey with a clear destination: we want to create the best mobile travel log in the world. This destination is not a place, rather it is a new way of seeing things. We are re-inventing the travel log. Smart and easy updates, beautiful design, controlled sharing and intelligent technology are some of the core principles of the MVP we're currently building with our experienced team. If you want to hear more about our vision or a demo, just contact us. Read more
PastBook provides a unique customizable experience for users to tell their story, to share with others both online and offline. PastBook enables users to easily collate photos and interactions from different social media sources ( or different people ( into a digital book format, which can be viewed and shared online or printed offline into a beautifully bound book. The company is on a mission to help people relive memories, solving the problem of the fragmentation of memories between social networks as well as between their friends and relatives. Its technology is also available for business in white-label or through RESTful API integration. Read more
Traveldeal is the website for deals on hotel stays, holidays and trips. Read more
Framer is a tool to design interactive high-fidelity prototypes for iOS, Android, desktop, or the web. Read more
Happy users are better customers. Improve your user experience by collecting visual feedback on your website. Implement one line of JS to invite your visitors to select and rate any part of your website. Measure user happiness and use the visual feedback to improve continuously. Read more
AliveShoes is a technology that gives anyone the power to design and sell shoes. We give our users design tools, e-commerce tools and we provide them with a production/shipping facility based in the italian "shoe valley". It take 4 weeks to get from idea to shoes on the feet of your customers.  Read more
Platform for online interior inspiration and shopping! Read more
EclecticIQ is a global threat intelligence, hunting and response technology provider. Read more
Foleon’s leading Content Experience Platform (CEP) empowers business teams to create engaging and intelligent content experiences at scale. Read more helps customers save money on their household bills like energy, fixed internet, digitale TV, insurances, financial products and more. We provide consumers free and easy to use online comparing services to find the product that beste suits their situation, wishes and budget. We offer consumers market-leading deals, including some they can't even get direct from providers. Read more
Peaks: the app that anyone can invest with. Supersimple with your change. Read more is the website and mobile app that enables consumers to borrow the products they need within 30 minutes by asking around in their neighborhood. Peerby is the world’s only peer-to-peer goods borrowing platform that actively creates supply by asking around through Facebook, e-mail and push notification. Peerby rings virtual doorbells and asks neighbors if they are willing to lend out their stuff. Willing neighbors are connected through a chat and within minutes they are ready to pick up a product right around the corner. By providing user ratings, pickup and return reminders, guarantees and product insurance Peerby offers a safe, fun and effortless experience. Read more
Impraise is revolutionizing HR performance management by offering a mobile and web app to make real-time feedback, recognition and 1-on-1 coaching among colleagues fun and meaningful at work. Impraise empowers employees and managers to accomplish objectives and improve performance with timely and valuable feedback. We believe in an organizational culture where people are strongly engaged with each other's development to empower individuals achieving exceptional performance together. Think of a fitness tracker for you professional life - on your phone. With Impraise you can track and analyze your performance in real-time, see and share your improvements and find talented peers who can coach you in what you want to improve. Read more
Picnic is an online supermarket that delivers low-priced groceries to people’s home without delivery costs. They use software to help them lead a grocery revolution and use a data-driven approach. Read more
Petbnb connects dog lovers with dog owners looking for a trusted sitter for their pooch Read more
We are the social network for aspiring music producers. Anyone can upload their music productions and send them to record labels, artists, radioshows and more. As a receiver you have a clean and simple overview of all the tracks you've received, you can see who you haven't listened to or haven't replied to yet As an uploaders you can make your track available to other demodrop users so they can listen and comment on it: to help improve your music productions Read more
