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The Mongolia Startup Ecosystem is emerging innovation hub, ranked at number 81 globally, and shows a positive momentum 7 spots since 2021. Mongolia also ranks at number 5 for startups in East Asia.

There are 1 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Mongolia and the top ranked city in Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar at 472 globally. Ulaanbaatar is followed by undefined at undefined and undefined at undefined.

Mongolia is an ideal place to locate for Education, Ecommerce & Retail and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 16 Education startups in Mongolia, 11 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Mongolia and 10 Software and Data startups in Mongolia, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 55 startups in Mongolia, 2 accelerators in Mongolia, 9 coworking spaces in Mongolia, 8 organizations in Mongolia and no leaders in Mongolia.

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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52 startups in representative sample
e-Mongolia provides 606 of the most in-demand government services, integrated with 59 government entities – from getting an ID card to ordering a passport or applying for a business license. E-Mongolia delivers governmental service through web and mobile applications.  Read more
An e-commerce site with all the popular brands, products and services you are interested in, with the most payment terms and fast delivery system. Read more
Advanced financial accounting and cloud technology based system. Read more
It is online learning platform, sharing your knowledge and skills with others, and influencing the success of thousands of young people. We offer a comprehensive online training program that empowers your team and gives you the opportunity to lead the industry. Read more
Lhamur LLC aims to create a world-renowned, young-minded Mongolian brand by producing unique and innovative organic skin care products in Mongolia that provide nourishment to human skin with pure natural raw materials. Read more
A digital solution company that aims to empower equal access and build inclusiveness in society using the power of technology with a purpose of connecting Eurasia through our digital platform. Read more
Provides online booking and registry for labs and small hospitals (80) Read more
TomYo Edtech is an educational technology company with a mission to enable world-class opportunities directly to the hands of developing nations’ youth. We empower both learners and educational content providers through our personalized recommendation engine making it easy ... Read more
"Zochil technology" information technology company is founded in 2019 with experienced people who has 10+ years. We are ready to launch project purpose as automation, delivery, order to the people who sell product online. Read more
Geru is e commerce platform that connects artist and sells unique experience. Our community have about 200 artists and that number is growing day by day. And it makes it possible to take the artwork created by these artists as a physical product. Read more
It is a comprehensive e-commerce platform for the trade and service business, based on data and abstract intelligence. Read more
Taxi service based on advanced GPS and intelligent payment system Read more
UBPASSPORT or Ulaanbaatar Passport shares the highlights and things to do in Ulaanbaatar. We work with more than 60 organizations such as coffee shops, restaurants, museums, digital applications, and yoga centers, and offer their services only to ubpassport users with a 1 + 1 or 1 + 50% discount. Read more
Our goal To demise the unique tradition of the nomads with touches of modern culture and to introduce in international markets Our philosophy Ensuring realness, educating, learning, moving and assembling is the philosophy of the NAAD brand. Read more has been developing a non-profit e-commerce system with a unified database of national manufacturers, using solutions from the world's leading technology companies, and successfully integrating with major platforms. Read more
Customer interaction, sales promotion and marketing automation platform Read more
Chimege Systems is a Mongolian startup company founded in 2019 to develop AI solutions for low resource languages. We believe in order to use AI applications widely, the first and foremost thing to do is develop natural language processing Read more
Our talented team is built up of a diverse group of people. We create a large-scale system and world class mobile application. Our team introduced the first ever app on local market with experience since 2010. Read more
Children’s educational content. The company produces a wide range of audio, video and print content, which include children’s songs, nursery rhymes, stories, alphabet, shapes and numbers. The content is specifically designed for toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children. Read more
Telemedicine platform Clinica allows you to talk to licensed doctors on your phone 24/7, while offering the medical professionals a much needed additional income. Read more
