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Marketing & Sales
#130 worldwide
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Social & Leisure
#222 worldwide
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#226 worldwide

notable startups
startup iconOneSoil
startup iconScorum
startup iconVerv

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Minsk is ranked at number 312 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -82 spots since 2021. Minsk also ranks at number 1 in Belarus, and 24 in Eastern Europe.

Minsk is an ideal place to locate for Marketing & Sales, Social & Leisure and Fintech startups. As the most popular industries in Minsk, there is a sample of 27 Marketing & Sales startups in Minsk, 8 Social & Leisure startups in Minsk, and 6 Fintech startups in Minsk, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 54 startups in Minsk, 1 accelerators in Minsk, 1 coworking spaces in Minsk, no organizations in Minsk and no leaders in Minsk.

Startups in Minsk

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Disruptive AI-powered Platform for Every Farmer on Earth Read more
Scorum is the first blockchain powered sports media platform. Read more
Verv helps people maintain healthier lifestyles by providing them with a holistic approach to well-being. Read more
A clinically tested app to diagnose, prevent, and treat the first stages of depression Read more
Everhour is a better way to track your time. Fresh, personal, less bureaucratic, more user-centered, easy to use, simple but yet powerful and flexible tool ever. Tracking time doesn’t have to be a headache and itself take too much time. It can be a delightful experience for both you and your employees. It currently solves our team needs for 100%. Read more
Amasty is one of the leading Magento extensions developers. We offer more than 75 professional Magento extensions and solutions which will suit any eCommerce business. Our Magento certified developers also customize Magento and implement projects of any complexity. Working since 2009 we’re proud to announce, that we have improved more than 35 000 Magento stores. Our developers put theirs whole soul to each extension, that’s why our Magento extensions have a big amount of helpful features, which bright Magento stores in to a new level. Our company is also well-known by our efficient customer support service and quick question solutions. We help web store owners make money and facilitate their daily work.  Read more
G-Lock Apps is the superior Inbox delivery and spam filter testing service that helps users determine and fix possible deliverability problems before sending the message to the subscribers. With G-Lock Apps, users get the report of how their email is placed across major ISPs, at what Gmail tab the email is delivered and what ISP blocked the message. In addition, G-Lock Apps verifies the sender authentication such as DKIM and SPF, checks the email against spam filters and tracks email delivery duration. Plus, users can use G-Lock Apps IP Reputation Monitor to check their sending IP address against dozens of blacklists (Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS, and more) at a regular basis. G-Lock Apps can be used by small and large companies and individual email marketers who are looking to maximize their Inbox delivery and improve their email campaign performance. Read more
Take control of your online-brand and turn web traffic into foot traffic. Read more
Teslasuit is a human performance training suit. AR/VR suit and software suite accelerates the improvement of movement, reflexes and instincts, allowing faster, better improvement of the human mind and body. Read more
Creative growth marketing agency that helps scale-ups, startups, blockchain products & e-commerce achieve inspiring results. Read more
Galileo iOS app provides you with the most detailed and easy to use offline world map for free. App allows you to record your GPS tracks and save interesting places you love as bookmarks on the map while traveling. It is also possible to share your itineraries with friends via Twitter, Facebook or Email. It has pioneered the use of the advanced OpenGL map rendering engine which makes maps looks great at any zoom level. Available on the App Store for free: Read more
BookYourStudy is an online booking website for education, where everyone can book classes online or get free consultation on education Read more
Community driven marketplace for used things and hot deals Read more
GiniMachine is an AI-based credit scoring solution that combines machine learning techniques with your data insights. The robot automatically analyses customer data and builds a unique credit scoring model fully-customized to the certain market, customer base and operations. GiniMachine uses raw (unprocessed) historical data of issued loans available at the moment of decision-making and final loan performance. Read more
Creating instances for hover, active, and custom class states has never been more simplified than with EnjoyCSS generator. It is one of the many useful CSS tools which every developer and designer should have in their toolbox by which to speed up their work-flow.Its ease of use and simple UI allows one to incorporate rich graphic styles quickly and without coding. Furthermore with EnjoyCSS, making ‪2D‬ and ‪3D‬ transforms, multiple complex ‪transitions‬, multiple linear and radial ‪‎gradients‬, text shadows is quicker and less time consuming. Once you’re done creating all of your preferred styles, you can copy and paste all of the generated code into your environment or simply grab the code for each style element separately. Read more
Mobile learning app with short interactive videos Read more
G-Lock EasyMail7 is in-house self-managed email marketing software that helps users create and deliver awesome, personalized emails to their customers, easily build fully-customizable drip campaigns for all needs, schedule email campaigns at the right time in the future, test Inbox placement and spam score to detect potential delivery issues before sending a real email campaign and use online subscription forms to collect subscribers. EasyMail7 can work as a powerful front-end to any email delivery service like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mandrill, MailGun etc. With EasyMail7, CAN-SPAM compliance, bounce and unsubscribe management is automated. It can be used by companies with strict data security policies that do not allow customer data sharing onto 3rd party cloud-based services as well as by small to medium size businesses, marketing and sales professionals who are looking to have full control over their email messages, contact lists, autoresponders, email delivery and reputation. Read more
Keylogger Monitoring Software for Windows. Monitor your child's activity on the computer and internet with LightLogger! Download keylogger for free trial.LightLogger records what your children do on the computer: their web browsing, the text they type or copy, the images on their monitor, and the applications they run. Download lightlogger keylogger here Read more
