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The Startup Ecosystem of Boston is ranked at number 5 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 1 spots since 2021. Boston also ranks at number 4 in United States, and 4 in North America.

Boston is an ideal place to locate for Health, Education and Foodtech startups. As the most popular industries in Boston, there is a sample of 395 Health startups in Boston, 237 Education startups in Boston, and 225 Foodtech startups in Boston, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 3 startups in Boston, 1 accelerators in Boston, 1 coworking spaces in Boston, 4 organizations in Boston and 1 leaders in Boston.

Startups in Boston

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athenahealth is a leading provider of cloud-based business and clinical services for physician practices. The Company's service offerings are based on proprietary web-native practice management, electronic health record (EHR) software, a continuously updated payer knowledge-base and integrated back-office service operations. Read more
Jobcase is a social media platform dedicated to empowering America's workforce. Read more is a weather intelligence platform that provides real-time weather forecasts. Read more
Our simple, innovative software solutions give you visibility into the risk associated with your IT, your users and the real threats you face. Our software helps you quickly prioritize threats, manage risk, and take the right steps to improve your organization's security. We understand every organization is different and the best approach for you may not be the best approach for someone else. With broad visibility and contextual insight into what's happening in your information security environment, we give you the ability to adapt to whatever obstacles rise up in the road before you so your organization can go as fast as it needs. Read more
LumiraDx helps to achieve better health care, social care, and financial outcomes, affordably. Read more
Buoy builds a free digital health tool that helps people – from the moment they get sick – start their health care on the right foot. Started by a team of doctors and computer scientists working at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory in Boston MA, Buoy was developed in direct response to the downward spiral we’ve all faced when we attempt to self-diagnose our symptoms online.  Read more
We're working to bring a better way to pay to every consumer (1.5MM so far) and every merchant (5,000 so far). We're building new infrastructures to drive the cost of payment processing down… eventually to zero, so businesses don't have to pay $50BN in card fees each year. We're opening up APIs and SDKs to enable merchants, developers and anybody else to build incredible apps that leverage the information in each transaction. Our vision is big, exciting, challenging and quite possibly impossible. But we're a company filled with smart people (70+ and counting), backed by $50MM from other smart people (Google Ventures, Deutsche-Telekom, founders of Discover Card) and we're on the road to making our vision a reality. LevelUp has built one great application, a utility app that lets you pay with your phone and save at 5000+ merchants. But, there's a lot more that LevelUp can do. Working with our partners, we have released 20+ custom branded payment apps, and we continue to build more.  Read more
Affectiva understands the importance of emotions – in every aspect of our lives. It shapes our experiences, our interactions and our decisions. In an increasingly technology-driven world, emotion is either absent or oversimplified. Our mission is to digitize emotion, so it can enrich our technology, for work, play and life. Read more
Our beta, Evia, is the first conversational AI software that helps you compare real car insurance quotes by simply texting a picture of your license plate. Read more
ProdPerfect is a platform that uses live traffic to automatically build, run, and maintain QA testing for web applications. Read more
LogRocket records videos of user sessions with logs and network data, identifying UX problems and revealing the root cause of every bug. Read more
Notarize documents online! Digitizing industries. For the 1st time, buy or sell your home, execute a mortgage or loan, sell a car… online. Read more
Scout Exchange is a computer software company that offers talent acquisition services. Read more
We're on a mission to enable game studios of all sizes to create sustainable businesses while providing gamers everywhere with more meaningful competitions that go beyond "gold stars" and virtual rewards. Read more
Tripleseat is a web based Sales and Event Management Solution for owners and operators of restaurants, hotels and unique venues that provide private dining, catering or banquets. Tripleseat is simple and straightforward web application. It answers a need that has largely been a manual process for restaurant and banquet facility managers. The banquet and private dining business are overlooked and neglected. Yet the event business can represent over 30% of the revenue for restaurants and hotels and is very profitable if managed and marketed properly. Tripleseat takes the hassle, confusion and manual process out of the equation while helping venues grow their event business.  Read more
Devo is a cybersecurity company that provides cloud-native logging and security analytics for organizations. Read more
Celtra enables scalable rich media mobile advertising across the most popular mobile devices and platforms. Read more
The KyruusOneTM Platform is a Big Data information and analytics system that dynamically assembles and integrates comprehensive data from 1,000's of external and proprietary data sources about physicians. Our technology incorporates the latest healthcare domain-specific methods for ensuring high-confidence matching, disambiguation, and attribution of records so that users are always basing their critical operational decisions on complete, accurate, and up-to-date information. Our sources include structured sources, such as state medical databases, clinical trial registries, and claims / billing data, as well as unstructured sources, including hospital websites, journal articles, conference proceedings, and company websites. Our database contains billions of data points on all physicians licensed to practice in the U.S., and is updated daily to ensure freshness and up-to-date insights. Read more
Hydrow is a provider of a connected indoor rowing machine. Read more
Wasabi is a hot cloud storage company delivering affordable, predictable, and simple cloud storage for businesses. Read more
