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Social & Leisure
#146 worldwide
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Marketing & Sales
#173 worldwide
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Ecommerce & Retail
#174 worldwide

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startup iconMawdoo3
startup iconWebTeb
startup iconCashu

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Amman is ranked at number 201 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 2 spots since 2020. Amman also ranks at number 1 in Jordan, and 7 in Middle East.

Amman is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Marketing & Sales and Ecommerce & Retail startups. As the most popular industries in Amman, there is a sample of 15 Social & Leisure startups in Amman, 10 Marketing & Sales startups in Amman, and 10 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Amman, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 53 startups in Amman, no accelerators in Amman, 1 coworking spaces in Amman, no organizations in Amman and 1 leaders in Amman.

Amman Startups

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Mawdoo3 is an arabic online encyclopedia platform - The site has 40,000+ articles and more that 20 million visits Read more
WebTeb publishes exclusive and high-quality evidence-based medical information and continuously update it. The company is managed by a professional team that includes doctors. Read more
Cashu is a payment system for online shoppers Read more
POSRocket secures your data and you take the full control of it. It is stored off-site and you can have access to it 24/7. Read more
TebCan is a telehealth platform which lets you book a doctor on the website. Read more
Jamalon is the largest book store in the Middle East, contains more than 9.5 million books in both Arabic and English with delivery service (your book for your door wherever you are) and various payment methods. Read more
Akhtaboot ( is an online career network that is committed to providing a user-friendly, effective and efficient way of linking the right person to the right career opportunity. Akhtaboot is one of the most visited recruitment portals in the Arab world with 25,000 daily job seekers visiting the website. Through Akhtaboot’s cutting edge jobs platform, as well as its database of relevant, recent, and qualified job seekers, it is considered the fastest and most cost effective method in the MENA region to source talent. Akhtaboot is also the only career network in the GCC and Levant region utilizing Internet, social media, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising for employer job vacancies.  Read more
If you are a book lover please joins us! is the first Arabic social network for readers, writers, and bloggers. It allows you to sign up, create your reading lists, add books reviews, and share you written content. Besides providing you with a directory for all books suppliers in the Arabic region. Read more
HyperPay is an online payment service provider. It provides wide range of payment processing service for business. Read more
Tasmeem Middle East (tasmeemME) is the largest regional creative networking site and a melting pot for Middle Eastern talent to showcase their work and connect with fellow creatives. It also allows for businesses to post jobs to a niche market and target thousands of creative professionals, offering them full-time or freelance opportunities in their fields of expertise within the region and internationally.  Read more
Reserveout lets you reserve the best restaurants in your city. It is available in various cities in the Middle East. Read more
Abwaab connects teachers to students for classes Read more is an artificial intelligence company specialized in building virtual agents and chatbots that can interact in a human-like manner with customers providing a better marketing and customer service experience. Read more
Vardot is an an open-source technology partner for influential organizations who pursue excellence in building their web presence. Read more
AQAR-ESTATE is a real estate website dedicated to helping real estate owners, real estate buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents and professionals, landlords and property managers to find and share vital information about real estate. We are transforming the way sellers and consumers make real estate-related decisions and connect with real estate professionals. Business Objectives: - To connect more people with more options of properties than anywhere else. - To keep consumers informed about the estimated prices of properties. - To monitor the real estate market movement; i.e. where people are looking to buy/invest, what prices are in the market... etc - Provide a moderated and up-to-date property information with all possible details (in-door, out-door images, videos, location finder maps, price, specifications … etc) - Helping real estate professionals and companies to transform their marketing techniques into online. - To represent Mortgage and foreclosure options. Read more
liwwa is an intermediary that connects investors and small businesses. Read more
60 million smart phone users are in the Middle East. The region has one of the world's fastest adoption rates for mobile apps. Yet, less than 1% of all apps are available in Arabic. Arabic users are hungry to devour mobile games, making it an untapped billion dollar industry! Tamatem is building the foundation to lead this industry, ready to feed the unaddressed Arabic market. We are the first regional game company to adapt popular mobile games, localizing them to be culturally relevant for the Middle East. With 8 years of firsthand experience with the gaming industry in the Middle East, we understand the Arabic user. We customize each product to the Arabic speaker's needs, focusing on apps with trivia, music, pop culture, and political games. Read more
