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#142 worldwide
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Marketing & Sales
#153 worldwide
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Software and Data
#153 worldwide

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startup iconCheckfront Online Bookings
startup iconBulletproof Executive

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The Startup Ecosystem of Victoria is ranked at number 184 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 9 spots since 2021. Victoria also ranks at number 10 in Canada, and 71 in North America.

Victoria is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Marketing & Sales and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Victoria, there is a sample of 16 Fintech startups in Victoria, 7 Marketing & Sales startups in Victoria, and 7 Software and Data startups in Victoria, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 60 startups in Victoria, no accelerators in Victoria, no coworking spaces in Victoria, no organizations in Victoria and no leaders in Victoria.

Startups in Victoria

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Supercharge Your Body. Upgrade Your Brain. Be Bulletproof. Read more
Online Bookings made easy. Accept payments at the time of booking and manage your reservations from anywhere. Read more
Certn is a fast, simple, comprehensive solution for applicant screening backed by great customer service. Read more
Leverj decentralizes the most desirable features of derivatives trading by implementing them in crypto and eliminating points of friction. Read more
Bast Fibre Technologies is a fiber engineering firm that develops IP protected enhancements for a wide variety of nonwoven applications. Read more
VitaminLab creates an all-in one personalized supplement from your health data: health history, blood testing or health apps. Read more
Solaires Entreprises Inc. is a group of scientists and engineers dedicated to bringing solar energy to a broader audience. Read more
Cuboh is a developer of an application intended to automate online food orders for restaurants. Read more
B2B SaaS for Energy Management in Commercial Properties Read more
Empowering Photographers | SaaS | Focal Marketplace Read more
MazumaGo is a fintech startup that offers an easy way to manage business transactions. Read more
LlamaZOO is changing the way the world sees data by helping enterprises analyze and visualize big data in its real-world context. Read more
Industrial Plankton manufactures algal bioreactors with application in research and aquaculture. Read more
Our most popular product is called Protection Pro It is a DIY online content protection and enforcement service. Although it is primarily designed, built and sold to website owners worldwide it is also used by content owners, creators, distributors and copyright holders everywhere. This service is easily identified by the Protection Badge shown on 100's of millions of webpages worldwide. We provide this service: Free Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription Protection Pro clients get all the features and toolkits they need to protect and enforce their website content. Which they manage and monitor through the secure Protection Portal client login. also provides a managed content takedown service for business and personal content. Besides being a invaluable service for content companies everywhere, this managed service provides the enforcement backstop to the Protection Pro DIY subscription service detailed above.  Read more
Supercast is a startup that helps podcast creators make money off premium subscriptions. Read more
Shift is where work gets done. It’s all of your apps, accounts, and workflows in one desktop workstation, designed for focus and efficiency. Read more
Crowd Content is the easiest way to get fresh, relevant content on demand from 1000's of qualified writers. Crowd Content allows any online business to execute a robust content marketing strategy by outsourcing the entire content creation process. Our quality of content and speed of delivery is superior because we combine advanced Writer Targeting technology with a stringent Writer Conditioning system hinged on positive reinforcement techniques.  Read more
Dyspatch is an email production platform that helps Enterprise organizations create & change transactional and triggered emails faster. Read more
EchoSec is localized search. Search when WHERE is as important as WHAT. EchoSec is the next generation of the Search that connects you with trillions of pictures and posts made by billions of people, which never normally make it to common search engines. It also connects you with other dynamic data like flight and ship information. We go beyond commonly used search tools and visualizes data in an entirely new way. The implications of this technology in a constantly evolving social and mobile society are enormous. The exponential growth experienced in social alone, currently nearly 1 in 4 people on the web belong to a social network, this will have a direct coloration to our results as we explode into the future. The application is cloud based but can be distributed as an ‘on-premises’ application, with its framework specifically aligned with interoperability of existing internal information systems and data feeds. Our mission is to explore the world through your eyes.  Read more
OneFeather is a membership management and voting app for First Nation governments, agencies, and service providers. Read more
Online listing and marketing for commercial properties for sale by owner & commercial real estate for lease by owner. Read more
Shop Your Own Mortgage is a FinTech company that is disrupting how consumers shop for and compare mortgages Read more
