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Energy & Environment
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Software and Data
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startup iconSolarify
startup iconKolayOto
startup iconGlocalzone

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The Startup Ecosystem of Izmir is ranked at number 409 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -25 spots since 2021. Izmir also ranks at number 3 in Turkey, and 29 in Eastern Europe.

Izmir is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Hardware & IoT and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Izmir, there is a sample of 11 Energy & Environment startups in Izmir, 7 Hardware & IoT startups in Izmir, and 6 Software and Data startups in Izmir, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 31 startups in Izmir, no accelerators in Izmir, 1 coworking spaces in Izmir, 6 organizations in Izmir and no leaders in Izmir.

Startups in Izmir

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KolayOto is Turkey's leading online tyre expert providing a wide range of products and services through its strong partner network. Read more
Glocalzone is a platform which aims to get together locals who have access problems to the desired products with travelers who can bring those. Read more
Generate More Energy with Artificial Intelligence in Solar Power Plants Read more
Aco Recycling was established in 2016, in order to develop innovative solutions for Smart Waste Management & Environment. Aco Recycling started it’s journey by couple different product lines within Smart Waste Management industry including; Smart Reverse Vending Machines, Smart Waste Management Solutions, Underground Waste Containers. Read more
Maritime Trainer was established in 2011 to provide innovative solutions to human resources assessment, training and development needs of the maritime industry with a comprehensive online infrastructure. Read more
Onur Enerji is a technical consultancy company, specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to make the world greener. Read more
Visutate is an Augmented Reality-based mobile application for Visual Meditation. It teaches visualization and improves focus, relaxation, and sleep. It shows you how to manifest your visions into reality through a step-by-step program. Read more
Construction Panda is an easy construction planning platform for everyone!  Read more
Magnus is an AI-based portfolio optimization and Robo advisory platform that provides automated investment management within different asset classes.  Read more
MobileX is a fast-growing tech company focused on building and marketing highly scalable mobile applications. Despite being such a young company, we have a track record of building & growing mobile apps on various verticals that reached over 120 million users across 160 countries. Read more
Iltema is an R&D company that works on technical textiles and brings innovative approach to heating needs in industrial areas with high technology and new generation materials, make them available for OEMs to reach the end-users.  Read more
Optonom is mainly manufacturing measuring instruments , image processing software and systems , heat (thermal) systems, Machine vision systems and optical systems which are analyzed in the research and development activities in the production facility Optonom mainly deals with optical design and optical systems. Read more
Graphenexpress was established in 2020 to produce high quality graphene/graphene derivative nanomaterials and to market these materials. Read more
MET Advanced Technology Systems provides state of art solutions to Industrial Automation needs partnering with technology companies. We are providing complex motion control automation solutions to special needs. Read more
As a young robotics company, we were originally founded in 2018 to produce ROVs for commercial diving operations that can handle extremely risky missions. Searover provides AI, IoT and robotics solutions for predictive & preventive maintenance and 7/24 health monitoring of energy and underwater assets.  Read more
Greenbox Farms transforms unused places such as containers, industrial areas, warehouses etc. close to urban residential areas into modular soilless vertical farms where we can grow micro and baby greens. At the same time, we monitor and control all farms with our own artificial intelligence supported software greenOS. Read more
Unda Enginering Inc. is a start-up company in Kuzey Izmir Technology Development Center with the aim of developing solutions for sustainable industry and urban environment. To reach our aim we develop, design and manufacture systems to increase energy efficiency and reduce or eliminate emissions such as CO2, H2S or VOCs.  Read more
iongenics develops and manufactures energy efficient, safe, and modular systems for green hydrogen generation. The systems are based on PEM electrolyzers which utilize a proprietary catalyst technology.  Read more
By obtaining natural compounds from plants, food and agricultural wastes, we realize the sustainable production of bioactive raw materials with high added value, with green chemistry technologies, in the production of innovative cosmetics and functional food, with the principle of zero waste. Read more
Maya Milk is a fermentation company that produces animal-free dairy alternatives. Read more
Ela Game Studio is a developer of mobile gaming applications. Read more
Nicat Battery Materials and AI Company is working on AI assisted research and development of next generation battery materials. Read more
XGEN Offers turn-key wind measurement campaign solutions. We our own met masts which fully comply IEC 61400 - 12. Read more
ÜSTÜN ENERGY was formed in late 2014 to create a new generation of consultancy in the wind energy and environment market. Read more
We are developing lighting systems with led technology and iot. Read more
Mythra Tech founded in 2018 by Özel Göze Ünyayar and Aldoru Karakaş in İzmir. Member of Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED). Read more
Viatori is a free photo and video sharing application rewarding user interactions. Read more
Listen Your Heart Rhythm Regularly; Keep Your Disease Under Control; Prevent Unnecessary ER Check-ins; Save From Your Medical Bill Read more
Mobyte, has been founded in 2014 and since then Mobyte is the technology team of producing and developing mobile technologies. Mobyte target is the bring together all the products and solutions of quality engineering and design. As a Mobyte still continuance to develop several projects at this very moment. As a policy of Mobyte, every services delivered and every project developed, Mobyte has provides timely and complete rigorous studies, practical and sustainable solutions from beginning to end. Read more
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