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#128 worldwide
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Energy & Environment
#131 worldwide
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Marketing & Sales
#135 worldwide

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startup iconTailwind
startup iconRiley Permian
startup iconWhiteboard Technology

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The Startup Ecosystem of Oklahoma City is ranked at number 242 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -15 spots since 2021. Oklahoma City also ranks at number 70 in United States, and 82 in North America.

Oklahoma City is an ideal place to locate for Transportation, Energy & Environment and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in Oklahoma City, there is a sample of 10 Transportation startups in Oklahoma City, 10 Energy & Environment startups in Oklahoma City, and 5 Marketing & Sales startups in Oklahoma City, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 3 startups in Oklahoma City, no accelerators in Oklahoma City, no coworking spaces in Oklahoma City, no organizations in Oklahoma City and no leaders in Oklahoma City.

Startups in Oklahoma City

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Tailwind is the leading Pinterest analytics and marketing platform. We offer robust intelligence and listening capabilities, powerful campaign tools and account management support. Our over 3,000 brands range from SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises. Over 300 agencies have also adopted Tailwind as their preferred Pinterest marketing solution. Start today for Free and grow at your own pace: Read more
Riley Permian is focused on high-growth energy exploration opportunities in the Permian Basin. Read more
Whiteboard Technology is a CRM created for mortgage professionals by some of the industry's top producers. Read more
A personalized medicine company and clinical laboratory focused on autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders in children and adults. Read more
Monscierge is an international software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions. Read more
Online Visas serves the collaboration between companies, individuals, and attorneys to expedite the process of moving assets and business. Read more
Progentec is engaged in state of the art diagnostic interventions in therapeutic areas with a high level of unmet need. Read more
Monetization of the vast amount of unused global WiFi capacity. Read more
Each month we create you a fun & unique date and deliver you everything you need to enjoy it. Bring back date night. Read more
SendaRide provides customized non-emergency medical transportation for the healthcare industry. Read more
Motive operates as a provider of automotive services. Read more
The Key is dedicated to our surrounding Oklahoma communities by providing the best, previously-owned cars, trucks, SUVs and Vans to our neighbors with bad credit, no credit or challenging credit issues. Read more
Adaptive US Inc. Provides CBAP®, CCBA®, ECBA® online trainings, question banks, study guides, simulators, flash cards, audio books, digital learning packs across the globe. Read more
Cage makes it simple for designers and creative teams to present, manage, and approve creative work online. Collaboration where it makes sense. Cage provides a secure, centralized environment for creative professionals working in web, mobile, print, video, design, 3D and motion graphics to provide feedback that's contextual and actionable. It's collaboration where it makes sense. Currently being used by some of the world's largest brands and even more small businesses you've never heard of. Read more
A globally available SMS platform that helps businesses acquire and engage through text messages. Read more
GoldFire Studios is pioneering the next generation of social gaming by bringing real-time multiplayer games to your tablets and computers with cutting edge web technologies. Our vision is to enable the same engaging gameplay and meaningful social experiences across all devices and platforms. We have already launched an HTML5-powered social game platform ( and are currently in development of the most advanced HTML5 game to date ( Read more
StitchCrew is run an accelerator program to connect tech entrepreneurs with the capital, resources & network they need to launch. Read more
At Who's On My Wifi, we're interested in solving one problem as perfectly as it can be solved. If someone you didn't know was on your wired or wireless network right now, would you know about it? What about last week? Was someone on there last week? Do you know? We've built an active scanning solution, that is constantly monitoring a computer network for hardware intruders. If our software finds a device it doesn't know, it alerts the owner, and gives them options for immediately blocking the intruder while you can take the time to more permanently fix the problem. We focus on Tech Consumers and Small to Medium Businesses, and really bringing some of the power of Enterprise level Network Access Control solutions to the masses. We currently offer a Free Windows desktop scanning agent that connects back to our Monthly Amazon cloud system. We are also actively building scanning agents that work on Open Source Firewalls, Android, Linux, and iOS. Read more
MedEncentive develops a web-based incentive system to control healthcare costs by encouraging best medical practices. Read more
Lifetone Technology is a software company developing and commercializing security alarm devices. Read more
Vigilant Aerospace Systems is a flight automation and safety systems for both manned and unmanned aircraft. Read more
Raptor Ag specializes in identifying permanent crop opportunities Read more
Ocupath is seeks to modernize job shadowing and job training through augmented and virtual reality. Read more
Otologic Pharmaceutics, Inc. is a development stage pharmaceutical company formed specifically to commercialize promising technologies. Read more
Linear Health Sciences develops cutting-edge technology to prevent unwanted disconnection of medical tubing from patients. Read more
Everest Sciences is a company that designs and manufactures indirect evaporative hybrid turbine inlet air cooling systems. Read more
