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Software and Data
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#173 worldwide
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Marketing & Sales
#187 worldwide

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startup iconSchrott24
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The Startup Ecosystem of Graz is ranked at number 251 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -49 spots since 2021. Graz also ranks at number 2 in Austria, and 75 in Western Europe.

Graz is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Health and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in Graz, there is a sample of 24 Software and Data startups in Graz, 10 Health startups in Graz, and 5 Marketing & Sales startups in Graz, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 53 startups in Graz, 3 accelerators in Graz, 1 coworking spaces in Graz, no organizations in Graz and no leaders in Graz.

Startups in Graz

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A small upgrade to your door lock. Making life so much easier. With Nuki and your smartphone, you can now easily retrofit your door lock for smart access. Read more
With 3.1 Million apps combined in the iOS App Store (1.5M) and Google Play Store (1.6M) right now, it’s getting increasingly difficult to optimize the discovery and ranking of your app. App Radar offers an easy to use suite of app marketing tools to help you achieve just that. App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the key factors for your app marketing success. We make it our mission to provide app developers from around the world an advantage in their app marketing efforts. You can build your app from just an idea, but to speed up your marketing progress at scale, you need help. The first step is to optimize your app's keyword rankings. That's where our Keyword Tracker comes into play. Our customers are app developers. Right at the moment we are mainly targeting solo app entrepreneurs, indie developers and small app companies. Our product doesn't fit the need of big app companies at the moment - but that's a product development progress we are onto :) Read more
Schrott24 is a managed marketplace for scrap metal. Read more provides powerful insights into the world by extracting information from satellite imagery fully automatically. Read more
breathe ilo is the most innovative and simplest device combined with a smartphone app to determine the woman's fertile days. Read more
smaXtec animal care is a provider of cattle farmers all over the world with a unique monitoring solution to increase sustainability Read more
Discover over 300 cities in Europe with Bike Citizens Read more
Holy Pit is a manufacturer of natural cosmetic deodorant and other health and beauty products. Read more
Instahelp is an online psychological counseling platform, delivering services to clients by experienced psychologists. Read more
Timeular creates customizable physical devices that make time tracking effortless and fun. Read more
We develop innovative audio software and hardware: from plug-ins and live equipment to the unique 3D audio system IKO. Our user-centered technology is built for sound engineers, musicians, anyone who is involved in the process of generating or reproducing audio content. Read more
ARMACAD is a platform for students, scholars, scientists and parents to search and find scholarships, grants, fully funded conferences, summer schools, trainings, seminars and other study opportunities worldwide. Every day regular updates across hundreds of disciplines appear online. Read more
BuddyMe connects people in real life. Read more
Make user testing a habit. Continuously receive videos of real people testing your website, web app or prototype, and make it ridiculously easy to use. Read more
NoTube is the first company worldwide that offers netcoaching to tube dependent children. We have a success rate of 94,6% within 4 weeks. Read more
eyeson SaaS and API for cloud-based video conferencing Read more
The festival for curious minds challenging the status quo. Join a global community gathering leaders, creatives and innovators at Europe's leading conference to network, learn and get inspired. Read more
Logoshuffle is a powerful automated logo builder which allows anyone to generate infinite logo designs customized to your preferred brand. Read more
Join eyeson room wherever you are – directly on your iPhone or iPad. Experience seamless video conferences and online presentation in the most flexible way. Use the full potential of communication and collaboration across distances and benefit from a scalable and future-proof solution. Read more
Briefcase Biotec develops KiloBaser, a Nespresso machine of DNA synthesis - enabling cutting edge research without detours. Read more
CSD Labs is the creator of eMurmur ID, the world’s most perceptive murmur detection technology and auscultation platform.  Read more
Austrian hightech company in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS) Read more
Harnessing deep learning and lab automation to accelerate drug discovery in targeted protein degradation. Read more
AGNOSYS is working to enhance proven fire safety measures with innovative solutions, conforming to the correct standards. Read more
Photobiomodulation Devices, Mobile Applications, Bio-Cosmetics Read more
Rouge H2 focuses on the development of hydrogen production, solid state storage and OSOD™ (On-Site On-Demand) systems. Read more
decide Clinical Software specializes in solutions to support clinical decisions and clinical processes. Read more
Acorros is a young Graz-based company whose core competence is surface protection. Read more
VALANX Biotech is a site-specific protein conjugation platform to enable fast and cost efficient protein-drug-conjugates development. Read more
Eologix introduces an easily retrofittable sensor system for all types of wind turbines. Read more
Ease-Link GmbH develops MATRIX CHARGING®, the first automated conductive charging technology for clients' driving convenience. Read more
Based on a unique methodology, Cirtuo developed specialized Cirtuo software that provides all the tools needed to turn strategic thinking into a routine. Read more
SteadySense is an innovative start-up that aims to set new standards in medical data collection. Read more
xeet is aprovider of mobile applications. Read more
meo Energy provides controller, central home device, and online software solutions for heating systems. Read more
Crosscloud helps companies to operate on multiple storage platforms in a usable, controlled and secure way. Read more
We use Augmented Intelligence to predict wind turbine failures, reducing workload and increasing profitability. Read more
Ipeak is a tool for everyone who works out and helps to create personalized workouts in seconds. Read more
Leftshift One is a Styrian hightech company in the field of symbiotic artificial intelligence. We believe in a healthy work relationship between human and AI. Our experts have created the AI-Platform-as-a-service G.A.I.A. Read more
Automated system that allows for more efficient and safer maintenance of tunnel drainage, reduce the hazard to employees, passengers and transported goods while reducing the cost of drainage maintenance to railway, highway and infrastructure operators. Read more
AUROX® GmbH has set itself the task of developing wearables that enhance the well-being of people worldwide. From the very beginning comfort has been associated with being at the right temperature. Nothing else has such a significant impact on our wellbeing. Therefore, all AUROX®’s novel Life-Science wearables apply thermoelectric cooling to certain areas of the body. Engineers worldwide have tried to work on products like these, but none of them were able to technically develop a compact portable cooling device without overheating or using heavy water coolers or fan blowers. After three years of Research and Development (R&D), AUROX® is the very first who has solved these complex thermal management problems (heat convection, thermoelectric power consumption, weight, etc.) with the patented aluminum alloy layer construction. From the end of March onwards, AUROX®' first wearable, AUROX® Headband, will be on kickstarter. Read more
Aeroficial Intelligence provides customized business insights and solutions to the aviation industry to improve its operational efficiency and to maintain equal playing fields. Read more is the first online marketplace for endconsumers with international 3D design for local 3D printing. Read more
Copyright Hero provides fully automatic anti-piracy services for authors of books, video courses, aswell as software companies. We protect your intellectual property, and we handle the entire process of finding and removing stolen files, allowing you to stop worrying about piracy. Read more
Synchronize all your cloud storage services in one application and protect your data with powerful and seamless encryption. Facilitate any storage solution in your company fully transparent, controlled and secure. Sync Windows Shares and company resources automatically. Read more
Pagelanes is social media management made easy. Watch over all of your pages at once and never miss a thing. Its central features are ticketing, content publishing and collaboration. With ticketing you receive everything that is posted to one of your pages in real-time. With our content calendar you can create postings with all the functionality you’re used to from social media and schedule them for far ahead. Our collaboration features enable teams to create content together, have internal discussions about content and responses, plus our approval workflow allows teams to only publish things that were seen by all relevant people. Add insights, our mobile app and team management and many features to come to that and you’ve got a social media management tool that works for you. Read more
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