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Social & Leisure
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startup iconPlandayPlanday
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The Startup Ecosystem of Copenhagen is ranked at number 53 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 8 spots since 2021. Copenhagen also ranks at number 1 in Denmark, and 11 in Western Europe.

Copenhagen is an ideal place to locate for Hardware & IoT, Marketing & Sales and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in Copenhagen, there is a sample of 139 Hardware & IoT startups in Copenhagen, 39 Marketing & Sales startups in Copenhagen, and 35 Social & Leisure startups in Copenhagen, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 348 startups in Copenhagen, no accelerators in Copenhagen, 2 coworking spaces in Copenhagen, 1 organizations in Copenhagen and 1 leaders in Copenhagen.

Startups in Copenhagen

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Veo is a solution for recording and watching sports without a cameraman. Read more
Our staff rota software is designed to save you time. Planday fundamentally restructures the workplace by creating a real-time platform where businesses and employees can collaborate using transparent shift planning, easy communication, streamlined HR processes, and online & mobile time clocking. Planday also supports managers in mid-sized businesses by providing granular reporting and payroll integrations. By creating a transparent, real-time platform, Planday enables businesses and employees to work together in a way that suits everyone. Read more
Labster is a fast moving, award-winning company that focuses on revolutionizing the way science is taught to students all over the world. Our platform offers a Virtual Laboratory provided as a supportive curriculum based e-tool where students can work with real-life challenges in an online environment that simulates reality. Our labs are based on mathematical algorithms supporting open-ended investigations and are combined with gamification elements such as an immersive 3D universe, story-telling and a scoring system which stimulates students natural curiosity and highlights the connection between science and real-world issues. Read more
Podimo is an open podcast platform that offers a subscription service for creators. Read more
Peakon is the world's leading platform for measuring and improving Employee Engagement. Read more
Templafy is one of the fastest growing IT companies in Scandinavia and it’s already changing the way large enterprises work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. Our software helps the branding, compliance and IT teams in large enterprises to govern and optimize the way employees create documents, presentations and emails in Microsoft Office and Office 365 applications, making best-practice company content accessible right where employees work. Read more
Too Good To Go Denmark fights food waste primarily through our app. Read more
Dixa is a born global customer service tech company on a mission to solve customer chaos, eliminate bad customer service and build strong bonds between companies and their customers - much like the connection between friends. Dixa is the new way to deliver effortless and personal customer service. Our software eliminates chaos created by using disconnected systems and unifies the customer experience across all channels including email, chat, messaging and phone. Read more
Famly aims to make life easier for families through technology. We are developing a mobile app for families so that they can better manage their day and get all family related information in one place - be it information from the daycare, school or sports activites. Read more
Reform is a new Danish kitchen company hacking IKEAs kitchens with designs from internationally acclaimed architects Read more
Making display advertising simple, relevant, rewarding for advertisers, agencies and publishers Read more
Software, Test Automation, RPA, BPM, Business Automation Read more
Lenus eHealth is a B2B technology and innovation firm providing cloud-based SaaS to a broad variety of health professionals. Read more
Tamigo revolutionizes workforce management through smart processes, new insights, and unique alignment on improving future performance. Read more
eloomi is a software tool that simplifies training and people development in corporates. Read more
Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform use data to help the new generation of restaurateurs to increase guest satisfaction and attract repeat business. Read more
Simple Feast operates as an online cookbook platform. Read more
Our mission is to change the way game developers optimize game plays and monetize games across all devices and platforms. GameAnalytics is a freemium service and our SaaS is relevant from the early beta to the final version of a game. It works across all platforms and on any device. Easy to implement - yet able to handle the most data-intensive games. GameAnalytics will become an essential and important part of what is the fastest growing media industry in the world. Read more
Uizard is a computer software company developing AI tools to transform user interface images into code for building apps and websites. Read more
Contractbook is a digital contract management platform where you can manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow. Read more
GoMore offers to carpool, peer-to-peer car rental, and private car leasing with a lease-and-rent-out model. Read more is Denmark’s largest financial comparison portal Read more
LogPoint enables organizations to convert data into actionable intelligence, improving their cybersecurity posture and creating immediate business value. Our advanced next-gen SIEM, UEBA and Automation and Incident Response solutions, simple licensing model and market- leading support organization empowers our customers to achieve digital transformation simply and easily. We provide cybersecurity automation and analytics that create contextual awareness to support security, compliance, operations, and business decisions. Read more
