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#122 worldwide
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Ecommerce & Retail
#155 worldwide
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#170 worldwide

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startup iconLaHaus
startup iconMelonn
startup iconAyenda Hotels

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Medellin is ranked at number 205 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -22 spots since 2021. Medellin also ranks at number 2 in Colombia, and 8 in South America.

Medellin is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Ecommerce & Retail and Education startups. As the most popular industries in Medellin, there is a sample of 15 Fintech startups in Medellin, 9 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Medellin, and 9 Education startups in Medellin, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 57 startups in Medellin, 5 accelerators in Medellin, 8 coworking spaces in Medellin, 5 organizations in Medellin and no leaders in Medellin.

Startups in Medellin

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LaHaus provides the best search for housing at hand Read more
Melonn enables any retailer to offer Amazon Prime-like deliveries with its e-commerce fulfillment & back-end technology services Read more
Sempli is a digital banking for entrepreneurs in Colombia Read more
Viajala offers 2 main products: -a flight metasearch engine which aggregates airlines, low cost carriers and online travel agencies. -a lodging metasearch engine (currently in development) which will aggregate hotel and private rooms from online travel agencies, hotels websites and online marketplaces. We focus on local travel suppliers of latin america, most of which are not integrated in the established online travel agencies, metasearch websites and global distribution systems. Read more
We build and manage Distributed Generation (DG) energy systems for industrial and commercial clients. #1 EPC in Colombia. Read more
Finaktiva is a digital platform where you acquire the financial product for your company in a simple way, without queues, without physical paperwork and without moving Read more
Reinventing the connection between Talent & Organizations, solving real challenges! Read more
Vozy automates your voice operational processes and turn calls with your customers into the competitive advantage of your business Read more
Marketplace that connects supply centers, manufacturers and producers with distributors and end customers Read more
Valienta is a marketplace that enables social sellers to create their own virtual store and supply it with products from renowned brands. Read more
FinZi is a digital banking and learning platform that provides bank account and debit card for teens. Read more
We connect dog walkers with people who need to walk their dog. Read more
NEU is an intelligent and digital marketer of energy that guarantees efficient and transparent consumption. Read more
hackU uses WhatsApp as a training channel, sending educational microcapsules of 15 minutes a day. Read more
JuanchoTePresta provides credit counseling and financial services. Read more
Sellrs connects with the main ecommerce and marketplaces worldwide to store all your data and online sales on the same platform, receive reports in real time and make the best decisions to scale your business. Read more
The most intuitive and powerful means for businesses to connect with their customers Read more
At Too Easy English, we teach using a proprietary online platform, which contains over 20.000 interactive exercises, videos, speech recognition system, vocabulary tools and much more. Students can learn and practice using their laptops, tablets or even their smart phones. They can take a live session via video call and choose specific study topics, such as medicine, business, engineering, etc. We train our teachers to guide students through the learning process to improve their language skills, increase job performance, and qualify for high school graduation or simply travel anywhere in the world with the ability to communicate in English. Since we are a web-based company, we can operate almost anywhere, allowing us to offer our services worldwide. Read more
Vecindario facilitates and teaches you everything you need to know to have your own home. Read more
LG (libre gestion) let you create documents and fields according your own business, your own process and your reports. Get a functional web sofware in hours. Read more
We are a digital communications service which creates PR packages geared for growth. #PRForGrowth Read more
Nodo Ká allows social organizations to better manage their information, resources, beneficiaries and impact, their collaboration and cooperation opportunities, and serves as a match-maker for supply and offer of goods, services and contents for the social sector. Nodo Ká does this by designing and rolling out applications, tools and contents for the social sector, targeting 3 core areas of social sector organizations: internal, external and knowledge management. In June 2013 we launched the first group of applications for external management: - a tool for mapping and following up on cooperation opportunities - a job marketplace for the social sector - an e-marketplace for the social sector in which organizations can exchange products, services and resources. - an alerts system that allows social organizations that be always updated in relation to request for proposals, international cooperation opportunities, funders, events, among others. Read more
