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Ecommerce & Retail
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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Tartu is ranked at number 366 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -91 spots since 2021. Tartu also ranks at number 2 in Estonia, and 26 in Eastern Europe.

Tartu is an ideal place to locate for Hardware & IoT, Social & Leisure and Ecommerce & Retail startups. As the most popular industries in Tartu, there is a sample of 12 Hardware & IoT startups in Tartu, 6 Social & Leisure startups in Tartu, and 6 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Tartu, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 37 startups in Tartu, 3 accelerators in Tartu, 2 coworking spaces in Tartu, no organizations in Tartu and no leaders in Tartu.

Startups in Tartu

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eAgronom is a SaaS platform, it helps farmers to manage their activities and skill plan. Read more
GuavaHR is a modern organizational tool which takes care of the employees and brings them closer to the company. Read more
Remato is a technology company relating to SaaS for Construction. Read more
Yumuuv is a platform where employers can create physical activity challenges and give out benefits to their employees who reach a certain activity level. Read more
We make the business of tutoring, easy Read more
Bercman Technologies is a company that develops smart city, smart road and mobility related innovative products and services. Read more
Positium is offering analytics services and tools for end-users who require adequate information Read more
Speak Languages is a website which allows you to learn any of the world's major languages quickly and effectively. The site includes in-depth phrase guides with sound, covering all the essential phrases you need to travel or live in a foreign country. Read more
Turnit is a travel technology company. The company provides mission-critical software technology and consultation to the passenger transport operators. Read more
Sportlyzer is an online and mobile training management software for sports clubs. It's a self-service in the cloud where a coach can create a club account and start tracking every single athlete's training in her club (including kids). Training management tools for coaches: - training planning for training groups and individual athletes - data analytics - passive and active athlete accounts (depending whether they use their own diaries or not) Training diaries for athletes: - simple well visualized diary for logging training, competitions, health data, fitness test results and daily notes - analytics pages including comparison with friends - social network for sharing and discussing workout sessions with friends Athlete management in sports clubs - digital athlete profiles - attendance tracking - monthly club fees tracking - website widgets for publishing training schedules Read more
Messente provides messaging and verification APIs to businesses around the globe. Read more
Ganttic is solving one of the most common unsolved problems in any business — how to manage limited resources in the most efficient way? Group calendars show planned actions of 2..4 colleagues. Ganttic lets you to see the big picture e.g. all the planned actions of every resource (staff, production lines, equipment, vehicles etc).Visual planning and scheduling with drag & drop simplicity. SIEMENS, Imtech, JWT are already using it. Read more
Evocon helps manufacturers discover and visualize inefficiencies real-time. Evocon is a tool for measuring, tracking and visualizing manufacturing processes real-time. Acquired metrics are a foundation for improvements that help achieve better asset utilization Read more
In PHP you can change one line of code, hit Save, and the change is instantly reflected on your website. But Java has a long compile, test, package, deploy, server restart cycle - for good reason. But this is a core problem with Java that ZeroTurnaround's JRebel and LiveRebel products solve. Alfred Chuang (BEA), Roger Sippl (Informix, Vantive, Visigenic), and Bain Capital (my co-investors in dynaTrace) are co-invested. Read more
GlobalReader is a real-time factory tracker.GlobalReader has an online based software platform, supported by IoT hardware. We help SME’s make zero downtime of manufacturinglines a reality. Read more
SportID is an online health and sport benefit service for companies who want to motivate their employees and reduce overhead in healthcare costs. The company gets all services with 1 invoice per month. Our active team helps them to achieve the goal of getting healthy, happy and more productive employees. Sport works! How it works? Company joins with SportID, uploads employee data and sets the health budget. Employees get instant access to a wide range of wellness service providers and special corporate pricing at sport clubs. By using SportID, employees can use their sport credit as they like!  Read more
Decomer Technology is develops a novel water-soluble and edible packaging material and products thereof. Read more