SOUNDBOKS is a Copenhagen-based, Y Combinator backed, hardware start-up developing and selling the world's loudest battery powered speaker. SOUNDBOKS was founded in 2015 by three young Danes who shared the same love and passion for music, amazing parties and festivals. Today, SOUNDBOKS is Scandinavia's fastest growing hardware start-up delivering speakers to happy customers all over Europe & North America. In March 2016, SOUNDBOKS launched the most successful Danish Kickstarter Campaign of all time! We are a young, ambitious team ready to take on the challenge of becoming the number 1 brand for outdoor audio and provide world-class service to our customers. Read more
Goodiebox is an online cosmetic company that provides cosmetics and beauty products. Read more
Enterprise platform that connects companies with top independent workers, eliminating friction of onboarding, billing, and payment. Read more
Your company is digital and Keepit helps you secure it. Our flagship service is the security of Microsoft Office 365 where you can have a secondary copy and versioning of all your data in Office 365 - not just Emails, Calender and Contacts but also complete coverage of your Sharepoint data and OneDrive. With the rapid adoption of new cloud services Keepit has delivered on its promise to secure the digital company - not only focusing on the physical end-points but also your new cloud based end-points. Regardless is your data is resting in the cloud or on-premise Keepit will protect it and give you access to instant restore of individual items (emails, documents, files or folders) in any version and due to our revolutionary propriotary storage algorithme Keepit can offer you any length of retention of data across your entire company. Read more
Forecast is an intelligent professional service platform for improving your company’s financial & operational performance Read more
Danish start-up elevates the world of eBikes by introducing MATE - an electric, smart, foldable and affordable bike Say hello to the bike of the future. The 16th of august marks the official launch of the crowdfunding campaign for MATE; the world’s most affordable foldable electricbike. Introducing MATE: the ultimate in cycling versatility MATE has a refreshingly sharp design for a foldable eBike and comes available in four different colour options (army green, matte black, metallic red or shiny white). An easy 3 step fold system makes MATE very versatile and mobile. This improved versatility is not only a great way to reduce the chance of theft, but also makes it easy to take with you on public transport or pack it in the trunk of your car for longer journeys. Read more
Founded in 2014, Liva Healthcare is an innovative digital health coaching platform for scalable lifestyle and disease management. It is used by public healthcare, private insurance and pharma companies including NHS England, AXA PPP Healthcare and Copenhagen Municipality.      Liva Healthcare’s platform facilitates ongoing personalised health coaching through an intuitive app, building strong bond between coach, GP and patient. Its focus lies on tackling chronic illnesses, such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease, by driving behaviour change.        Read more
BLAST Premier is an esports entertainment company. Read more
Rokoko develops an animation technology designed to create motion capture assets. Read more
Online ordering system custom build just for your restaurant or take-away Read more
Virtual currency platform for trading and payments. Read more
CluedIn breaks down information silos in your organisation and solves the problem of not being able to utilize all the knowledge you have. Read more
Monta is a platform for EV owners to charge seemless both at home and when away. SaaS, Mobile App, Payment Read more
LuggageHero is luggage storage in local shops in major cities all over the world. The concept is self-service through our platform. Read more
BetaDwarf Entertainment is a Danish game developer company. Read more
Miinto is an online fashion platform that connects fashion boutiques and brands in Europe. Read more
SNIPR Biome is a operator of a discovery stage biotech company intended to revolutionize the treatment of microbial diseases. Read more
Airtame is a wireless screen sharing device that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV or projector. We make it possible for schools and businesses to easily share content from computer to a shared screen. Unlike other wireless streaming devices, nothing is plugged into your computer or smartphone. Simply download our app and stream your content to the screen from any major computer platform, tablet, or smartphone. When you connect it to a WiFi network, everyone can connect to the Airtame too. We think that’s pretty cool. Read more
Consumer neuroscience company that uses neuroscience tools and insights to better understand and improve the consumer experience. Read more
We empower plantbased home cooking, by bringing machine learning to your kitchen. Our app is a chef in your pocket! Read more
Sepior has developed a ground-breaking solution for companies wanting to protect cloud data. Sepior offers a pure cloud-based solution that uses strong encryption and does not rely on trust in any third party; neither does it require any on-premise hardware or software as the encryption gateway. Sepior enables organizations to encrypt data going into cloud solutions in a very flexible manner, and takes care of the related key management. This allows employees to continue using popular cloud services like DropBox, Box, Google Drive while still protecting against data breaches. For providers Sepior delivers a Key Management as a Service that seamlessly integrates into your SaaS/cloud solution. Read more
Passendo is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based startup providing email marketing services. Read more
Corti is a machine learning company that helps emergency departments to detect critical illnesses like cardiac arrest in real-time. Read more
Certainly is a Conversational AI Platform made for ecommerce and customer service. Read more
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