Tamatem is a mobile games publisher in the Arabic speaking market. Read more
What is FoodLve: Foodlve is a social discovery platform for food where users can collect, create, browse and buy all about food in one place. It is the first aggregated platform for food, merging the features of social, search, blogging and shopping. Read more
arabot’s AI proprietary technology stands out as the pioneer platform of its kind, providing an intelligent Arabic bot built upon a state-of-the-art Arabic NLP engine, which deals with understanding and analysing Arabic content and conversation in an accurate and efficient way. Read more
Salasil Desktop is Screen/Camera Recording and Broadcasting Software which contains Annotation and Video Editing capabilities Read more
Viavii is a central hub for finding genuine local experiences & tailored itineraries. Read more
Madfoo3atcom is a Jordanian company established in 2011 with partnership and support from Oasis500 (Funded by King Abdullah II Fund for development) and with strategic shareholders from Jordan and GCC; Madfoo3atCom provides a centralized electronic bill presentation and payment (EBPP) services to the local market and the MENA region; it connects banks with billers to facilitate on-line real-time secure bill inquiry and payment services through electronic banking channels 24/7.  Read more
Madfooat is an online payment service – that helps customers in Jordan inquire/pay their bills and payments securely online, 24/7. Read more
epzo is a mobile employee management and CRM platform that turns device into a standalone field force management tool. Read more
InfoGraph is the leading in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. The exclusive official distributor for Esri in Jordan. Read more
Gasable provides hardware and software solutions for users to track gas usage and connect them with the suppliers. Read more
Xina is the world’s first Arabic Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA) and Chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding to automate customer care functions. Read more
Apex Payment Solutions is your trusted terminal to payment services/solutions. We are a fast growing, privately owned business with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, which makes us a great fit with our customers. Read more teaches you how to play musical instruments through pre-recorded video tutorials. is the first in Arabic, and the first to teach Arabic and Oriental instruments in English. A freemium - subscription based model. As the first online music school in Arabic, is also integrating in the education sector , providing high quality music education in public school solving the need that is present in all Arabic countries : No music graduates enough to cover the number of public schools, as the culture does not encourage students to become professional musicians as a career. i3zif just launched a pilot in Jordan partnering with a Queen Rania education initiative in 15 public schools. plans to create a success story in Jordan and take it to the UAE and Qatar as the first two candidates. i3zif works with some of the best musicians in the region, award winning musicians who have teaching experience and live performance experience.  Read more is the first e-commerce website in MENA offering competitive prices on musical instruments and music lifestyle products and targeting the Arab youth. Feesheh's brand promise is "your connection to music", and as a first mover and a niche brand we aim to become the number 1 destination for music lifestyle in MENA and tap into the musical journey of our customers by offering them just what they need at all their stages of playing music. This will not be provided solely by a catered store but also by an integrated active community in which our customers can get support, knowledge, and guidance. Our platform will include original video reviews of musical instruments and community generated content through an integrated forum form. Our developed product should look like an online music lifestyle destination consisting of musical products for sale, advice center, community discussion, videos, and listings of used instruments and teachers.  Read more
Aumet provides access to 50,000 medical manufacturers that you dont normally meet at trade shows and exhibitions. Read more
gogo’s mission is to create a simple and user-friendly last-mile platform that guarantees an optimized, swift and safe transaction from point to point while utilizing the latest in technology, reducing cost, and time with access to operators marketspace. Read more
InfoSeed is the Amman based cloud communications platform offering a suite of Cloud Communications Solution that enable developers and enterprises to communicate with customers all over the world. Read more
Tanda is a financial solutions platform that capitalizes on the need for alternative banking products in a region characterized with high financial exclusion. Read more
Qalam is ready to share the successful experience it had with Individuals, Businesses, and Developers. Qalam's main task is to become the first Arabic writing digital assistant for users. Read more
Apply to fast-moving hourly jobs with Kader. Discover opportunities in the hospitality, retail & service sectors that matches your skills and experience. Get paid and repeat. Read more
DijiFyo is an end-to-end IT, Digital Transformation, business consulting, and solutions services provider to mid-size and enterprise business delivering strategy planning, application implementation, solutions development and enterprise integration on leading open technologies. Read more
