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The Startup Ecosystem of Dakar is ranked at number 494 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 333 spots since 2021. Dakar also ranks at number 1 in Senegal, and 4 in Western Africa.

Dakar is an ideal place to locate for Transportation, Ecommerce & Retail and Ecommerce & Retail startups. As the most popular industries in Dakar, there is a sample of 6 Transportation startups in Dakar, 5 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Dakar, and 4 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Dakar, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 25 startups in Dakar, 5 accelerators in Dakar, 2 coworking spaces in Dakar, 7 organizations in Dakar and no leaders in Dakar.

Startups in Dakar

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Baobab+ is a social business committed to providing access to energy and digital. Read more
Shopmeaway provides families and businesses with new ways to shop around the world with shipping costs cut by 3. Read more
Sooretul is an online platform for the sale of local products processed in Senegal. Read more
One only API to accept payments anywhere in the world from all african mobile money wallets (80%of people) and credit/debit cards Read more
Wave mission is to make Africa the first cashless continent in the world On a continent where more than half of the population does not have a bank account, Wave offers the first network of financial services without account management fees, available instantly and everywhere! Wave is the first Francophone Africa Unicorn.  Read more
Founded in 2014, InTouch is a pan-African fintech specializing in payment solutions, digital services aggregation, channel acquisition & management. We have 15 subsidiaries in Africa and are in 11 countries. + 40K distribution points called TouchPoint and 1,500 TotalEnergies stations use our platform. 1,400 corporate have integrated our solutions. Read more
Afrikamart is a web and mobile based supply chain it allows farmers to sell their products to B2B buyer networks. Read more
Paps a pour ambition de révolutionner le secteur de la logistique en Afrique. Présents au Sénégal et en Côte d’Ivoire, nous avons pour objectif d’accélérer notre croissance et de devenir le plus grand service de distribution de proximité en Afrique de l’Ouest dans un premier temps, puis au niveau international.  Read more
LAM facilitates communication between companies and their customers, thanks to customized solutions and products, taking into account local realities. Our versatility (Multi-operator, Multi-channel, Multi-country) allows companies to reach a large target and gives end-users instant, safe and secure access to the information they need. Read more
Creating sustainable export-ready local brands Through a rigourous selection process and a branding & packaging and support program, we work closely with local suppliers to build export-ready brands. From production capacity and certifications, to branding and distribution strategies, we make sure that the products we deliver meet global standards. Read more
We are an African agritech that develops innovative AI-based solutions for climate smart agriculture. We enable stakeholders like farmers to have reliable information to make decisions and adapt their practices. We also provide statistics on yield forecasts. Read more
African company headquartered in Delaware, USA, with subsidiaries in Senegal, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. It is a marketplace that connects local carriers with local commerce to solve the biggest problems in emerging markets: domestic, cross-border and last mile delivery. It delivers packages at 40% cheaper, 2X faster and more efficiently. Read more
Maad is digitizing the distribution of consumer products in Francophone Africa: - To retailers we provide an ordering platform with quality delivery service, competitive pricing, greater product distribution and access to financial services - To brands and retailers we give back control and visibility through our technology, data and services Read more
Connect the physical operations of your business More than 200 companies, from SMEs to multinationals trust Fleeti to digitize and optimize the monitoring of their their field operations. Read more
Assuraf is a leading Pan-African InsurTech based in Senegal, with focus in Francophobe Africa. Building the much needed infrastructure and products that drive insurance inclusion and address and meet the needs of each individual across emerging markets.  Read more
Suquali Mbay mi" is a project to digitize the agricultural sector through a soil analysis first, then the implementation of a digital platform to better control the production cycle, and finally to have traceability throughout the agricultural value chain, using blockchain solution. Read more
Leader in digital freight in Francophone West Africa. Chargel is building the largest road freight network in Francophone West Africa to give shippers easy access to thousands of trucks at the best price. Through our technology platform we make freight transportation more efficient, reliable and more transparent. Read more
Cattle theft is a recurrent phenomenon that makes the State lose billions of CFA every year. Thus, to bring its contribution in the fight against this plague, Africa Smart Citizens comes with 04 types of products that protect the breeders and their livestock. Our ambition is to eradicate, in the next 5 to 10 years, the theft of livestock in Africa. Read more
We are on a mission to improve your parking experience Parc Smart was created with a vision to improve the ability for commuters to search and pay for parking in fast growing emerging markets such as Africa and Latin America By focusing on the commuter and business experience is emerging markets we create solutions that adapts to their needs  Read more
FIREFLY, your advertising agency specialized in outdoor advertising. For years, FIREFLY has allowed Senegalese companies such as communication agencies, NGOs, marketing agencies to reinforce their presence and visibility. Think big and broadcast your next advertising campaign via the most extensive bus network of Senegal and 4×3 advertising panels. Read more
OuiCarry offers a full service from the payment of your suppliers to the delivery to your premises in West Africa, including international transport and transit. - Sea and/or air freight for international transport - Unbundling - Customs clearance - International purchase - Warehousing - Last mile delivery - Post-carriage delivery  Read more
EYONE is a company specialized in software publishing, consulting and information systems architecture. We offer applications available on site or online on computer, tablet and mobile. EYONE has an international influence with a marked presence in France, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Gabon. Read more
Oolu is the fastest growing off-grid solar company West Africa. Our Vision is to be the pre-eminent energy and financial service provider to Read more
NiMA Codes provides simple address system with phone numbers without address, it uses phone numbers as an address.  Read more
SUDPAY provides mobility and ticketing solutions, it offers multi-service platforms and payment methods. Read more
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