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#154 worldwide
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Social & Leisure
#163 worldwide
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Software and Data
#165 worldwide

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startup iconBrightcookie Educational Technologies
startup iconTic:Toc Home Loans

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Adelaide is ranked at number 198 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -48 spots since 2020. Adelaide also ranks at number 5 in Australia, and 6 in Australia and Oceania.

Adelaide is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Social & Leisure and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Adelaide, there is a sample of 20 Fintech startups in Adelaide, 6 Social & Leisure startups in Adelaide, and 3 Software and Data startups in Adelaide, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 39 startups in Adelaide, 7 accelerators in Adelaide, 6 coworking spaces in Adelaide, 1 organizations in Adelaide and no leaders in Adelaide.

Adelaide Startups

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Specialists in Open Learning Technologies - consulting, learning technologies, learning content, support. Read more lets you find interesting street art around you. You can take photos of street art you find. Read more
Tic:Toc is an Australian fintech that offers a complete end-to-end online home loan experience. Read more
ic:Toc is an Australian fintech that offers a complete end-to-end online home loan experience. Read more
Maker's Empire allows everyone to 3D print using fun and easy-to-use tablet software (iPad/Android/Windows) 3D Printing As our children grow up on touch screen interfaces and whole industries are reshaped by 3D printing, the need for a workforce comfortable with these technologies is growing at an accelerating pace. Seeing this, a number of educational institutions have already begun introducing Maker’s Empire’s software into their classrooms to equip their students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the problems of tomorrow. Programs now exist in most western countries to introduce 3D printers to all schools, and Maker’s Empire software fits perfectly with this goal — by simplifying the software we broaden the market and increase the value proposition for schools — allowing more students (as young as 5) to access 3D printing. Read more
They bring all the best people together, be one of them. Read more
Opentute is a social learning network that enables learning and engages employees and clients. Read more
The Adelaide-based sports technology start-up Read more
We believe that, beyond the moment of interaction and fun, video games can be a great advertising tool that engages user and send them a message. What we offer to our clients: Adver Games: whether the need is to attract new users, promote a new product / service, promote the brand and elevate it among the competitors, this may be the right solution through a Facebook / mobile / web game Gamification project: large companies often have the need to make their environment more fun but at the same time encourage employees But is not only this: we are creative people, we love to create worlds were people get lost playing with their friend; for this reason Broken Arms Games is also focused on creating proprietary IP. Read more
TGR is a specialist immunoassay technology company. Underpinning TGR’s immunoassays is CaptSure™ – a patented antibody immobilisation system that delivers improvements in assay speed, simplicity and performance. Read more
Daitum is an Australian-based AI company specialising in decision analytics. Read more
Teamgage is an online tool designed to monitor and improve employee engagement in real-time. A recent Gallup survey found globally 68% of employees are not fully engaged, 90% of leaders identify engagement as having an impact on business success yet 75% of organisations have no engagement plan in place. Teamgage addresses this problem by unobtrusively collecting anonymous feedback from employees and turning that data into real-time actionable reports. No annoying forms, no complicated analysis, no PHD required. Just tangible results and a better workplace for everyone.  Read more
Ping Services is an Australian startup that has developed an acoustic listening device for monitoring the health of wind turbines. Read more
Athlete’s AI delivers real-time analytics on your smartphone for sports using artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. Read more
Dishing out the worlds recipes by making them instantly shoppable in three simple steps. Read more
Life Whisperer uses AI to assist clinicians to select viable embryos in IVF to improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children Read more
Blank applies theoretical models to financial innovation Read more
Accodex is a market-network that helps freelance accountants double their return on effort. Read more
Like GIFS but Sounds. Send Sounds to your friends and family right from your smart phone keyboard, just like you would with GIF's, Stickers or Emoji's. Download "Pitter Pattr" from the app store today. Read more
Ailytic is a software company delivering decision analytics to manufacturing industries. Our sensors and software enable insights using artificial intelligence to manage real time information, optimise production plans and deliver schedules in a full cloud based platform. Read more
Netgigs is a platform which enables artists to sell virtual gig tickets from $10 – $20, which will allow fans who cannot physically attend gigs to on any device, anywhere. Read more
DIGI CLIP is a mobile app and cloud-based software that enables users to complete, communicate and archive checklists, inspections, audits and other forms on a phone or tablet. Read more
Provides a mobile friendly map widget of your store locations for your website. Read more
