The Startup Ecosystem of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has 1 city in the top 1000 and is one of Central Asia’s best countries for setting up a startup.


Uzbekistan’s startup scene saw an increase in 2023 and jumped 4 spots from the previous year, outranking Bolivia.



Regional Ranking

In Central Asia

Global Ranking



Uzbekistan Top Startup Industries

Software & Data icon
Software & Data
#87 worldwide

7 startups

Social & Leisure icon
Social & Leisure
5 startups

5 startups

Edtech icon
5 startups

5 startups

Ecosystem HealthCheck

Uzbekistan Ecosystem Health Check

The health check tables allow you to look at the performance Uzbekistan has in each of the parameters that are part of StartupBlink's ranking algorithm. There are five tables, corresponding to the three subscores, the subscore analysis and industry ana...

  • Overperformance
  • Performance equal to global ranking
  • Underperformance
ParameterParameter Global rankParameter rank change since 2022ResultContribution to total scoreRank gain / loss due to parameter
Total Score11140.18100%0
Quantity Score10980.06636.42%0
Sample size of startups95111917.7%2
Sample size of accelerators89-97-425.59%2
Sample size of coworking spaces110-1111610.06%2
Community Score112N/A0.0063.07%0


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The Startup Ecosystem in Uzbekistan

In 2023, Uzbekistan register a rise in Software & Data startups. Some of the most notable success stories in this industry are those of , Express 24.

Global Rank

Uzbekistan is ranked below the top 1000 startup ecosystems globally.

Top Industries

Uzbekistan’s startup scene is best represented in Software & Data, Social & Leisure, and in and Edtech.

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Notable Startups in Uzbekistan
Express 24 startup icon
Express 24
Mohirdev startup icon


Successful Software & Data startups in Uzbekistan

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