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The Bosnia and Herzegovina Startup Ecosystem is emerging innovation hub, ranked at number 95 globally, and shows a negative momentum -10 spots since 2021. Bosnia and Herzegovina also ranks at number 23 for startups in Eastern Europe.

There are 1 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the top ranked city in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo at 895 globally. Sarajevo is followed by undefined at undefined and undefined at undefined.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Education and Health startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 2 Software and Data startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 Education startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 2 Health startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 9 startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, no accelerators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5 coworking spaces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1 organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and no leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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9 startups in representative sample
Rolla apps help users track, compete, and have fun while working out, both outdoors and indoors. Read more
Project is an online service that offers useful information on health and medicine topics. Its major goal is a free an online database of health workers (doctors, dentists, etc.) and institutions from public and private sector. Visitors will be able to search through this database using names, locations, specialization of doctors, all on one online source. Clinics, hospitals and pharmacies are also included together with health stores (optic, hearing aids, prosthesis, etc.) since they are connected to medical cases and needs. Doctors are able to register their profiles for free as well as their praxis, clinics. Those profiles include all information patients need to find or contact them. Users will be able to rate and recommend them, share their profiles etc. Read more is a web portal made for individual customers interested in financial and telecommunication services (B2C). Comparing the prices and characteristics offered for services on the territory of BiH customers can find the best suitable ones for their needs. Those services need not to be the cheapest but the ones with the best set of characteristics certain customer seeks. Site functions will be interactive - users will be able to register, leave comments and suggestions, grade offers and share/communicate through social networks, find advice of experts, glossary, articles and publications on related industries, trends and offers, etc. Targeted services include finances (loans, mortgages, savings, credit and debit cards), Insurance (motoring, property, travel, lifestyle), Telecommunication (internet, TV, mobile and land services). Read more
Play Learn Grow is an innovative games for children. Read more
Gotiva Games is a social multiplatform puzzle game developer. Read more
Performance analytics with incentives for companies with development teams. Read more
Giikly is a platform for children's education that provides online tutorials and games to develop children’s knowledge and new skills. Read more
Parttimerz is a Premium grade freelancing platform built for startups and visionary enterpreneurs. Read more
IoT Telemetry platform ready for the next generation of internet connected devices that scales with you from hobby projects to enterprise systems. Read more
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