MeetnGreetMe is a peer-to-peer concierge service delivered to international travelers by local people. Via its online platform international Guests get connected with local people and can request them to become their personal concierges and companions in a visited city to take care of their needs. From meeting upon arrival, assisting with shopping to accompanying during stay MeetnGreetMe assistants can render more than 40 services to support personal goals of their guests and save their time for things that matter. Read more
It's simple like 1,2,3 :) 1) Stick down and memorize. Create sticker notes on any web-page. Comment on videos, pictures, quotes. 2) Show. Share stickers with your friends in different social networks 3) View and discuss. The most interesting pictures, news, videos and so on — in your feed.  Read more
Eightydays is an online app to plan the trips across the Europe including the flights, trains, busses, ferriers as well as the hotels or other rental apartments. Read more is a platform for small businesses for accounting, solving legal issues, maintaining a current account and carring out their instructions. Read more
Hardware/ firmware full stack R&D. Telematics, smart sensors, smart meters, CAN bus tools. IoT, Edge/Fog computing, MQTT, metrology. Read more
Finarm is a comprehensive financial platform that is accessed by thousands of crypto and Forex brokers all over the world. I The site offers a listing with a wide range of providers with detailed reviews and comments from their customers. Read more
Bringing medical image analysis and medical diagnosis to the next lebel Read more
Cloud-based & mobile enabled access control system Read more
Secure communication systems, WEBINT Read more
Fabby is an app that automatically edits photos and videos like a professional designer. Read more
Secure Sensitive Data Collaboration Platform for secure access, storage, sharing, collaboration and managing sensitive and personal data for businesses Read more
Djinn Sensor is a device and cloud service for monitoring of indoor environment Read more
HiEnd Systems (HES) implements advanced financial solutions for banks, lenders, stock traders and finance start ups. Read more
Creating voice analytics for call centers based on emotion analysis for predict meaningful events. Read more
Software for creating and publishing software documentation. Read more
Online platform for booking education worldwide. Read more
Inbrights - a work of art and IT, associated with ideas from the human world. Smart applications in hand for any questions that will help and inspire the younger generation. The first step is a set of creative bots based on the generative abilities of neural networks. Read more
Idea The formation of the ecosystem. The introduction of atomically swap in the world of technology. Creation of a payment system SKEINPAY and integration of blockchain into the real sector of the economy. Current state This is a fully active project with capitalization of more than 1 000 000 USD,which is in March 2018 has received a legal basis, the company "Skeincoin LTD". Trading is conducted on the exchange platform. The project has a powerful, growing community with its channels in all social networks and messages. Investments will be used to implement the projected plans, clearly spelled out in the project road map and blue book, which is the main document of the SKEINCOIN project. The attracted investments will be directed to attract large digital marketing agencies that popularize the SKEINCOIN project. The attracted investments will be used to stabilize the SKEINCOIN crypto currency market. The attracted investments will be directed to the listing of major crypto-exchanges Read more
ABODVA IS... …a project that will help many people to find each other faster and easier. With application Abodva you can see a person as if in the first 7 seconds of your real meeting. And you already know his/her voice, facial expression, and what your first talk will start with. You needn’t beg to give a phone number or turn on the webcam. Create a real first impression about a person in one click. We have only real people, we carefully check each profile. The main idea is to save precious time to enjoy new meetings. Read more
R-NOX create a full-stack platform that will increase awareness of environmental pollution in Cities Read more
If you are developing mobile apps, you've probably already faced the challenge of managing language versions. We are developers ourselves and we also faced this problem. That's why we have launched a very convenient service, which will help you cope with such problems as: management of all language versions without involving a programmer; quick changes without the necessity to submitt again the app in the Store; convenient interaction between translators and product managers; the possibility to place an order for translation directly from the service; and much more. Read more
Draw your portrait in paint. Choose your style. Read more
The aim of is to increase the speed of spreading news and press releases. We connect startups with news-platforms. How does it work: Completely easy & absolutely free. For example, you have a start-up and you want to inform news-platforms about your innovations. You have to complete a few steps: 1) Create an account 2) Verify your project. We are verified project ownerships 3) Create Press Room for your project. 4) Make your first press release. Read more
Cliqus is Content Discovery Engine based on Collaborative Social Filtering. Cliqus analyzes how people share content on social networks and builds a network of people connected by similar interests. These network is used to deliver relevant content recommendations via web and mobile interface. Cliqus now is in a private beta. Visit us at to request an invite.  Read more
BooknGo is a system of the GUARANTEED online apartments booking for 24 hours in any big city of the world. For booking you should just visit the web-site, choose the dates, choose an appropriate apartment and make a prepayment of 15%– your booking is guaranteed. The remaining sum you’ll pay while receiving the keys. The system is a ready-made solution for already existing partners’ web-sites, with its traffic and the partnership with the professionals who rent their apartments. The system doesn’t need any additional settings. BooknGo connects hundreds of sites in different cities and countries, in different languages in a one global system. Choose the dates, book and take the road. Read more
STB Media combines 3 news websites :, and Read more
Attached are some screenshots of the web development work we've done for various businesses, large and small. At this point in time this is our primary scope of work. But... ...If funding did come our way we could probably pick up where we left off with PersonAll - an enterprise social collaboration tool that we initially built for a French-based investor, who eventually ran out of funding thereby ending the project. At this point we own the rights to the product and are just "sitting on it". Haven't decided yet whether it's worth our time to keep working on it or just leave it be. Read more
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