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Marketing & Sales
#47 worldwide

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The Startup Ecosystem of Prague is ranked at number 82 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 1 spots since 2021. Prague also ranks at number 1 in Czechia, and 5 in Eastern Europe.

Prague is an ideal place to locate for Health, Ecommerce & Retail and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in Prague, there is a sample of 95 Health startups in Prague, 19 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Prague, and 19 Marketing & Sales startups in Prague, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 212 startups in Prague, 4 accelerators in Prague, 6 coworking spaces in Prague, no organizations in Prague and no leaders in Prague.

Startups in Prague

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Our mission is to become the industry standard for the way social marketing is measured and optimized. We're members of the Facebook Marketing Partnersprogram, and serve over 2 500 clients across 100 countries. We track, analyze, and benchmark over 8 million social profiles across all the major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and VK. We allow anyone to add and begin tracking a new social profile within minutes - their own, a competitor's, a best-in-class business in another industry - whatever. And we go deeper than even the best native tools. Read more
LIV creates technology to share Virtual Reality experiences. Read more
Supernova brings mobile app UIs to life in minutes by converting Sketch and Adobe XD designs into native frontend code for Flutter, iOS, Android and React Native. Read more
Spaceflow transforms physical buildings into a human experience, making amenities, services, and community life available right in the palm of your hand. Spaceflow is changing the way people connect with the spaces around them, making life more convenient and enjoyable. Read more
Spendee helps people understand their finances so they can make smarter decisions and have stress-free life. Read more
IP Fabric develops Automated Network Assurance Platform, uncovering risks and threats before they occur by simulating global networks. Read more
Resistant AI helps to protect AI systems from targeted manipulation, adversarial machine learning attacks and advanced fraud. Read more
Geewa is a global developer and publisher of casual competitive multiplayer games. Currently, Geewa serves over 11 million players globally every month. Over 55 professionals of 11 nationalities are a part of Geewa in its Prague, Brno and Berlin offices. Our most popular game is Pool Live Tour, enjoyed by more than 10 million players every month on Facebook and Apple devices, with a launch on Android drawing near. We aim to bring the unique experience of multiplayer gaming to a casual audience, which is embodied in our motto "Challenge Anyone". Geewa is operating in a unique niche that it has created - our games always comprise two key elements: * Competitive multiplayer (we match people head to head in realtime games) * True cross-platform play (enjoy the same game from Facebook, iOS, Android) Such combination is unique on the online and mobile games market and Geewa will always strive to bring games that will allow players to enjoy competitive multiplayer across many platforms.  Read more is a growing Prague-based startup, focused on keeping your budget low and helping you learn how to manage your money. Read more
Liftago is a community-based distribution platform designed to conquer the issues of double-sided market. We use it for our Liftago Taxi. Current taxi apps (e.g. MyTaxi, Hailo, Uber) spent 2+ years and $$$ to get 0.6% share of the taxi-app market. Liftago earns revenue from the fees that driver prepay to get another Liftago taxi order. We use that revenue to kickstart a distribution platform for partners who ALREADY have great access to our customers: 1.000s of taxi passengers (hotels, restaurants, clubs, agents, transport operators,...) or 100s of drivers (taxi operators, servicing stations, hotels...). These natural partners become Liftago marketers (affiliates) and monetize their access to our users to get their share on every future Liftago ride. Passengers get a valuable free app and drivers get more jobs (and usually become marketers!). WE SPEND ZERO ACQUISITION COST, WE ONLY SHARE OUR REVENUE AND KEEP 50% MARGIN. Ready to roll with 50.000 Liftago marketers in 150 countries! Read more
Recruitment marketplace for SW developers. Developers stay anonymous while companies pitch to them and get a €500 bonus with a new job. Read more
Mutumutu is an online life insurance with a clear and broadest coverage in case of illness or accident. Read more
Poetizer is a social network for creative poetic expression and meaningful connection. Read more
Whalebone protects users and machines withnotu installing any software into the end devices. Inovation is seemed in the fact that i tis not necessary to install any software into the end devices. Read more
Digitoo automates accounting process end-to-end Read more
OctoGEO prepares Earth Observation data into a form directly usable by companies in their end-user products and websites - from private intranet applications, offline hardware devices to games. Read more
Trisbee is a licensed payment solution that provides cashless payments. Unlike other payment gateways Trisbee provides hardwareless solution for retail and stored card and recurring payments for e-commerce businesses and all you need is your phone number. Read more