Solfeh is a FinTech micro-lending platform, providing same-day emergency cash advancements to salaried employees. Read more
OrderEra empowers you to know more and act fast, by connecting field sales and self-service online B2B sales on a flexible, enterprise-grade platform. Read more
Whyise's Impact Analytics Solution allows organizations to aggregate their data in real time, align their impact with international standards (such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the IFC Environmental Social and Governance Standards etc.) to analyze results for evidence-based decision-making and insights. Read more
DigitaSport is a SaaS platform that helps sports teams and leagues build their own mobile app to engage with their fans. Read more
Securely and conveniently add your signature onto any PDF document that you receive from the convenience of your smart iOS device. Seal your signature onto any PDF, from anywhere with SignBox extension. Use your TouchID to store, protect, and retrieve your Signature. No Registration. No Cloud Signing. Totally within your device. No annual subscription. No Monthly fees. Pay Once! ONLY 3.99$. Secure. Protected. Convenient —— Your signature is only a Touch away. Using your TouchID or passcode, seal your protected signature onto any PDF document: - ONLY Accessed by TouchID or passcode. Not stored on any cloud. Your signature remains in your device. - Your signature will not be editable or copiable by recipients. - Add Open Passwords. Prevent editing, copying or printing after signing. - Sign with SignBox Extension any PDF document from within any of your favorite Apps. All conveniently within your device. - Your signature will never look beter. Read more
Gallery AlSharq l.l.c. is a venture founded in 2011 and based in Amman, Jordan. Gallery AlSharq is a provider of exclusive Middle Eastern stock photography and digital content such as: vectors, sound effects and editorials. The content is segmented into multiple, unique categories sourced from reputable photographers from across the region; in 5 years we will grow to cover the Far East. Gallery AlSharq launched its official website in April 2012. Critical factors in the delivery of our service include: The constant sourcing and development of relevant content, as well as quality assurance and website functionality to retain customers and build credibility. Gallery AlSharq's vast content is filtered according to high standards of quality and is relevant to the Arab World in order to meet specific needs. Lastly, the content is offered at reasonable price points in accordance with content quality. Read more
ITON Information Technology Solutions is a successful business operated by Mohammad Qadoomi and based in Amman, Jordan. Started in 2007, the business provides a range of quality IT-related services including: • Network monitoring ( Managed Service ) • Network infrastructure design • High Availability • Computing Virtualization • Specialized Security * Data Protection We are now looking to expand our operations and work with larger clients in addition to the small and medium size businesses that we successfully work with at the moment.  Read more
Why people pay to send greeting text messages, when they can send FREE unlimited Animated Greeting cards? Is not it; much better and more to the message when you receive an Animated Greeting Cards Message instead of some text? Why spend a lot of time shopping for greeting cards and mail them, when you can with few seconds chooses your card and send it to your contacts? eBardy app will be for everyone worldwide, regardless of their religion, culture, gender, age or taste. eBardy starts with 127 categories for our cards. These categories cover sports, occasions, invitation, funny, Countries and cities, and many other categories. eBardy solution covers, Mobile devices, Social media and web application. In summary, why “Whats App” got that success, could eBardy archive a better success?  Read more
"Mymoonah" is a Multi-platform Edutainment (Learning through play) Network of interactive applications targeting children from the age 2 to 9. "Mymoonah" is your assistant teacher that helps little ones to understand their lessons in all the subjects at school in a fun and exciting way. Its games store is designed to cover all subjects at schools such as: addition, subtraction, spelling, reading, writing, counting, science, mathematics and social skills. At "Mymoonah" the parents can create their kid’s profile and write their kid’s names, upload their pictures, age… Parents can review performance history for each subject to check how their child is doing. Features: 1. Rich games store. 2. Available from 2 to 9 years old. 3. Available in iPhone and iPad. 4. Designed to cover all the curricula streams at schools. 5. Available in Arabic, English, Spanish, and French languages. 6. Teaches Mathematics, Science, Arabic, English, French, and Spanish languages.  Read more
We develop games that are directed towards MENA regional and Global Gamers. Capitalizing on our local creative talents to bring in a unique feel and gameplay experience, and positioning our gaming studio as one of the pioneers in the emerging Arabic gaming industry. Our first big online game launched in Feb 2014, Planet Toulan is our inhouse developed Arabian Sci-Fi themed MMO "Massive Multiplayer Online Game" , a virtual world combining Arabian 1001 nights myth with futuristic Sci-Fi, presenting the players with a "Free to Play" virtual life filled with adventurious locations, captivating cities and monsterous ghouls who will test your courage! Read more
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