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#117 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#149 worldwide
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Energy & Environment
#174 worldwide

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startup iconCocomelody
startup iconCommInHand Inc.
startup iconLa Vida Tec Co. Ltd.

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Taichung City is ranked at number 614 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 256 spots since 2021. Taichung City also ranks at number 5 in Taiwan, and 49 in East Asia.

Taichung City is an ideal place to locate for Foodtech, Hardware & IoT and Energy & Environment startups. As the most popular industries in Taichung City, there is a sample of 12 Foodtech startups in Taichung City, 9 Hardware & IoT startups in Taichung City, and 6 Energy & Environment startups in Taichung City, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 49 startups in Taichung City, no accelerators in Taichung City, no coworking spaces in Taichung City, no organizations in Taichung City and no leaders in Taichung City.

Startups in Taichung City

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Cocomelody has a Vision to become one of the Global leaders in the Bridal industry. Read more
WaCare, a telehealth and healthcare social network to improve the accessibility, quality and affordability of healthcare! WaCare A.I. specialize in predicting health risks through the analysis of personal health records. Read more
CommInHand Inc. was founded in 2013 with the ideal of "Community in Your Hand." GeoShop service is a O2O platform, standing on a mobile POS system and powered by Internet+ & LBS technology.  Read more
Asiania is a one-stop online performance platform. From ticketing & sales, payment integration, live event production, purpose-built streaming services, to overseas marketing and curation, providing a seamless offline and online experience. Read more
is composed of a group of alumni teams from AIA Taiwan Artificial Intelligence School, combining professional strengths in software technology, innovative research and development, engineering management, e-commerce marketing, etc. Read more
DUN-QIAN Intelligent Hotel Management offers comprehensive O2O hotel management services Read more
Smart Surgical Glasses, Object-oriented Orthopedic Surgery, Virtual Dissection Table Read more
Tsaitung Agriculture provides an AI-powered transparent platform for restaurants to purchase food ingredients directly from producers. It helps reduce operating costs, increase farmers' income, and reduce food waste through incentives to optimize system and operation management. Read more
Aidmics Biotechnology is driven to make breakthroughs in the biotechnology field Read more
The core technology of Phermpep is the application of functional peptides for the functional foods and the development of healthcare products and services.  Read more
TTT® technology is effective and cost-effective, greatly improving the decomposing efficiency by at least 100 times, reducing process pollution and improving product safety, and solving the problems of odor, sewage, large area requirements and lengthy and time-consuming problems generated in the traditional composting process. Read more
Dong Rui Material Technology Inc. founded in 2018, it is a professional solid-liquid separation technology leader. Its main products are: organic tubular ultrafiltration membrane modules and high-efficiency air membrane production and related application products. Read more
QSCOO locomotive master, through the integration with the market and the promotion of channels, leads the entire electric scooter industry to enter the market. Read more
Union MechaTronic Inc. is a global integrated machine tool builder bringing a combination of deep industry experience and expert knowledge, to offer our customers high quality machines with services.  Read more
On the premise of maintaining the environment and sustainable industries, we have developed different functional aquafeed additives, and work with aquaculture operators to produce 3H (Healthy, High quality, Humanity) aquatic products, with customer needs as the core. Read more
Founded in 2020, entadar is a brand that focuses on modular travel accessories. entadar develops travel accessories based on the size of objects that young travelers need during their travels, making the transition between every trip and commute easier and lighter. Read more
Through the plan, everyone will be able to use tea and choose tea in their own way after distinguishing and understanding tea. Read more
Provide online advertising agency, customized system development, word-of-mouth marketing and website construction and other related services, which have been recognized by customers for many years. Read more
As an architectural consulting company aiming to practice"environment","happiness" and "economic development",we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of building owners, designers,construction,operation and users,and to build a strong product portfolio and resource allocation , apply limited resources to make the best sustainable decisions. Read more
Focus on the space brand of [Business Center 4.0]. Provide professional independent office space for 1 to 8 people Read more
As an artificial intelligence application company, it integrates AI technology and applies it to life, so that high-speed computer computing power can be transformed into the happiness of the crowd. Read more
We are a team designing and sharing free craft patterns to the world in order to bring industrial waste such as leather and fabric scraps back to life. We would love to invite you enjoy us to make a ReBag, use a ReBag, and tell a ReBag. Read more
