The Startup Ecosystem of Slovakia

Slovakia has 3 cities in the top 1000 and is ranked 16th in Eastern Europe.


Since 2023, Slovakia lost 7 spots in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index, having now positioned itself as 65th worldwide.



Regional Ranking

In Eastern Europe

Global Ranking



Startup Ecosystem Overview

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Slovakia has an enviable geographical location, allowing easy access to the startup hub of Vienna (less than 1-hour ride from Bratislava), sharing a border and language with Czechia, and adjacent to two of Eastern Europe’s largest markets: Ukraine and Poland. This allows Slovakian startups to tap into several markets with high potential. Slovakia is also one of the most politically stable countries in the region. With an innovative startup scene and lots of investment opportunities, especially in the research and development of digital products, Slovakia’s ecosystem has much growth potential.

There is a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs gathered in incubators, accelerators, and coworking places in Bratislava, as well as around major technical universities in other regional centers like Zilina and Kosice. Some of the emerging innovation communities involve industries like healthcare, climate resilience, fintech, digital and creative, and mobility. An important startup ecosystem organization to mention is the Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy (SAPIE) that runs several projects, such as Innovate Slovakia, to strengthen entrepreneurship in the country.

The government still has work to do in supporting individual communities with a better regulatory environment, creating suitable public funding policies, and collaborating with other stakeholders. There have been positive changes made by the government through cooperation with SAPIE; these changes focus on encouraging new startups with legislation tailored for high-growth companies, tax incentives, startup visas, and educational reform.

Slovakia’s startup scene is still waiting for its first unicorn, but there have been several inspiring early exits among Slovak tech companies, including internet portals Azet and Zoznam. As the neighbors of the country boast a number of unicorns, Slovakia needs a success story to restore motivation in the ecosystem. Another challenge for Slovakia is the shortage of IT talent, which signals the country should take a step towards attracting and retaining IT professionals.

To further improve its international positioning, Slovakia should focus on strengthening Bratislava’s position while helping the Kosice ecosystem establish its position as an important secondary startup ecosystem both nationally and in the region. With a competitive location, strong digitally oriented universities, and R&D tax incentives, Slovakia is a country with high innovative and entrepreneurial potential.


Slovakia Top Startup Industries

Marketing & Sales icon
Marketing & Sales
#34 worldwide

37 startups

Hardware & IoT icon
Hardware & IoT
#39 worldwide

14 startups

Social & Leisure icon
Social & Leisure
#54 worldwide

9 startups

Ecosystem HealthCheck

Slovakia Ecosystem Health Check

The health check tables allow you to look at the performance Slovakia has in each of the parameters that are part of StartupBlink's ranking algorithm. There are five tables, corresponding to the three subscores, the subscore analysis and industry ana...

  • Overperformance
  • Performance equal to global ranking
  • Underperformance
ParameterParameter Global rankParameter rank change since 2022ResultContribution to total scoreRank gain / loss due to parameter
Total Score65-71.94100%0
Quantity Score54-10.63332.66%1
Sample size of startups5407531.95%5
Sample size of accelerators53160%-1
Sample size of coworking spaces472530%1
Community Score60N/A0.0140.7%0


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The Startup Ecosystem in Slovakia

In 2023, Slovakia register a rise in Marketing & Sales startups. Some of the most notable success stories in this industry are those of , Bloomreach.

Global Rank

Slovakia is ranked within the top 100 startup ecosystems globally.

Top Industries

Slovakia’s startup scene is best represented in Marketing & Sales, Hardware & IoT, and in Social & and Leisure.

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Notable Startups in Slovakia
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GreenWay Operator startup icon
GreenWay Operator
Photoneo startup icon


Successful Marketing & Sales startups in Slovakia
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United Jobs
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