The Startup Ecosystem of Lithuania

Lithuania has 3 cities in the top 1000 and has a vibrant startup scene that ranks 17th within the competitive global top 20.


Lithuania’s startup scene remains stable in 2023 on the 17th position, having kept 3 cities in the global top 1000.



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Startup Ecosystem Overview

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Lithuania has achieved inspiring milestones considering it has a relatively low population. The country has not only shown its unique voice in its foreign policy, but also managed to build a successful startup ecosystem. The relatively low cost of living in Lithuania and its skilled software developers give a positive boost to the national ecosystem. Fintech is a core industry focus in Lithuania, where constant innovation and the government’s easing of regulation, including a blockchain sandbox, is attracting major international players. One example is the UK-based fintech startup Revolut, which launched a licensed bank in Lithuania in 2020.

Lithuania’s fintech efforts also seem to be paying off, as a fintech report by our partners at Findexable ranked Lithuania 10th globally in 2021. Furthermore, according to Invest Lithuania,the Fintech headcount grew by 19% year-over-year in 2022, reaching 7,000 employees. But fintech is not the only sector providing good news. One booming sector with an international reach in Lithuania is life sciences — it’s the fastest growing in the EU with steady annual growth.

In 2022, Lithuania’s booming startup scene welcomed its second unicorn: Nord Security. This Vilnius-based cybersecurity firm raised US$ 100 million at a valuation of US$ 1.6 billion, making it Lithuania’s second tech unicorn after Vinted, and opening promising new development opportunities for Lithuania.

The maturity of local startup ecosystems is reflected in the ways the community is self-organizing. In addition to numerous gatherings and events, Lithuania’s startup sector now has its own association – Unicorns LT, which seeks to accelerate ecosystem growth even further.

Fortunately for Lithuania, the public sector is extremely active in ecosystem promotion and development. With friendly business regulations, government support for funding, and an open data policy, Lithuania’s public sector has created an environment that nurtures startups. Startup Lithuania, the country’s one-stop shop for startups, is promoting a Startup visa catering to foreign entrepreneurs and allowing a temporary residence permit for up to a year. In addition, Lithuania boasts the Startup Employee Visa, an initiative that sets out to attract highly skilled workers. Other important startup ecosystem stakeholders are Go Vilnius, an organization that attracts innovation to its ecosystem, and The Kaunas University of Technology, which fosters and trains talent.

With more incentives for entrepreneurs and investors, it’s safe to say Lithuania’s startup ecosystem has much more potential for growth.


Lithuania Top Startup Industries

Marketing & Sales icon
Marketing & Sales
#11 worldwide

174 startups

Ecommerce & Retail icon
Ecommerce & Retail
#12 worldwide

117 startups

Fintech icon
#13 worldwide

43 startups

Ecosystem HealthCheck

Lithuania Ecosystem Health Check

The health check tables allow you to look at the performance Lithuania has in each of the parameters that are part of StartupBlink's ranking algorithm. There are five tables, corresponding to the three subscores, the subscore analysis and industry ana...

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ParameterParameter Global rankParameter rank change since 2022ResultContribution to total scoreRank gain / loss due to parameter
Total Score17014.271100%0
Quantity Score1224.50631.57%4
Sample size of startups9449820.99%1
Sample size of accelerators14-2243.03%0
Sample size of coworking spaces21-3846.37%0
Community Score7N/A0.060.42%0


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The Startup Ecosystem in Lithuania

Our startup ecosystem map for Lithuania includes a sample of 540 tech companies. We have identified as unicorns 2 startups that have passed the USD 1 billion valuations.

Global Rank

Lithuania is ranked within the top 20 startup ecosystems globally.

Top Industries

Lithuania’s startup scene is best represented in Marketing & Sales, Ecommerce & Retail, and in and Fintech.

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