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Energy & Environment
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Hardware & IoT
#294 worldwide

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startup iconMatthew's Choice
startup iconECOCO
startup icon ishare technology co.

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The Startup Ecosystem of Tainan City is ranked at number 586 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 163 spots since 2021. Tainan City also ranks at number 4 in Taiwan, and 47 in East Asia.

Tainan City is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Health and Hardware & IoT startups. As the most popular industries in Tainan City, there is a sample of 9 Energy & Environment startups in Tainan City, 5 Health startups in Tainan City, and 4 Hardware & IoT startups in Tainan City, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 29 startups in Tainan City, no accelerators in Tainan City, 1 coworking spaces in Tainan City, no organizations in Tainan City and no leaders in Tainan City.

Startups in Tainan City

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Matthew's Choice produces sugar-free fresh milk yogurt, using pure fresh milk and exclusive lactic acid bacteria to create the top sugar-free yogurt. By carefully selecting local ingredients, friendly environment and respecting food, we will bring health and deliciousness to consumers. Read more
Anytime, anywhere, study whenever you want Professionals start classes, it's that simple Online and offline, two-pronged approach Read more
ECOCO stands for ECO COin, a points system designed with circular economy in mind, to make doing things for the environment fun and rewarding, allowing for more people and companies and organizations to work together to do good for our planet. Read more
A platform that can match people who need work outsourcing with those who can undertake outsourcing work. Read more
APh ePower is the first start-up company to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries with investment in materials preparation, production, and research and development, and we have established world-leading technical capabilities. Read more
Wireless audio and video transmission / Smart Home system are our main techniques. Read more
Genovior is a dedicated CDMO focus on process development, scale up, formulation development, and productivity optimization under PIC/S GMP for our customers worldwide. Our one-stop services conveniently provide effective and efficient solution and our non-competition policy provides maximum security and protection in IP for our clients. Read more
In the first half of 2019, a fleet of 100 swarm flying performance aircrafts will be completed, and commercial performances will be carried out in various places in Taiwan. At the same time, a new generation of performance drones will be designed, with the goal of exceeding 300 swarm flying performances. Read more
With the concept of prevention is better than cure, it provides sports training for middle-aged and elderly people, emphasizing "health, smile, continuation", and combines cross-disciplinary teachers such as gerontology research, senior education, sports health care, sports and leisure to create customized sports courses Read more
Green Feel Biotechnology is an environmentally friendly biotech company to create a technological ecological breeding technology for the development of chemical-free breeding technology. Simply put, it is to innovate with technological breeding and then combine biotechnology to create new breeding technology. The Read more
Since its establishment in 2013, the company's emphasizes on the integration of green energy technology and life and develops five system packages: (1)Green Money (2)Green Space (3)Green Power (4)Green Monitor (5)Green Farm Read more
SwiSys is an automotive electronics and communication solutions focused on CAN Bus, OBDII and SAE J1939 standards. We focus on vehicle safety challenges and retrieve the control signals over the CAN bus and Lin Bus protocols towards multiple vehicle models . Read more
T-ACE Medical Co., Ltd. is a compound medical device R&D corporation that provides medical diagnosis assistance and interventional therapy. We are inspired to develop our products after seeing the need for highly effective, but also reasonably priced, compound interventional medical devices. Read more
Using four major fields: digital marketing, interactive technology, business design, and fan economy, we provide a full range of digital marketing consulting services. Through interactive technology and digital marketing, we can drive the value-added industry to be created locally! Read more
Manta Technology is a software company that provides digital services and innovative services through smartphones. Read more
Specialized in the sales and application of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) computer-aided engineering analysis software and engineering coaching in the plastic processing industry Read more
In recent years, interactive multimedia applications have become more and more extensive, such as theme parks, exhibition grounds, sightseeing factories, interactive classrooms. From video game entertainment, interactive tours to educational applications, etc., are the scope of services that iron travelers can provide. Read more
Strontium Is an innovative company specializing in system integration and design, consisting of a team with a professional passion and deep technical background. Different from general SI manufacturers, 100 Mega Strontium provides a complete solution from hardware and software integration, product design to the construction of cloud platforms. Read more
The Best Digital Oral Surgery and Orthodontics Solution Provider Read more
GEcoll Biomedical is the first gene editing application company in Taiwan with the frontier technology "Large-Segment gene editing, LS-Gene Editing”. Combining LS-Gene Editing with synthetic biology, GEcoll aims to produce safe and non-allergic biomaterials suitable for tissue repairing and regeneration.  Read more
WEBRIDGE develops an intelligent wealth management information system to provide individual investors with intelligent tools for wealth management big data analysis Read more
Merry Life Biomedical develops Alzheimer's treatment drugs Read more
ABIS Aerogel develops and manufactures Silica Aerogel. Aerogel has the key characteristics of porosity, low thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant and low sound velocity. It is used as the additives to enhance the properties and values of construction materials, functional composite materials, or low di-electric materials.  Read more
Our primary mission is to implement evidence-based approach in developing microbiome-based dietary supplements with a secondary mission to facilitate new discoveries on microbiome-related adjuvant therapy for cancer patients during their cancer treatments. Read more
The company's products: natural vegetarian health products, in order to provide consumers with peace of mind and peace of mind. All of which are based on the premise of edible natural herbal vegetarians, giving people a sense of health and safety.  Read more
Pao-can Biomedical is dedicated to the processing of local crops and Chinese medicine materials. So far, the company has developed products such as healthy Chinese medicine tea bags, meal packs, Chinese medicine cold drinks, healthy dried fruit and candies, Chinese medicine essence drinks, and herbal spices.  Read more
We specialize in Chinese AI copywriting algorithms. We develop AI to generate a natural language semantics coworking platform, that assists marketers to run content marketing. AI-Merc Copywriting is SaaS for marketing in MarTech. Read more
YajanTech is an AR/VR integrated provider. We focus on kernel software engine design and resource provider. Read more
Medical Vision improves the efficiency of current treatment and care of upper gastrointestinal bleeding. This system allows the physician to determine the severity of upper gastrointestinal bleeding and determine the timing of performing endoscopic surgery. Read more
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