Viability connects the dots between POS and accounting software for foodservice businesses.The software enables business owners to improve profitability by controlling daily operational costs. Read more
Notenda provides a service that lets people timestamp actions, events and ideas. Read more
Pozzey is a platform for indoor and micro-location of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearable technology. Pozzey solves the problem of accurate indoor location for mobile devices by providing a holistic solution that allows mobile developers to build feature-rich indoor location enabled apps on top of the Pozzey platform. With Pozzey, system integrators and venue operators place Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (iBeacon) strategically throughout buildings to provide known location reference points. These beacons tell the mobile device where it is within the building. Our platform provides all of the software, maps, databases, beacon hardware, security, analytics and tools to allow developers to create indoor location enabled apps. With Pozzey, apps such as indoor turn-by-turn navigation, location based marketing, ticketing and payments become possible. Read more
Memories are lost, forgotten and often go untold. Photos saved in boxes, on computers or in the cloud lose their meaning if no one knows the story behind them. Memtell offers an easy to use app available for the Web, Android and iOS devices which everyone can use to capture, share and preserve memories with photos and voice which are stored in the cloud. Our first target market is 350,000+ people in Australia and 65 million across the globe suffering with dementia. Second market is mothers who care for and are the primary source of memories for over 6 million families in Australia. Read more is a scalable cloud-based solution that tracks and predicts the arrival time of a vehicle, delivery or person to a location. It takes the pain out of waiting for a delivery, plumber, electrician, even a bus. After all, let's face it, time is one of those things that you'll never get back, so why spend it waiting? Notifications are sent to keep users updated as to the arrival time, eliminating the anxiety and hassle associated with not knowing when something or someone will arrive. Read more
DB50 is a new online web application that allows people to quickly create custom databases to store and retrieve information quickly and efficiently. Read more
LocalGP lets you find available doctors nearby and book appointments. This service is free for patients. Participating practices pay LocalGP a fee per appointment that is booked online and attended. Read more
Vlogsta lets you record and share short videos. Read more
We offer a complex approach to various aspects of ion exchange technology and materials. Those include the processes of recovering valuable metals, removing toxic compounds, processing mining wastes, purifying drinking and industrial water and treating waste water. We provide our customers with services at all stages of the technology implementation.  Read more
Mum Central & Australian Baby Bargains™ offer parents a highly engaged digital parenting community, sharing practical parenting tips and advice together with an easy to use pre-loved baby & children’s classifieds site. Our community of 125,000 members, predominantly mums, grows on average 46% each quarter. We sell digital advertising packages to brands wanting to connect with our mums, the most highly sought after demographic. New initiatives include subscription models, community events, online community panels (data), product sampling, enabling us to move away from a pure advertising model. The past year we’ve discovered a real need for ‘real’ advice and are developing Mum Central, due for release in November 2013. Mum Central offers a significant change to traditional parenting websites, providing readers with ‘real advice’; Mum to Mum, not just Expert to Mum. We’ll draw a wider audience of mums & advertisers, increase revenue streams and continue expanding our online footprint. Read more
Creative Juices is a successful business advisory firm specializing in commercialization and market expansion strategies, and advises founders,researchers, inventors and executives of Australian and Global Start-up and SME’s, across a diverse industry sectors including Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals, Medical Devices, ICT Technology, B2B, SaaS & Cloud, Education, Wine & Liquor Wholesale Distribution, Professional Services, Not-For-Profit, Defence, Automotive, and Hi-tech Manufacturing. Lee Walker-Roberts, Founder & Director, is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur, and has held senior executive roles in global life sciences and high-tech industries. Over >14 years, he has been directly responsible for growing and managing top line sales revenues >AUD$150 Million and has a respected track record in market and geographical expansion across Start-Ups, SME and raised ~AUD$7 Million across Angel, PE & VC investors.  Read more
Xped's team of 9 people have developed the world’s first device browser. By adding software or a chip to devices, users can tap an NFC smartphone or smart remote to the device and it is instantly controllable. As the web browser standardizes how people interact with the web, the Xped device browser can standardize how people interact with this new generation of devices. The system is backed by 10 patent applications and covers an entire ecosystem of products, networks and services, all working harmoniously together as one, creating a platform for the Internet of things. The first products on the roadmap are about to hit the market and target the smart home. The benefits: • Replace multiple infrared remote controls. • Control lamps, fans, heaters, electric blankets, etc. • Monitor electricity usage and save standby power. • Simple do-it-yourself system. Xped aims to license to manufacturers, chip suppliers, mobiles, web browsers and operating systems. Read more
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