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The Startup Ecosystem of Kaohsiung City is ranked at number 726 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 178 spots since 2021. Kaohsiung City also ranks at number 6 in Taiwan, and 56 in East Asia.

Kaohsiung City is an ideal place to locate for Hardware & IoT, Health and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Kaohsiung City, there is a sample of 12 Hardware & IoT startups in Kaohsiung City, 10 Health startups in Kaohsiung City, and 7 Software and Data startups in Kaohsiung City, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 37 startups in Kaohsiung City, no accelerators in Kaohsiung City, 2 coworking spaces in Kaohsiung City, no organizations in Kaohsiung City and no leaders in Kaohsiung City.

Startups in Kaohsiung City

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Uila develops Intelligent & Diligent Solution to Eliminate Cyber Threats and guarantees VDI Performance & Security for your Hybrid Work Force Read more
Webduino specializes in providing IoT teaching platform. Read more
BigGo is a product search engine capable of finding and retrieving products from existing shopping websites. Read more
As the Asia office and manufacturing center of OAS Sweden AB,Eurasian Co., Ltd.was established in Kaohsiung,Taiwan in 2010.Eurasia's new geographical location is very close to Taiwan's largest port-Kaohsiung Port and Taiwan's second largest international airport - Kaohsiung Airport,to improve efficient logistics support for international customers. Read more
It is our goal to become a portal platform for the marketing of meal vouchers and gift vouchers across Taiwan, including many other tourism-related services. Read more
Mingqian Digital Technology first sprouted in the 95th year of the Republic of China, we are a professional system planning, database actuarial analysis of the information system company. Read more
Since its establishment and entry into the Kaohsiung Software Park Incubation Center of the Small and Medium Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Lianhe Trends has launched two artificial intelligence systems, "One-click Payroll" and "Daily Assessment". Read more
GoSKy AI provides the chatbot solution to empower more than 400 top-tier enterprises to build Messenger chatbot apps with the Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions (GoSky Loyal). Read more
DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN, VAR LIVE provides World Class Virtual Reality Entertainment. Read more
We develop the first LTPA training ​solution in the world. LTPA training solution contains responsiveness, attention, coordination and memory courses designed by professional Occupational Therapists based on brain plasticity theory. Read more
Powerful Enterprise Solutions for Your Used Smartphone Supply Chain Read more
MatchNow is a content marketing platform, seeking to break down marketing barriers, and creating a better influencer marketing experience. Read more
Services include various types of consulting, project development, system integration, course invitations, and cooperation proposals Read more
EPED Inc. is committed to becoming the leader in the field of minimally invasive surgery. We have developed a reliable stereotactic navigation system to help guide the future of precision medicine.  Read more
AdvMeds focuses on integrating medical and healthcare services through ICT(information and communications technology). We gather outstanding talents and obtained investment from hospitals in Taiwan and partners from Silicon Valley. Read more
Use technology to create a safer and more convenient rental environment, and build a comprehensive service platform for the ecosystem, the most technologically managed representative brand in the field of charter and escrow. Read more
As the first large-scale e-commerce channel agency operation management service management company in Taiwan, it provides one-stop related services for enterprise e-commerce, cash flow, logistics, warehouse management, brand management, etc., and establishes an intelligent e-commerce management system. Read more
thespin2 specializes in animation production / dynamic image post-production / program title design / illustration drawing design Read more
Taiwan manufacturing industry are considering how to introducing robot to enhance automation level and reduce dependence on human labor. Base on the increasing requirements for automation, Wise Tech Robot, as a system integrator, starts to take the responsibility to integrate robot with peripheral facilities for our customers. Read more
ARTLORD STUDIO is a team of professional animation, VFX and VR/AR enthusiasts. The core team is based in Taiwan and we have strategic partners around the world. We unite global capabilities to form a fully integrated production pipeline that is capable of producing a wide range of high-quality work. Read more
InfoCloud Digital Technologies specializes in web design and App development Read more
We make automation and robot technology more accurate and assist industries to upgrade and transform for a new era of intelligent manufacturing. Read more
The team is mainly a R&D and manufacturing team composed of high medical doctors. The company's entrepreneurial motivation originated from the content of the journal "Small DNA Fragment DNA Anti-Hair Aging Biomedical Technology" published in 2015. Interested in research related to aging prevention, Read more
ProvideAR/VRapplication software and hardware one-stop integration service.Through customized software services forAR/VR/MR,somatosensory interactive design for exhibition venues,and situational education simulation planning,we provide a wide range of digital design services to help customers in-depth interaction with brands and application content Read more
Provide users with an online bank loan matching platform that matches their needs Read more
Provide real-time railway electromechanical technology integration services in the local area. There are hundreds of railway electromechanical products developed and implemented, and they have been installed on high-speed rail, MRT, and the main line of Taiwan Railway; it can handle the crisis of 95% of domestic railway system components. Read more
Since its establishment, it has focused on the field of energy transformation, providing complete solutions for smart power, smart city/environmental control, and smart manufacturing, and professionally helping the digital transformation of the industry. Read more
Howgreater takes "Simple your Life" as the starting point,and hopes to help people get accurate and complete resources in the easiest and simplest way. Read more
JC Tech Industry specializes in multimedia interactive camera system integration, chassis design, various Kiosks, and cultural and creative technology integration and development. Read more
RealBone Technology has developed a number of orthopedic and dental medical equipment. The team focuses on developing ceramic materials, Synthesis of polymer materials, surface treatment of metal materials, specializing in the development of medical ceramic products and surface modification technology. Read more
Coral's magical ability of regeneration was discovered by accident and After the continuous improvement, a new generation of repairing and soothing essence "Laboral XB2®" is finally created in 2018. Laboral XB2® can soothe the skin, dry, itching, and maintain healthy skin.  Read more
Sunhawk Vision Biotech's core technology involves the use of a novel and proprietary anti-sense oligonucleotide contained in the eye drops, to neutralize specific over-expressed microRNA that influences myopia development. Read more
Hitspectra Intelligent Technology specializes in the development of cutting-edge identification systems. The hyperspectral intelligent identification system which developed from hyperspectral imaging and equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms (3D-CNN, SSD), can be used for detection, analysis and application in various fields. Read more
Our name, PrecisemAb, is consisted of ‘‘Precise’’ and ‘‘mAb’’ which delivers our mission of enhancing the safety of antibody drugs via our Universal Antibody Lock technology. We deeply believe that ‘‘only when treatments are of both efficacy and safety would patients have the courage and persistance to fight for illness. ’’ Read more
Anjia Social Enterprise Inc. aims to develop a good living environment, with the help of technology, for caring elder people. The main goal of Anjia is to provide diverse at-home care service and information system. Read more
The one-stop service for entire NFT ecosystem, offering trading, virtual appraiser, loan, fragmentation and gamefi.Media utilizing blockchain and AI to provide creators with fair and open stage to assist creators to expose and obtain due profits and continuous royalty income. Read more
GenerationsE develops AIdriven cancer diagnostic solutions for pathologists to empower them with deep learning and digital pathology technologies and to drive the excellence of pathology which will ultimately benefit patients with fast, accurate, and affordable cancer diagnosis. Read more
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