Worldcore is a Czech-based regulated payment institution offering wide range of payment solutions for everyone Read more
DataLead - B2B Growth engine that dwarfs Zoominfo in every metric Read more
Cloud-based solution for global operation of e-shops. Omnichannel approach provides quick response from almost any part of the world, availability and unlimited scalability. It integrates number of functions for administration of medium-sized e-shops with thousands of products. Read more
Domotron is an easily set smart home, which can easily take care of all technologies Read more
Mapotic is a mapping platform which allows one to showcase their business or company in order to generate more revenue. Read more
A mobile application that brings fairytales to life with sounds and music triggered by your voice. Read more
Spaceti is an enterprise software system that provides space and time efficiency. It saves costs by optimising space in your workplace while setting standards for people’s comfort and wellbeing, leading to greater productivity. Read more
Incomaker is an AI-based marketing optimization system that turns data into income. Read more
Superface is a successor to API protocol, giving businesses the ability to consume any digital capability autonomously. Read more
SmartGuide builds global platform that turns every phone into a private guide Read more
Building the world’s largest and most loved food hall and ghost kitchens brand for the next generation of chefs and consumers. Read more
Simple Hardware is a Czech IoT startup company delivering cool, cheap and reliable IoT devices with extra long battery life worldwide. Read more
Commuting Home. Comfortably. | Automated combination of public transport and taxis for a comfortable yet sustainable commute. Read more
Electric longboards. The exchangeable battery lasts 20 kilometers, charged in 60 minutes, it is said to pull the man up to 20% climb and the maximum is 45 km/h. Board weighs only 3kg, looks like ordinary longboards, everything is integrated into the "plank". Read more
Implement multiple messengers into your software with single and powerful API. Save development time, be protected from API changes in the underlying platforms and concentrate on your business! Read more
A molecular diagnostics company providing tools and services for liquid-biopsy testing in cancer Read more
Apify is the one-stop shop for all your web scraping, data extraction, and robotic process automation needs. Read more is a global 24/7 language app that puts you through to a native English speaker from anywhere in the world within 30 seconds so that you can start improving your English through live conversations immediately and whenever you have time for it. Read more
Seacat's innovative technology (software, hardware and cloud) enables software developers to implement security best practices into mobile applications quickly and more cheaply and help organizations accelerate mobility adoption. Read more
ClaimAir offers global flight and baggage claim service that lets you get flight or baggage compensations with a few clicks. Read more
BlindShell is a mobile phone for visually impaired. Simple and affordable. Read more
Enterprise software development and prototyping platform Read more
Wind map and weather forecast. Weather radar, wind and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, etc. Read more
Producing 3D printers.We have become the no. 1 fastest growing tech company in Central Europe (Deloitte Fast 50 2018) Growth rate 17,118 % over the past four years. Read more
We are creating an international fund based on retail traders which will offer a diversified portfolio to investors and help traders beat their path to financial independence. Read more
Memsource has developed a unique approach to reducing translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with patented AI technology. Read more
Dame Jidlo is web and mobile app helping hungry people find any type of food delivery, at any place, any time, with just 3 clicks.  Read more
Integromat is an integration and automation service offering features that you won’t find on other similar services. We do everything that other automation services like Zapier or IFTTT offers, but we are adding a wide range of more advanced options. Here is a short overview: * Automations can be very complex. You can automate an **unlimited number of consecutive actions**, not just 1:1 (if this:then that). Each action has at its disposal data returned by previous actions. This allows you to automate your entire workflow, not just one part. * Integromat gives you the possibility to use built-in **routers to duplicate any incoming data**. Using routers, you can divide your scenario into multiple routes and process data separately in each route. * Integromat supports **dynamically created inputs and outputs**. Thanks to this feature you can, for example, call remote database procedures and map their input and output variables. Read more is a growing Prague-based startup, focused on keeping your budget low and helping you learn how to manage your money. Read more
Devart is currently one of the leading developers of database management software, ALM solutions and data providers for most popular database servers. Read more
Create professional Email templates easily - drag & drop Email Builder. Read more
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