Why is there no search engine for rental housing? Answer: Classified websites intentionally block server-based search engines, and PadMapper only aggregates listings with known addresses. Solution: Make a distributed search engine that runs in each person's browser when they look for rentals. How do you leverage that technology to generate revenue from landlords? Answer: Landlords want tenants. Landlords need maximum online exposure to attract prospects... Solution: Build a distributed posting tool which syndicates content to many classified websites by performing all automation within the browser of the landlords computer. is a search engine that helps tenants find the best rental properties aggregating listings from popular online classifieds like craigslist, Kijiji and eBay Classifieds. is our automated posting tool for property managers. Read more
Battlesnake is a platform that allows people who wanted to know and try programming in a fun way. Read more is an online video streaming test service. It is designed for broadcasters and consumers alike. It is simple and easy to use. No complicated logins or downloads. Simply paste your streaming link into homepage test bar and hit enter. We provide real time streaming analytics for broadcasters and streaming user that are transparent, technical and as detailed each party might require. Broadcasters learn if they can stream successfully to their intended audience. Consumers learn if they will have the best streaming experience and if not why. Paid services for online broadcasters include: one time testing Active Monitoring Ongoing Interval testing  Read more
BlockCerts is the only one-click SaaS platform, which enables companies to truly go digital Read more
Cleantech Startup, plant-based, IoT-connected, Air Purification Read more
Pani Energy is a water treatment optimization technology company located in Victoria. Read more
Prisym Renewable Developments is a developer of solar energy systems designed to promote advances in renewable energy design. Read more
Realm is a Social Marketplace for Gamers Read more
Victoria Stays is vacation rental and furnished apartment management company in Victoria BC. At this time we own all of our vacation properties, but we are now beggining to persue management for outside property owners. Read more
Tissue Engineering, 3D Bioprinting, Bioink, Biotechnology, Drug Development Tools Read more
CryoLogistics is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in shipping solutions for the global cold chain. Read more
HYAS is a threat detection company that leverages its infrastructure knowledge to deliver cybersecurity solutions. Read more
Rocket Foods is the leading brand of choice in the growing market of Functional Foods for all health and quality conscious consumers. Read more
Bringing Digital Revolution to Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Risk Management Read more
Plena is a holding company based in Canada with a focus on large-scale production of high-grade medical cannabis. Read more
30 Hour Jobs is a job board for employers and job seekers who believe that shorter workweek can lead to healthier and happier employees and a more productive work environment. The job board offers job seekers a place to find jobs that match their values. These jobs value rest and conscious focused work. There are a variety of reasons people look for jobs with shorter hours, from family care needs, to health issues, to having more time for errands and exercise. For employers, 30 Hour Jobs offers gives hiring managers access to a pool of talented and motivated individuals who may otherwise be unserved in the job market. If your organization is open to flexible working hours, you can gain a competitive advantage in hiring by including these job seekers in your search. Read more
A collection of questions and debate. Neutrality is our game, so you can play your way. A force for making politics fun. Read more
Backyard BC provides hotel and resort discounts to residents of British Columbia. We have access to hotel pricing that beats the major booking sites as they are not publicly available. We secure exclusive promo codes with hotels and resorts and direct all bookings to the hotel. Reservations are subject to a 10% commission, far lower than OTAs. Looking to prove out our model in British Columbia and then launch in Florida, California and Texas. Read more
Insight evolved from a need to manage physical assets spread across a wide geographic area. It provides a geospatially accurate common operating platform, in 2&3D, to an authenticated user base. Insight was developed for physical security, infrastructure security, national security, infrastructure planning, environmental management, insurance and risk assessment. Governments, private businesses, engineers and planners are currently using Insight.  Read more
We're building a SAAS EMR for Canadian physicians. Its completely web-based and takes only minutes to set up without having to purchase costly servers or extra hardware. Best of all, no set-up fees. We're taking the hassle out of EMR for Canadian docs. Our software is a complete practice management solution including full charting, scheduling and billing capabilities. Read more
MerchAdvisor makes the process of finding and choosing a merchant account provider as easy as shopping for a hotel online.  Read more
We build beautiful book and game platforms for the mobile educational market. Read more is the referral program built just for SaaS so you can quickly reward customers with discounts and upgrades for referring friends. Through integrations with payment services like Stripe and Recurly, program analytics and styleable end-user interfaces, Referral SaaSquatch lets you run a seamless, branded customer referral program without reinventing the wheel. Read more
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