SkinVision provides a personalized mobile application for people that value a healthy skin. The solution helps our users to find suspicious spots on their skin in time and provides tools like (1) an advanced camera to take high quality pictures of skin lesions (moles) easily, (2) the ability to build up a personal archive of pictures to compare them in time, (3) an online assessment that helps you find suspicious spots on your skin by yourself and (4) the option to share pictures of moles with a or your dermatologist easily. The assessment within the application is not a diagnostic for melanoma, the most deadliest type of skin cancer, but it helps people with finding potential dangerous spots on your skin by themselves. The application has the potential to increase awareness, helps people to take appropriate actions and reduces barriers to see a doctor in a timely fashion. SkinVision wants to make the monitoring of your skin as normal and easy as brushing your teeth every day. Read more
Cleeng is a flexible, robust and cost-efficient platform for selling premium live events and video-on-demand. We work with leading brands like TEDMED, Epicurious, University of Massachusetts, Cirque du Soleil, and Dailymotion. Whatever your company size, you too can now benefit from our pay-per-view solutions. Be ready in no-time, and deliver a frictionless user experience for your Video-On-Demand or global LIVE event broadcast. With Cleeng, you can seriously increase your conversion rates and online revenue. Cleeng has several leading partnerships with Brightcove, Livestream, Wistia, Dailymotion and many more video platforms. Cleeng works too with global publishers like Conde Nast, Viaplay and PersGroup. Read more
Wercker is a software-as-a-service solution for continuous delivery that helps developers reduce risk and eliminate waste in their software development process. We're building an integral platform for how software gets deployed on the internet and cloud. Read more
Azavista offers event, meeting and group-travel planners an unique solution to solve their challenges in planning and project management. Use of the platform provides 3 main advantages : Azavista can decrease their event and travel cost by 10% to 20%. Provides huge time savings due to the efficient planning work-flow. Event planners can increase their event ROI significantly. Azavista offers a global supplier network of more than 50,000 suppliers and is available in more than 9 languages.  Read more
ZEEF is a curated link directory. Finding reliable information takes a massive amount of time, especially outside your comfort zone. You would like to rely on expert knowledge. At ZEEF, experts can choose a subject, set up a page and share their knowledge. Consumers can find the most relevant (SEO & spam free) links by subject & category. ZEEF is a new publishing & advertising model (AdSense & AdWords) where Bloggers and Experts generate traffic to advertisers via blocks of filtered links. Read more
On ZEEF, passionate people search and sift the Internet for you. They rank the best results, giving you quick access to quality information. Read more
Gekko helps it's clients improve their financial administration so they can make more money. We allow freelancers to complete their financial administration online and advise them on taxes and other subjects as they do so. We also allows large companies to manage their freelancer pool and bookkeepers to better service their clients. Read more
BUX makes it easy and affordable for people to engage in the financial markets through mobile platforms. Read more
Linkody is a complete link management solution in the cloud that outstrips desktop applications and suppresses the use of spreadsheets. Linkody monitors one's backlinks 24/7 and sends email alerts if they are removed or if their attributes change. Being alerted in less than 24h allows to react quickly and avoid to be penalized by search engines. It is extremely useful to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, webmasters and site owners that do link trading and link building. Read more
DEGIRO provides an online broker platform for all types of investors, clients trade with incredibly low fees on markets worldwide. Read more
Plot Projects has created the most advanced hyper local targeting plugin for apps, allowing apps to send Location Based Notifications to their app users. A Location Based Notification is a notification that is automatically sent when a user approaches a specific location. Location Alerts increase engagement and conversion. Our customers see CTR's on their Location Based Notifications over 40%. Location Based Notifications work because of their relevance. Users appreciate receiving less but more relevant notifications. Plot Projects offers a plug and play solutions for Location Based Notifications. We provide plugins for both iOS and Android. Our Dashboard allows you to easily manage your Geofences and Notifications and target your users. Our API is available to connect with your own CRM. Location Analytics is available, providing insights in the effect of you Location Based Notifications and allowing you to optimize your campaigns. Read more
Easy reporting and workflow for online marketers Read more
With more than 3 million Dutch followers on all major social platforms, RUMAG is part of the everyday life of many. Read more is an online mortgage company. Read more
A new marketplace for consultants where you can search for, compare and rate a wide range of business advisors. Read more
ProctorExam deliver Safe Online Exams, Anywhere Anytime. Read more
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