Through sharing, co-learning and co-creation, a platform for communication can be created so that teenagers, young adults and mature adults can have a deeper inner dialogue with the elderly, realize the dream of the elderly, and realize the old and the old. Read more
For the disabled and disadvantaged children who are lost at the starting point, we need to provide them with appropriate learning aids in time to help them learn, so that they can enjoy high-quality education like ordinary people, and create a quality and different life in the future!  Read more
Dearcity provide a variety of product projects, such as: mobile dining carts, mobile folding dining tables, Internet of Things systems for dining cart equipment, reservation ordering and food delivery systems, and e-commerce services for catering products. Read more
HOLD ENERGY provide good energy-saving planning and energy services, is a leader in energy-saving technology. The company's energy-saving equipment system can not only effectively improve the average energy-saving rate and prolong the life of energy-consuming equipment; Read more
Intellectual Integration Innovation Co. Ltd. promote value-oriented strategic innovation services, improve the success rate of innovation, and make innovation more valuable and strategic. Read more
Focus on the development of algorithms such as biomechanics and motion analysis. Applied in sports, rehabilitation, human factors engineering and other fields Read more
INNORADIA COMPANY LTD. founded in 2015, the investor is a backbone enterprise in the bicycle industry for more than 30 years. Combined with its own and supply chain partners' rich experience in component processing, production, R&D and assembly. Read more
This eye-opening AR+AI APP comes with virtual clothings, virtual environment, virtual characters and visual special effects (VFX). This is the first time all these features are available on a phone. Read more
Xinda OptoelectronicsbCommitted to the research and development and manufacturing of glass and ceramic luminescents. Read more
An autonomously served coffee bar. Is specialized in advanced technology of food & beverage services. Read more
UltraE dedicate to provide high precision, easy and fast sensor measuring solutions, consistently developing sensor technology for water and food inspection relevant to daily life practice, aim to reduce the acquaintance of harmful materials to achieve healthier life.  Read more
Yintech Promote its own technologies such as 3D printing of food, so that outsiders can get rid of the stereotype of Taiwan's traditional foundries, and continue to develop new technologies. Read more
Dr.Plant develops and produces functional fruits and vegetables through precise nutritional regulation technology, which can improve, reduce or increase the content of nutrients in ordinary fruits and vegetables. It can be used in chronic disease management or preventive medicine. to improve human health.  Read more
LATC has developed a series of wearable devices for smart manufacturing which will help solve the chronic pain points from tool machining and related industries. Read more
WEPLUS HIGH-TECH provides Human Climate Niche Sharing Project Plan. Using water molecular pressure difference and water two-phase energy conversion to balance the heat inside and outside the building, and introduce a large amount of outdoor fresh air, which has the cooling effect of traditional air conditioning and reduces waste heat emissions.  Read more
TANGRAM provides an IOT architecture integrated OT and IT fields and focuses on digital transformation. Read more
HuaQuan-Energy is committed to designing and manufacturing of ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor). Read more
Hantop Intelligence Tech offers complete ultrasonic machining solution. Read more
Silicone 3D Printer That Outperforms. FAM stands for Fluid Additive Manufacturing. It's a 3D printing technology specially designed for two-part silicone and one-part silicone, delivering great bio-compatibility. FAM is the first commercialized silicone 3D printing technology. Read more
Heng Yi not only offers a wide range of services with a clear focus on the distribution of raw materials for food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and organic essential oils, cosmetic fragrances, natural flavours, natural plant extracts, nutrition and food ingredient for world-renowned manufacturers, but also produces fruit and flavor powders. Read more
Nestech is an AIOT provider and developing ICT solutions in a commercial platform for real-time monitoring and infrastructure efficiency in the smart city started from the access control system, connected room, to intelligent building. Read more
Provides a map-based CRM software that allows sales people to have an engaging and easy-to-use experience and helps the management team increase management efficiency. Read more
AP Plasma is the world's no.1 AI footwear making system - using air to make shoes Read more
ACUSCAN1500 Fully Automated Raman Spectra Identification and Quantification System, ACUSCAN100 Handheld Raman Spectra-id Indicator, and ACUSCAN1350 Gemstone Raman Spectra-id Indicator Read more
Singularity & Infinity is a SaaS provider focuses on solving logistics and transportation problems via mathematics. We make you deliver more with less. Read more
BiTape uses Smart Sensing and Blockchain Technology to provide efficient logistic services and global supply chain management. Combined with AI driven intelligent warehouse management services, packages can be transported securely from the warehouse to the consumer. Read more
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