Mowies is an independent film and TV shows marketplace where creators can sell directly to their customers. Read more
AMiGAS transforms education through technology, making learning in Latin America a different, fun and innovative experience. Read more
Bankity is a finance tool that gives you complete reports about your finances, all this without the need to register manually your payments made with electronic money. You'll know where your money is going in real time. All this in a safe way, without asking for your banks account passwords or credit card numbers, you only need to download the mobile app, read the instructions, make a 5 minute configuration in your online banking service and voila, complete finances report with NO EFFORT, AUTOMATICALLY. The solution is simple but will give us the possibility to reach LATAM in an easy way, all this without the need to negociate with the banks to support the service. Our User? Online banking users, that want to know more information about their finances, 28 Million in 2011 in the five latam main countries. (Havas Digital) Read more
We offer highly optimized and fast Hosting with great user experience. Web Hosting from $2 a month, VPS from $5 a month, Dedicated servers from $115 a month. We offer Web Hosting with support until 80 millions of request a month. It supports PHP 5/7, MySQL / PostgreSQL, Python, Java, Ruby On rails, Perl. CDN with 76 data centers in 40 countries for free. Wordpress and more auto installer. The VPS are KVM virtualization with rDNS, IPv6 for free, additional IPv4 for $3/Month. Many OS Supported or your own OS. The Dedicated server start at 32 GB RAM, 2 480GB SSD Disk, 1Gb/s port (Unlimited transfer), Anti DDoS, Intel Xeon 8 Threads. We provide English and Spanish 24/7 support. All the service has English available, except our website that very soon will be in English available. We Accept Paypal as payment method. Read more
Tiendapp is a global cloud computing company that develops business software for B2B, B2C and B2B2C solutions on a subscription basis Read more
Venture with Impact organizes accommodation, workspace, and volunteer experiences for intrepid professionals who live and travel in a country abroad for one month or longer. Read more
Sammu is a SAAS that allows the collection of information and the control of production plants through mobile devices in real time. Read more
Hoshii is a platform that seeks to unite people according to their tastes and thus combat deterioration in mental health issues. Read more
Telemetrik specializes in the design, development, implementation, commercialization, and operation of IoT solutions. Read more
Prótesis Avanzadas SAS is a company dedicated to de design, manufacture and merchandise of robotic prosthetic arm.. Read more
Mobile App, Proptech Marketplace, SaaS Read more
Helps teachers to create interactive class flow even in offline classrooms in developing countries Read more
Sammu is a SAAS that allows the collection of information and the control of production plants through mobile devices in real time. Read more
INplaza is a blockchain technology company that focuses on international trade. Read more
Amazing Soul Game Studio is a videogame production company. Read more
Suyo leverages innovative technology to provide low-income families with affordable and reliable property rights formalization services. Read more
Collaboration tool to connect global teams to work together with global partners, clients and general stakeholders, made simple and modern. Read more
Customer Value Analysis, Digital marketing tool to help businesses promote their establishments, identify, engage and retain their best customers. Read more
We are the first breathalyzer in Latin America bringing tranquility to the drivers and safeness to the roads. Read more
Vino Para Mi is a wine shop for easy buying. Lets customers buy in an easy and quick way the wine they look for. The wines sold in are carefully selected by a professional sommelier to guarantee the best quality products. The customer service is priority in the shop and as part of it there is a 24 hours online chat and customer line to advice and solve customers questions. Read more
In ProcessOnLine we believe companies are made of people and processes, so we are convinced that efficiency and best practices, help businesses to grow sustainable and profitable way regardless of its size. It usually takes time and money to get there because the learning curve is long and costly. For this, we developed a BPMS engine (Business Process Management Suite) 100% cloud computing, for the automation of business processes such as those in ISO 9001, Health, Construction, Education, Distribution and others. This way any company may acquire the best practices from the beginning of its activity without paying a fortune for them and go polishing their process meanwhile the company grows, 'cause the BPMS helps to optimize workflows according to the company operations.. Here the process is the software app Read more
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