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Software and Data
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The Startup Ecosystem of Brno is ranked at number 288 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -53 spots since 2021. Brno also ranks at number 2 in Czechia, and 22 in Eastern Europe.

Brno is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Marketing & Sales and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Brno, there is a sample of 17 Social & Leisure startups in Brno, 8 Marketing & Sales startups in Brno, and 6 Software and Data startups in Brno, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 44 startups in Brno, 1 accelerators in Brno, 4 coworking spaces in Brno, no organizations in Brno and no leaders in Brno.

Startups in Brno

Sort by: Highest traction is an online travel platform Read more
Madfinger Games is a stable and dominant player in multimedia entertainment focusing on mobile platforms. Read more
Worklio is a payroll software purpose-built to take your PEO, ASO or Staffing Firm to new heights, with Payroll, HR, Workers’ Compensation, Benefits and much more. Read more
Team behind Skinners developed and patented the fusion technology that merges the best features of shoes and socks into one compact product. Precise European manufacturing, premium materials and thorough inspection of every pair, Skinners truly are revolutionary. Read more
SaaS, advanced performance marketing platform helping e-commerce companies achieve better ROI at scale Read more
Codasip provides IP and EDA tools for adoption of Application Specific Instruction Set Processors (ASIP's). Read more
Sewio RTLS builds precise indoor tracking, that let you transform your business into a highly efficient, powerful and streamlined operation. Read more
ThreatMark is a fraud preventions service company (FPaaS) that provides real-time recognition of legitimate customers solutions. Read more
GreyCortex helps companies worldwide make their networks more secure and reliable, including national and local governments, financial institutions, research facilites, and enterprises of all sizes. Read more
Comprimato has standard based video codec for UHDTV video able to run on comodity PC. Enables UHDTV/4K workflows on current hardware. B2B oriented.  Read more
HW (Electronic lock for sport equipment ) + SaaS + Insurtech = Pealock Read more
Advanto is pioneering on-demand pay in CEE markets. Read more
Oscar Senior is the platform that empowers your organization to deliver more touchpoints. Read more
Survio is an online survey platform. Read more
Tripomatic is a free trip planner that offers fast and convenient way of planning holidays for individual travelers. The website suggests interesting activities and sights in a selected destination and displays them on a map. With one click users can add activities to their travel itinerary together with accommodation and transportation. After planning the trip website visitors get a personalized travel guide that can be downloaded, printed out or shared on social networks.  Read more
Skypicker is a new way to travel across Europe. It is an addictive to use low cost air tickets search engine which will always find the lowest fares. Once you will start using it, you won't give up until you fly somewhere. And when you come back.. It all starts over.  Read more
ContentKing is a cloud-based service that provides real-time SEO auditing and change management to improve and maintain search engine visibility. Read more
Single app developers and small teams use Localazy to translate their Android apps. Read more
MySpectroom is a unique video service that draws from many sources to correlate millions of videos and link them through context and time. Read more
Watch movies, search for the filming locations, travel, visit places where your movie stars were filmed, take and share photos with others. Our project wants to show movie fans where were their favorite movie stars were filmed. It uses a power of the crowd: everyone can ask others to find filming locations of any movie, everyone can search for filming locations, tranvel there, take picture how that place looks today and share it with others. Project is already on-line. Read more
Business intelligence focused on the location and in-map data analysis Read more
Comprimato provides GPU accelerated storage compression and video compression solutions for Ultra HD 8K and 360/VR video. Read more
3L Robotics builds automated solutions for last-mile parcel delivery Read more
Kinalisoft is an R&D company that offers ideas and improvements to international companies on their current processes and products. Read more
Not keen on wasting time with complicated customer support systems, yet you need a solution more sophisticated than simple email & phone? Does your IT department need to make employee support easier and clearer? Or are you facing both issues? Try an elegant and versatile solution – Requestor Service Desk. Requestor is an online application for user request management. It is designed according to best practices and methods. Read more
Embrace power of tags and make any picture a shopping mall Read more
Wereldo revolutionizes logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move goods from point A to point B anywhere in the world Read more
AI-based sentiment analysis of social media and news articles about cryptocurrencies to increase crypto trading profits. Read more
Decentralized micro-task platform where people can earn cryptocurrency on their smartphones by completing simple tasks. Read more
Bitcoin payment gateway. Pay with Bitcoin to euro bank accounts. Read more
BizBox createS e-shop just for you! It offfers a unique mix of reliable automation of your processes with a wide range of sales options. Read more
Goodevent is a platform that connects you with your attendees all year long. Read more
Dotypos develops powerful standalone native Android POS for Restaurants, Retail and Service companies making them more efficient. Read more
Netcope Technologies is a manufacturer and provider of high-performance network solutions. Read more
BurgSys develops AI powered computer vision software tools with focus in manufacturing, heavy industry, logistics and FMCG Read more
Motionlab is a video platform based on cloud and it provides customised scenarios and provide personalised advertising experience. Read more
Smartlook is the easiest way to record the screen of your visitors. We'll record every visitor movement on your website. You’ll get to watch everything and become inspired with ingenious ways on how to improve your website. There are no complicated graphs, or numbers. You easily see what happens on your website. Absolutely for free. Read more
Empower Your Employees with Your Own Mobile Apps Effortix allows companies to empower their employees with their own business mobile apps. They can showcase and sell products, access important information and news, collect data and orders and work more efficiently with their own smartphones and tablets. Trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are becoming the new industry standard for incorporating mobile applications into businesses without investing in company owned smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, development of mobile applications is expensive and thus prevents many companies from enjoying benefits mobile applications can bring to them. Effortix presents an affordable and reliable solution to this problem. Read more
CLEVER°ANALYTICS' empower to easily identify new business potential, optimize the branch network, make better use of loyalty programs or clever allocate marketing budget. Platform solves needs of different types of users from marketing, finance or sales department. By displaying the business data over the map together with sophisticated combination of external sources like population, area information or real estate, it allows you to easily and transparently analyze the state of business and it supports in making the right decision. Read more
At music fans can find upcoming shows of their favorite musicians and buy and sell concert tickets. Read more
Videoflot will be global, but location based multiplatform portal with simple and user friendly interface and sofisticated search engine. It will help video creatives help themselwes: find customers, find team members, present their work, find usefull tools and informations. It will also help customers post jobs and enables them to sell more with video. Our values are collaboration and creativity. Read more
SEO optimization, webdesign, responsive design Read more
Emglare is an new generation platform for all kinds of events, meetings, meet-ups or reservations. Read more
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