Zoovu is the next generation digital commerce search platform. Read more is the ultimate destination for Candy and Party Supplies Online. With millions of dollars in revenue since launch two years ago is one of the fastest growing eCommerce companies. We are also catering to major candy manufacturers who want to sell through  Read more
Brightcove is a leading global provider of cloud content services, providing a family of products used to publish and distribute the world’s professional digital media. These include Brightcove Video Cloud, the market-leading online video platform, and Brightcove App Cloud, a pioneering content app platform. More than 3,800 customers in over 50 countries rely on Video Cloud to build and operate media experiences across PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. Read more
Immuta provides a cloud-native data governance platform for organizations to automate data access control, security and privacy compliance. Read more
SessionM offers a new approach that helps you cultivate users’ loyalty and earn more from their attention Our platform makes it easy for developers and publishers to promote and monetize high-value activities, using easy-to-understand achievement structures, status sharing and real-world rewards. When users get value for their time, they gladly spend more of it with your content and ads. Read more
Veracode provides the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform. Veracode's patented and proven cloud-based capabilities allow customers to govern and mitigate software security risk across a single application or an enterprise portfolio with unmatched simplicity. Veracode was founded with one simple mission in mind: to make it simple and cost-effective for organizations to accurately identify and manage application security risk. Read more
CollegeVine brings data-driven college guidance to families. Read more
BitSight is a platform that rates companies' security effectiveness on a daily basis using a data-driven, outside-in approach. Read more
Our diverse team is developing lightweight electric vehicles with integrated online platforms, finding new ways to connect people with their environment. Founded in late 2012 by Assaf Biderman, Associate Director at MIT's Senseable City Lab, Superpedestrian seeks to provide new forms of human-powered mobility for cities. Ultimately, our vision is to offer an improved quality of living to everybody. The Copenhagen Wheel was initially developed at MIT's SENSEable City Lab as a research project, sponsored by the Mayor of Copenhagen. It has won multiple design awards and been reviewed in over 1,000 media publications, including BBC, Wired and the New York Times - not to mention a glamourous acting debut during a whole season of TV series Weeds. Read more
We pay cash for used gadgets, easy as that. Then we send them on their way to a fresh life with new owners. Gazelle is simple, it's green, and it works for everyone. Read more
When "Can't be done?" Becomes Simply Possible Simplifying how people connect to their colleagues, employees, devices and the world around them to solve some of the world’s most complex problems, LogMeIn has grown to become one of the world’s leading SaaS companies with over 800 employees in 8 offices around the world. Having connected over 300 MM devices to a LogMeIn cloud service since 2003, we have not only capitalized on but fueled the modern way of working – remote, efficient, mobile, productive. And we’re continuing to transform business and lives by helping build the “Internet of Things”. All of this is possible through our simple edifying belief that possibilities increase with connectivity. Read more
Zerto provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data centers and cloud environments. Read more
Smartcat is an all-in-one platform connecting businesses and translators into a continuous translation delivery loop. Read more
Lionano is a material manufacturing company commercializing an advanced drop-in replacement material for the lithium-ion batteries. Read more
Memrise makes learning vocabulary fast, fun and effective by combining memory science and vibrant crowd-sourced content. Read more
Jebbit is a pay-per-performance platform based on guaranteed engagement. Simply put, Jebbit is focused on creating a new space within digital advertising called “Post-Click Engagement”. It’s not what happens before the click that matters for marketers, it’s afterwards. Thus, brands use the Jebbit platform to create “gamified experiences” that keep users on site longer, convert more, and purchase more once someone has clicked on an ad. Read more
Glance improves the way businesses interact with their customers with next generation cobrowse, screen share and agent video technology. Read more
We have a simple idea – make payments easier for people by letting them use the credit cards they prefer, to pay for things they want, when they want to. Read more
Markforged is looking to design and scale impactful parts for 3D printing distribution such as PPE and patient devices. Read more
Mendix is the app platform company for the enterprise. We enable companies to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile applications faster and with better results, effectively driving ROI in days not months. We've seen firsthand how painful, frustrating, and unsuccessful application development projects can be. Mendix was founded on the premise that if you make development radically faster and simpler while improving collaboration between IT and the business, you'll deliver better applications and drive significant business value. Read more
ZOE is a nutritional science company on a mission to help everybody eat with confidence. Read more
User Interviews is the fastest way to recruit participants for product tests and market research. Read more
We’re a tech company focused on making online travel better. Unlike most other booking sites that sell their own inventory, we're a travel tool that doesn't sell anything. We search other travel sites for you and show their offer in a clear, intuitive display - so you can easily compare and filter the results. Once you find what you want, we let you choose where to book whereas most other travel sites do not. And doesn't it feel good to know you made the best decision? And because our tech team is constantly looking for ways to make travel planning and trip management even easier, we offer a variety of tools and features such as KAYAK Trips, Explore and Price Forecast, along with our award-winning mobile app. KAYAK is available in over 30 countries and 18 languages. Each year we process over one billion queries for travel information, and our free mobile app has been downloaded over 40 million times. Read more
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