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Marketing & Sales
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Hardware & IoT
#310 worldwide
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Social & Leisure
#330 worldwide

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startup iconBrainster
startup iconAdeva

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Skopje is ranked at number 459 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -179 spots since 2021. Skopje also ranks at number 1 in North Macedonia, and 34 in Eastern Europe.

Skopje is an ideal place to locate for Marketing & Sales, Hardware & IoT and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in Skopje, there is a sample of 11 Marketing & Sales startups in Skopje, 4 Hardware & IoT startups in Skopje, and 3 Social & Leisure startups in Skopje, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 25 startups in Skopje, 4 accelerators in Skopje, 2 coworking spaces in Skopje, no organizations in Skopje and no leaders in Skopje.

Startups in Skopje

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Howitzer is a marketing tool for entrepreneurs, startups and growth hackers. Read more
A modern platform for developer self-service. Read more
Mobidonia is ultimate app builder, best in his class. Here you can create iPhone, iPad and Android app. It was founded in 2013 by Dimov Daniel with help from the Ministry of Economy in Macedonia Read more
EmbedSocial builds social media tools such as solutions for user-generated content, online reputation, and visual marketing to help marketers. Read more
Brainster is an EdTech company on a mission to help young people future-proof their careers by learning Data Science, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Coding, Digital Marketing & Software Testing. Read more
Adeva is an exclusive developers community. We partner with companies to scale engineering teams on-demand and on budget. Our vision is to bring equal opportunities to all developers around the world, no matter their location, gender or race. Read more
With the Food Guru platform that utilizes state-of-the-art technology, the enterprise itself aims to achieve a reputation of technology startup that delivers a seamless user experience. Read more
CodeWell is a company that employs top of the class software engineers and application developers as well as UI/UX designers. This allows them to match your needs and tackle your tech challenges across strategy, design, and development of applications and systems. Read more
Emit Knowledge, research and product development company, utilize knowledge, creativity and the right set of technologies to provide your business with progressive solutions. Read more
Modular encourages the creation, connects creative people, enables creative exchange of art works and designed gifts, rejoice the people who love original creation. Art, Design, Community & Marketplace - Modular helps you to bring your creativity into life. Read more
MOTORS M enterprise works in the field of development and manufacturing electric motor vehicle and transport devices. Therefore, they want to present to customers a new concept of selling luxury and premium car brands. Read more
Sia Secure provides Privacy by Design for sensitive end-to-end communications. Read more
iVote is applied software development company which provides specific solutions to industry oriented companies as well as companies that deal with public administration. Read more
Infidia is a platform for Invoice Financing that performs in-depth risk analysis, enabling low-risk lending to SMEs. Read more
Qpick is a Drive-to-Store marketing platform built for Shopping Malls and Stores. We interact as a bridge between digital and physical space for customers and retailers to drive highly accountable in-store visits using Tinder-like GEOTagged Catalogs. Read more
A web solution and digital marketing agency that aims to help companies grow their business and creates a lasting partnership on the road to success across digital channels. Read more
One of PREPLET's goals is production of textile design products that can be used also by persons with partial or complete visual impairment. Their collection consists of functional products with a tactile illustration and a quote written both in English and Braille alphabet. Read more
Powered by AI, AIDEA turns data into knowledge, helping companies to make informed data-driven decisions. AIDEA uses scientific methods and algorithms to extract insights from structured and unstructured data, as well as audio, video, text, and sensor data. Read more
JetMinds provides free online education for elementry and high school students. Read more
Claxi is an on-demand taxi platform. Unique bidding concept for rides and delivery. Read more
Vision Dynamic is focused on developing the Terra Mapper, which is a system that generates high-precision 3D maps and models from media filmed using a drone. Read more
Tesseract Interactive strives to bring back the joy you experienced the first time you played Pac-Man or Super Mario. This set the stage for Excubitor, our first video game. It is the spiritual successor of Aerofighters and Jungle Strike, a fusion of multiple well-established game mechanics and genres, which in addition to our own ideas makes it more than the sum of its parts. Excubitor delivers this through modern technologies and game mechanics. It mixes well established game genres in a new and exciting way delivering a twist and a sense of freshness to modern gaming. Read more
Aquibo is a revolutionary mobile loyalty service that provides the best way for the businesses to assess and retain their most loyal/valuable customers as well as reach out to new potential customers and also provides the vendors the best way to measure and award the loyalty and value of their customers. An addictive and fun gamified platform which will allow the users to get the goods they want from their favorite brands as a bonus or for a discounted price, based on how loyal they are. By installing the AQUIBO SDK into already existing app, that vendor become a part of a huge network of AQUIBO partners. That gives him the opportunity to send offers and discounts to a lot of customers who use the AQUIBO service, no matter which vendor invited them in first place. Unlike other mobile loyalty programs, AQUIBO offers better assessment of customer value/loyalty, better statistics for the vendors and better channels for informing users.  Read more
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