Sam app is a platform which helps people speak proudly in any language by cutting excessive amount of academic knowledge into a minimal approach of which Brighton edtech creates. We created our very own minimalistic solution to learn language fast with the support of our own platform which technically turns the role of teacher into technology. Read more
Монголын зочилох үйлчилгээний салбарт мэндэлж буй отгон төлөөлөгчдийн нэг бөгөөд манай салбарт зайлшгүй хэрэгтэй ч дутагдаад байсан ПРОГРАМ ХАНГАМЖ-г олон улсын стандартад нийцүүлэн хөгжүүлж, боломжит хамгийн бага зардлаар зочид буудал, ресорт, амралтын газруудад нийлүүлэх зорилготойгоор ажиллаж байна. Read more
For every child to grow up healthy, we have created clothes that are comfortable and comfortable to wear every day. Read more
Remote care via telemedicine, and to become the bridge connecting citizens, doctors and health professionals in these trying times where there’s an increasing need for health services provided in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. Read more
iGeree is a comprehensive labor law platform based on advanced technology that provides legal services provided by professional lawyers in a way that best meets the needs and requirements of individuals and legal entities. Read more
ODO order app is a NATIONAL ordering NETWORK covering 21 aimags and 400 soums to deliver goods to all shops and outlets Read more
-Comprehensive e-learning service -More than 4,000 course content created by the best teachers Read more
Digital counselor for happy children Read more
Blindcare is an app where you can share your problems confidentially and get answers, advice and training from experts.  Read more
BRAINYX is a software company specialized in AI and Software Development. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to explore their latent potential and to get one step closer to making their lives better, using our services and solutions.  Read more
Green Point focuses on healthy eating, exercise, emotional health, and a healthy environment to create good habits step by step. Read more
Efficient Way LLC was established in 2012 with concentration on providing information technology solutions : Custom, Mobile App Development, Support Services, Human Resources Management System, Moodle, Class Management System  Read more
Educated Enterprise has three main activities: 1) Publishing quality and educational articles and blogs on personal and business development strategies in Mongolian on their web platform; 2) Advising and coaching individuals and entrepreneurs on their journey to success; 3) Training youth and SMEs in realizing their full potentials.  Read more
Unread Media is a hybrid media company that empowers the next generation through original, positive and disruptive storytelling, experiences and community building.  Read more
TomYo is an EdTech platform that helps content creators create their own mobile learning app as drag and drop.  Read more
Karvuon Token will produce and supply the Blockchain industry with the energy it needs to fulfill the ever growing appetite for energy consumption.  Read more
Intelligo is a leading chatbot, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solution development company. We're advancing the conversational AI platform powering virtual assistants and smart bots across mobile apps, web and messaging platforms. Read more
MEBORNY is an online learning platform that helps students, companies, and governments gain the skills they need to reach their goals. Read more
Founded in 2014, AI Control provides systems development, automation equipment engineering, artificial intelligence development, and related training and consulting services to embedos. Read more
Beelog Technologies is a public information and customer relations page of the company, and our company operates in the following areas. 1. Internet of Everything 2. Automation, Electronics 3. Hardware Development 4. Software Development 5. Green Technology Read more
Мэдээллийн аюулгүй байдлын чиглэлээр БНСУ-д докторын зэрэг хамгаалсан, аюулгүй байдлын судалгаа, хөгжүүлэлтийн туршлагатай мэргэжилтнээр удирдуулсан эрч хүчээр дүүрэн Эрдэнэтийн залуу инженерүүд импортыг орлох бүтээгдэхүүн гаргахаар хөгжүүлэлт хийж байна. Read more
A legaltech company focused on augmentation, enhancement & streamlining of legal practice Read more
We were found in 2019 by an experienced team of video game fanatics and storytellers. Beer Night Studio strives to produce products in a reliable and competent manner, no matter the size. Be excited for our upcoming game in 2022. Meanwhile, it is more than welcome to spend a night with us and have a pint of beer together. Read more
Founded by the memory champion who runs a successful memory school creating the World memory champions to learn english words (for kids and adults) - Investment? Read more
Equity Lab is an early-stage social enterprise working towards empowering underprivileged youth through extra-curricular educational programs and innovative tools to ensure equal access to development opportunities. Read more
First cloud innovator company in Mongolia. | This is Mongolian leading cloud consulting company. Read more
Hippocards is foreign language word memorization super application for people of all ages. 20000+ Words Dictionary 10000+ Packages 5 Different Languages Examination section Read more
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