Drik provides toxicology services that help pharmaceutical companies identify toxicology requirements in developing new drugs. Read more
A platform for athletic teams and their sponsors to produce and distribute augmented reality content. Read more
Wackk operates as a provider of automotive services. Read more
Stability Cannabis is a profitable and award winning cannabis cultivator, processor and retailer for the Oklahoma medical marijuana market. Read more
GymFly facilitates on demand access to fitness centers across the US, offering a full workout or personal trainer with just a click. Read more
Tetherex Pharmaceuticals operates in the healthcare industry focusing on biotechnology business. Read more
ImNext enables its users to find local contractors who are ready to work for them. Read more
Provides survey, inspection, photography, and video services using drones. Read more
JTek Resources LC is an industry leading SEO Company with a team of skilled professionals that have over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Read more
Pro Hearing LLC is full service audiology & hearing aid center providing best hearing aid including in ear cleaning, hearing aid repairs & fittings as well as hearing aid products & devices to the patients of Oklahoma City, OK & Moore, OK. Call us at (405) 774-9317 for more details. Read more
UserDeck is about building the tools necessary to enable a web-based business to support their customers. We will offer tools which allow their customers to find the answers they are looking for (self-help) in addition to tools that allow them to easily contact the business to ask for support. UserDeck will offer a common selection of tools including a knowledge base and contact/feedback form. In addition, there will be an easy-to-use admin help desk interface which will allow business employees to manage and respond to their customers. Finally, UserDeck will remove a large part of the hassle involved with integrating these tools into an existing website by making them easily embeddable via a few lines of javascript or by using our pre-made CMS plugins. This provides the customer with several advantages such as the widgets adhering to the styling and layout of an existing website. In addition, the knowledge base content will live on their domain. Read more
Pesa means "money" in Swahili, a language widely used in East Africa. With Pesachoice, we want to provide a better money transfer choice. Building on the rise of mobile money services in Africa, where most people possess phones as opposed to bank accounts, we want to provide an online money transfer service that facilitates sending money directly to the mobile wallet of the recipient. We want to start with money transfer from the US to Rwanda and eventually expand to other East African countries. At a transfer rate of 5%, compared to an industry African average of 7.2%, Pesachoice is an affordable solution. It's also convenient since money can be sent anytime and is received instantly. We are working with mobile money operators to bring this service to our customers. Apart from money transfers, we plan to provide a mobile money API that can be used for online payments, thus providing a backbone for the struggling e-commerce market in Africa.  Read more
Social Media Home Offering iPhone & Facbook Custom Application Development Services with viral features. SMH equipped with best iPhone & facebook App Developers! A professional Facebook applications development company offers facebook layout design, facebook application marketing and development at reasonable prices.  Read more will enable Domainers, Investors and End Users a much more accessible and visually stunning Domaining Network for all needs in the domaining industry.  Read more
TNTnames helps domain investors find their domain name. TNT Names also has a domain finding service where clients can submit an idea and TNT Names will find a domain that will fit the customers idea.  Read more
Crunch Magic finds your next favorite game. Getting good recommendations from the web is super tedious. First I have to remember what I thought was cool. Then click stars. Scroll through endless lists. Click more stars. Total crap. You end up wasting tons of time and buying stuff you don't like that much anyway. Crunch Magic has something else in mind. We use a real online game to power a custom recommendation algorithm that matches you with games you'll love. No fuss. No muss. Just awesome games, with the quickness. Read more
There are 165 million young entrepreneurs in the world today but the vast majority are not prepared to succeed. SIVI is a virtual incubator for aspiring innovation entrepreneurs. SIVI’s LaunchLeader product combines academic science, engaging design and social technology to create an activity-based e-learning platform with mentor matching, crowdfunding and resource recommendations. SIVI democratizes and scales entrepreneurship education and training. We use a proprietary 5 A’s model to guide entrepreneurs through each formative stage of development: Attitude, Awareness, Aptitude, Action, Acceleration. Created by experienced startup founders, SIVI’s mission is to become the global standard for activating entrepreneurs.  Read more
We are a call to action service directory for service providers like plumbers and electricians that list providers in order of who can respond first. We also allow customers seeking such services an easy way to reach out to multiple service providers in seconds by allowing them to request providers availability with our automated system. This system allows customers to query several providers in the same time it takes to call one provider with traditional measures. Read more
PitchDay is an excellent way for startups and investors to meet. Instead of having to travel to tech events, incubator days or accelerator pitch days, investors and interested entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to learn about startups at their convenience. Investors can subscribe to PitchDay in whatever way is most convenient for them: Email, Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook. Read more
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