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Energy & Environment
#11 worldwide
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#20 worldwide
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Software and Data
#44 worldwide

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startup iconFenergo
startup iconImmedis
startup iconCubic Telecom

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The Startup Ecosystem of Dublin is ranked at number 46 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 5 spots since 2021. Dublin also ranks at number 1 in Ireland, and 8 in Western Europe.

Dublin is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Health and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Dublin, there is a sample of 118 Energy & Environment startups in Dublin, 63 Health startups in Dublin, and 59 Software and Data startups in Dublin, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 413 startups in Dublin, 3 accelerators in Dublin, 7 coworking spaces in Dublin, 1 organizations in Dublin and 1 leaders in Dublin.

Startups in Dublin

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Fenergo provides a global KYC, AML & Tax Engine. Fenergo Regulatory Compliance Management supports AML / KYC and regulatory compliance teams to solve and comply with immediate and future regulatory challenges easily and efficiently. Read more
Immedis is a specialist provider of enterprise technology solutions for global payroll and mobility tax services. Read more
Cubic Telecom’s connected software and analytics solutions drive competitive advantage for global vehicle manufacturers. Read more
Staycity is a serviced apartments provider. Read more
TransferMate is a global B2B payments technology that enables companies to send & receive payments cheaper, faster, easier than ever before. Read more
Glofox is a management software company that helps fitness entrepreneurs improve the health of people. Read more
ChannelSight enables brands to increase sales by improving the online buying process. We help brands to convert their content into new customers quickly, easily and effectively. Our brand website plugin enables consumers to find their desired product at authorised retailers and complete their purchase instantly, without competitive distraction. Benefits: - instantly increased conversions - improved customer satisfaction - better channel relationships - real-time competitor intelligence - accurate, actionable channel metrics - easy & quick to implement Over half of online prospects are lost because users can’t find the information they need to enable them to purchase. This means the customer has a poor experience, the retailer loses out on a sale, and the manufacturer fails to sell inventory. ChannelSight changes all of this. Our cloud-based crawling, analysis and fuzzy-matching solution means we can get brands & retailers up and running in days, with results visible instantly. Read more
CurrencyFair is the best way to exchange currency and send funds to bank accounts worldwide. Our unique peer-to-peer system cuts out the bank margin, and results in exchange rates very close to, and sometimes even better than, the interbank midpoint (or wholesale) rate. Combine that with our very low transfer fees and the savings really add up. Foreign exchange rates on CurrencyFair are typically 3% better than bank rates, and 1-2% better than major online brokers. Visit to see our media coverage: - The Economist Names CurrencyFair As A Cheaper Way To Send Money Internationally - CurrencyFair Rated #1 For Transfers By Choice Australia - CurrencyFair Ranks No.1 In Money Transfer At - "Currency Exchange - The Fair Way" – Says The Daily Telegraph - The Independent Profile CurrencyFair As Way To Cut Currency Transfer Costs - MoneyMarket Name CurrencyFair A 'Big Hit' - The Guardian - Don't Fancy The Foreign Exchange Rate? Now You Can Set Your Own  Read more
Jobbio allows companies to showcase themselves and post all of their job opportunities in one place for free. Jobbio then amplifies these opportunities across its distribution network, which is the largest in the world. Talent can then engage with companies and apply for these opportunities using rich and dynamic live profiles that create a single access point to a fast evolving marketplace of +3500 companies. Read more
Tines is an enterprise automation platform designed to help security and ops teams automate manual workloads. Read more
Shaw Academy is on a mission to deliver higher education at lower cost through proprietary technology. Read more
Kitman Labs is a sports science company working to predict, manage and reduce the risk of injury within professional sports organisations. Our first product, Injury Profiler, uses groundbreaking technology in predictive analytics, scientific analysis and relevant academic research to reduce a club's rate of injury. Injury Profiler is a well researched and comprehensively designed system which has been proven to significantly reduce the injury profile of professional sports organisations. Read more
Profitero is the eCommerce performance analytics platform of choice for leading brands around the world. Read more
Brightflag is the enterprise legal management (ELM) platform for corporate legal teams. Read more
MicksGarage is an online retailer or car parts and accessories. Read more
SaaS, Contingent Workforce, HR Technology Read more
AccountsIQ is a provider of a financial management software platform for mid-market SMEs with multiple subsidiaries and branches. Read more