Huum delivers a unique sauna experience built on thousand-year old traditions, combined with contemporary Nordic design and remote control Read more
SprayPrinter is a device that delivers designs and images from your smartphone to any wall. Read more
Smaller, more redundant and more reliable CubeSat subsystems (Electrical Power System, Communication System, Attitude determination and control system etc.) that are easy to integrate and leave more room for the useful payload. Read more
"FC2" simplifies management of precast concrete elements factory in any angle, from sales offers to production shipping. Simple to start, user-friendly, web-based, mobile device friendly. Read more
Kinasera offers novel tools for research targeted to protein kinases and their inhibitors. Read more
Traxby develop real-time tracking and team communication platforms, linked to the hard-core tracker for tracking assets. Read more
Spaceit develops an end-to-end infrastructure for satellite operations Read more
LightCode Photonics is a science-intensive company developing breakthrough technology for mobility. Read more
ReLaDe is an Estonian SME that develops a reusable laundry washing system, based on novel utilization of enzymes. Read more
Palleter matches shipments to nearby trucks in real time. Read more
Fitlap is developing a smart and self-learning meal planner to make a revolution in healthy eating. Read more
Svipe consists of software and hardware. We help merchants to recognize and reward their customers in the speed of light. Customers can use their phones as a loyalty card and carry less plastic. Customers can even see their store balance and loyalty rewards in real-time. Svipe helps merchants to sell more and customers to do less. We have Svipe Box (retail hardware) that reads NFC, Bluetooth and has an open API. It helps to speed up recognition and gives important insights to merchants. The box is integrated with merchants POS and customers phones. Another great product is our white label mobile application, that works like a loyalty card, wallet and even as an online store. Svipe is also integrated with Apple Passbook.  Read more
3 months program (April – June 2014) of intensive mentoring, product and business development. up to 15K EUR investment per start-up for a 5-10% share in your company free openoffice space during the program at Tartu Science Park ( excellentprototyping facilities: complex product development services in the field of precision mechanics and mechatronics with focus on offering 3D design and prototype production services ( prototype testing with end-users in a Living Lab setting ( free and discounted services rom partners – incl. server space, licenses, development tools, design services, testing facilities, marketing services, legal, accounting and banking services, interns, etc. Read more
Wazombi team will help you create a prototype of your idea. Our competences involve electronics design, embedded software and mobile applications development. We specialize in gadgets that communicate with mobile applications via Bluetooth and/or have very low energy consumption. Our main customers are start-ups and companies looking for fast paced and involved product development. We provide a very client oriented and flexible process including the client in any critical decisions along the way while taking care of the gritty technical details for them. Read more
Tiptheauthors is service for sharing legal movies to people online under conditions acceptable to them. We are optimized to convert current pirates into paying customers by carrot not the stick. Movie producers are getting desperate. Traditional revenue streams like DVD are falling and sales of digital movie copies in internet are low due rampant piracy. People are getting desperate, Hollywood is fighting piracy with cencoring internet with ACTA, SOPA, PIPA & Co, sacrificing peoples internet freedom. Its is time to make a shift from enforcement based anti-piracy actions to business oriented actions. People should be given what they want and how they want Instead of punishments and restrictions. We are filling our vision by help of big network of partners. There are huge amounts of movie review sites that just talk about the movies. With Tiptheauthors all these sites can also start selling the movies and earn additional revenue to their advertising income. Its win-win-win situation. Read more
See for our official profile. This is an auto-generated page. Read more
Qminder is a cloud based queue management system. Visitors can just type in their name on an iPad on-site and are lined up. In addition we offer a free smartphone application for remote queuing. The businesses don't need to install servers or download software - everything is web-based and taken care by us. Qminder is used in larger telecom retail shops, governmental offices, medical facilities etc. Paying users love the easy setup, affordable cost and more satisfied visitors. We all mind waiting!  Read more
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