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The Chile Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 34 globally, and shows a positive momentum 2 spots since 2021. Chile also ranks at number 2 for startups in South America.

There are 4 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Chile and the top ranked city in Chile is Santiago at 67 globally. Santiago is followed by Valparaiso at 951 and Viña del Mar at 960.

Chile is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Energy & Environment and Education startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 118 Software and Data startups in Chile, 48 Energy & Environment startups in Chile and 40 Education startups in Chile, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 343 startups in Chile, 1 accelerators in Chile, 3 coworking spaces in Chile, 1 organizations in Chile and no leaders in Chile.

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338 startups in representative sample
Buk manages the payroll more effectively, provides powerful performance reports and offers the best talent management tools. Read more
Fintual is an asset management startup that manages the investments of young professionals who want to invest well. Read more
Houm is the easiest way to find and rent a property. With an end to end process 100% online for both the tenant and landlord. Read more
SMB Digital Bank for Latam Read more
Global 66 is an international online payment platform. Read more
Immigrant fintech for latam Read more
ComparaOnline is a price comparison site for financial and insurance services in Latin America. Read more
AgendaPro allows business owners to charge their customers online and easily schedule appointments. Read more
SimpliRoute is an information technology company that specializes in the optimization, logistics, innovation, and big data. Read more
Webdox is a SaaS CLM focused on large and medium companies in LATAM and the US. Read more
Justo helps restaurants in Latin America to take online orders directly from their customers and increase their margins. Read more
Goplaceit is a real-time market for high-demand real estate properties. House hunters can create specific zones where they want to live, select desired property filter and sign up for alerts to notify them when properties meeting their description become available. Read more
Creditú specializes in the delivery of mortgage credits. Read more
Backyard Brains enables everyone to be a neuroscientist! We provide affordable neuroscience experiment kits for students of all ages to learn (hands-on) about electrophysiology. Now everyone from schoolchildren to grad students and every grade in between can experiment with similar tools used by real neuroscientists worldwide! By following a few simple steps, everyone can experience first-hand how the brain communicates with our sense, memories, hopes, and desires. Read more
Rankmi is an independent platform that allows managers worldwide to measure and develop their leadership skills. Managers get feedback on their skills level and how they run their teams, and a ranking that reflects their competency across companies. Our product gives ownership of the information to users, so they can use it to show their skill within and across organisations, post it on their social media, share it with recruiters, etc. For companies Rankmi is an affordable way of gaining insight on their talent, and enhance their recruitment.  Read more
Jooycar is the fastest growing car Insuretech company in Latam and recently open operation in the US the new product Fleetr Read more
Algarmo is a platform for smart purchasing that exludes the purchase of single-use plastics. Read more is Chile's first and the biggest OTA and GDS for intercity bus ticket business with access to 6 LATAM countries. Read more
Awto is a car sharing company providing advanced mobility services through a diverse fleet of vehicles with a proprietary MaaS called Gowgo. Read more
wherEX is an e-sourcing solution that leverages machine learning to reduce procurement costs across all industries Read more
Technology company that allows creating, selling and transmitting physical and online events, in Chile and Latin America Read more
recorrido is a SaaS solution for bus operators in emerging markets and comparison platform for travelers (B2B2C model). Bus operators - especially SMEs - can easily enter the online sales channel and benefit from higher revenues and reduced cost using our SaaS backend solution. SMEs are enabled to use professional enterprise software without any fixed cost and can compete with large enterprises. Travelers - especially younger people and tourists - can compare prices, schedules and services, book the ticket online and assess the quality by using reviews. Read more
Instacrops is the best way to prevent risks and increase crop production because we can hear what your plants are saying! Read more
Zapping TV is a live tv service in Latin America. +80 live tv channels for $15/month Read more
Yu-Track is a Field Sales Force Automation Software Read more
Creating professional presentations requires time, effort and design knowledge that most users don't have, which results in poor quality slides and presentations that are not engaging to the audience. Slidebean reinvents the process by separating the content creation and the design stages. Users can focus exclusively on creating quality content, while the tool takes care of generating top stunning slides, automatically. With this process, finishing a presentation takes minutes instead of hours. On the short-term, we ensure our users find Slidebean as an efficient alternative to their traditional tools; and on the long-term, we want to educate our users on creating better and more engaging presentations. This is the real vision we have for Slidebean: improving the way people deliver their information.  Read more
Mobile phone specially designed for children with an embedded GPS Read more
Crowdfunding Equity Based platform, were people can invest in VC from US $60. The entepreneurs can publish their projects Idea, startup, or growth. As a reference:,  Read more
Poliglota is a Language education Startup with a social methodology, gathering teachers and students in coffee places across the world. Read more
We’re making SME accounting dramatically simpler, with real-time data collection from IRS and banks, and automated reporting on what’s most important (cash flow, income statement, debts payable, etc.) Through tools as bank reconciliation, cash flow forecasting, etc. Read more
Specialists in streaming, CDN (LiveStream & VOD), A/V production, events coverage, StreamManager (Video CMS) and UX. An integral company from capture, distribution, interface design and user experience. A complete solution. More than 250 thousand hours of live streaming, over 60 million users have seen us around the world for over 100 top brands. Read more
Easycancha assists sports teams in managing their court dates and raising their output by giving them the essential data. Read more
The platform to manage all the chats of your company in one place. Read more
Babytuto is an e-commerce platform that offers a collection of baby products. Read more
RedCapital is the online platform that brings together investors to finance SMEs with the best rates, quickly and safely. Read more
Integrating current edTech with our AI based platforms. Read more
Tutenlabs offers SaaS solutions and digital transformation advisory for Mobile Workforce and Field Service Management Read more
Kredito is a platform that focuses on generating loans for small to medium-sized businesses. Read more
Denda is an online store that brings together all the products and services that aim to generate well-being in people. Read more
Startup that seeks to democratize robotics and free up people's time through its family of home robots. Read more
TrainFES is a medical Devices for the rehabilitation of people with paralysis. Read more
Encuadrado provides a platform for appointment scheduling, payments, and invoicing. Read more
Lomi is an eCommerce platform that offers local products with delivery service in less than 60 minutes. Read more
Creating a world of seamless shopping interactions Read more
Mudango is LATAM's one-stop shop for the moving experience Read more
Compara Software is a free software directory that helps spanish speaker users find the best solutions for their needs. Read more
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