We help brands connect with customers in targeted and strategic ways,while streamlining delivery and increasing engagement and retention. Read more
Fonoa is an API-first company that automates tax obligations of internet companies. Read more
Everyone should be able to own their financial future. MyWallSt is here to guide and support you in your investing life. Read more
Strong Roots provide plant-based, environmentally responsible, positive food choices, for everyone, for now. Read more
Bizimply is a cloud solution that allows managers consolidate all their day to day management reporting in one place and lets owners see all their businesses activity on one dashboard. Bizimply is ideal for restaurants, bars and retail businesses. Whether you have one store or run a multi site business, Bizimply will fundamentally change the way you manage. Read more
Evervault is a data security solution provider. Read more
A privately owned financial services Group. Read more
SynergySuite is an international provider of award winning, cloud-based enterprise back office software to leading global restaurant chains. Read more
Node Dublin is a real estate firm that offers fully-furnished boutique apartments. Read more
Aqua Comms provides capacity networking solutions to content providers, cloud based networks, data centres, IT companies & the global media. Read more
Play – Pause – Move – Continue Any Device – Any Where – Any Time We are the developers of a new breed of true cross platform MMO games targeted at the hardcore audience who want to continue their game on the move. By True Cross Platform we mean device agnostic, players can play their game from Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), Social Platforms (e.g. Facebook) and the browser and play against users/friends on other platforms/devices. The same game world, same account, from any device in any location. This approach to gaming gives us unrivalled retention and monetization capabilities as well as a more immersive experience for the player. It also introduces significant commercial benefits, from making us faster to market, reducing our exposure to platforms and allowing us to acquire users on the cheaper platform and more them to the highest performing. Our vision is to become a world leading MMO developer, entertaining millions of players every day. Read more
NewsWhip tracks the social distribution of news. We repeatedly check sharing scores for each article we track to rank them by the rate at which they're spreading. Our pro product, Spike, offers media professionals a more granular look at our data and keyword search. Read more
Neuromod Devices has developed LENIRE® ( a non-invasive bimodal neuromodulation therapy for tinnitus. Read more
AYLIEN is an artificial intelligence startup that focuses on creating technologies that help machines understand human languages better. Read more
Webdoctor offers online doctor care when and where you want it. Read more
Waste heat recovery and conversion to power - greentech/industri al power sectors. Read more
Network and Security Orchestration Software Read more
VideoElephant offers ready-to-monetize video content solutions to advertising technology providers, publishers, and advertisers. Read more
Roomex is the world’s only business-focused corporate hotel booking platform. Read more
Manna provides drone delivery as a service stack to restaurant chains, dark kitchens, and online food delivery platforms Read more
We make classic games more fun! We transform classic SINGLE player games into MULTIPLAYER/social games. First game: Solitaire Arena (yes, a multiplayer Solitaire). Link: The founding team members have a senior experience in the social gaming industry. MavenHut Ltd is an Irish based company and a StartupBootcamp 2012 alumni. Solitaire Arena is the first game we published on Facebook.  Read more
edgescan is a cloud-based continuous vulnerability management and penetration testing solution. Read more
Circit is a financial audit management platform or connecting banks, accounting firms and their clients during a financial audit. Read more
SoapBox Labs privacy-first speech recognition software delivers voice-enabled experiences for kids of all ages, accents, and dialects. Read more
Corlytics is a risk focused financial intelligence technology company. It is the world leader in regulatory risk intelligence. Read more
HealthBeacon is a smart sharps system that helps patients manage self injectible medications in their home. We have designed a beautiful and useful medical waste bin (a waste bin for needles). 100s of millions of patients take medication in their home by injection. Right after taking their medication they are required to throw away their used needle away into a sharps bin. Our device the HealthBeacon has made the traditional sharps bin, smart, on the day you need to take your medication it lets you know and if you forget to take it, the device sends you a reminder Our tool is beautiful, intuitive and designed around our patient's needs and lifestyle.  Read more
FoodMarble is a digital digestive health company that finds foods that are most compatible with a unique digestive system. Read more
Making cameras programmable through a developer API and a marketplace of functionality. Read more
Big Red Cloud is a full service solution for enterprise and small business accounting. Read more
Amartus is a software development partner that helps connectivity businesses accelerate network transformation Read more
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