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Marketing & Sales
6 startups

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startup iconKeepface
startup iconGoldenpay
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The Azerbaijan Startup Ecosystem is emerging innovation hub, ranked at number 85 globally, and shows a positive momentum 4 spots since 2021. Azerbaijan also ranks at number 21 for startups in Eastern Europe.

There are 1 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Azerbaijan and the top ranked city in Azerbaijan is Baku at 443 globally. Baku is followed by undefined at undefined and undefined at undefined.

Azerbaijan is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Fintech and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 31 Software and Data startups in Azerbaijan, 6 Fintech startups in Azerbaijan and 6 Marketing & Sales startups in Azerbaijan, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 58 startups in Azerbaijan, 7 accelerators in Azerbaijan, 3 coworking spaces in Azerbaijan, 3 organizations in Azerbaijan and no leaders in Azerbaijan.

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56 startups in representative sample
Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach most relevant influencers, communicate with them and manage campaigns using real-time analytics. Read more
SaaS, Restaurant POS, Retail POS Read more
Nextsale helps you engage every visitor and convert them with exceptional shopping experiences into customers. Read more
GoldenPay ASC, the largest company in Azerbaijan's online payment market Read more
Epoint is a platform designed to provide e-commerce services. The company specializes in technological solutions, business optimization systems, e-commerce and cashless payments. The company develops business and business process management systems to optimize the performance of small and medium businesses. Read more
Owbike is the scalable cloud based website building system. Read more
Organization of insurance services through an online platform. As the first centralized online insurance portal in Azerbaijan, we have united the services of 14 leading insurance companies for the first time in the country. Read more
An online platform for selling gym services. Push30 aspiration is to revamp the fitness industry, stimulate fitness culture in the country and become a household name for fitness across the country. Read more
We provide travel, education and business visa support to any country in the world. Read more
PayRiff is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure over the internet. Regardless of revenue, all businesses, from new startups to large companies in the market, can use our online service to accept payments and manage finances. Our goal is to ensure the promotion of online payments in the country with innovative solutions. Read more
The platform for sharing rental of living and working spaces. Read more
Whelp is a Conversational Customer Engagement Platform, AI-based omnichannel shared inbox for customer support over Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp. It is built for customer communication which is happening all the time, everywhere.  Read more
NeWo is a location-based social discovery application built on top of augmented reality and public metadata about people, places and things. It also a social networking platform to help people to share their discoveries and communicate with friends. Our mission is to empower users by delivering quality information about places, people and points of interest to our users in order to help them make better decisions with the help of mobile and AR technologies. We want to transform the way people discover information on the go. The winner of SSW 2013 Baku! Read more
The marketplace for car spare parts. Read more
Online courier service 189 Delivery is a food ordering and delivery platform that combines the most outstanding restaurants and motivated couriers. Read more
Documood is a cloud platform that allows you to legally create and sign contracts. Read more
Runner is the first ever company in Azerbaijan that offers innovative parcel delivery service. Read more 15+GB Free mail service.  Read more
An online accounting program for micro and small businesses Read more
BeM is a electron version of a business card(BC after here) that comes with many cool features that normal paper based business card does not have. Nowadays, every businessmen and many employees have BCs and they exchange their BCs in meetings. But after a while one gets so many BCs that can't find a one of the businessman after a while that you need to contact to, let alone if he/she changed their contact details. On BeM every businessman, employee can have account and having installed BeM app you can exchange your 'electron BC' with others. Instead of exchanging two paper based cards, two add each other on their BeM contacts that both now see see each others up to date BC profile whenever they want. Imagine there is a meeting in a room and there are 10 people. At the end instead of exchanging paper cards they just turn on 'share my BC' in given radius so that everyone in the room can add you and share his/her 'electron BC' with you.For easy sharing NFC will be implemented as well Read more
ELYX is a ride-hailing application that is designed to provide customers with a customized ride experience. Read more
Glorri spans the entire recruiting process, from tip to tail. No more clumsy spreadsheets, overstuffed inbox & manual tasks. Automate your routine and save countless hours.  Read more
Loan comparison and online apply ! Read more
AZCLOUD provides scalable and flexible deployment of IT infrastructure in the cloud. In this number of solutions. The first cloud provider in Azerbaijan hosted in the availability zones of international standards and high reliability. Read more
BotDelive is a 2FA and push notification service via IM bots for developers. Read more
An online platform for buying and selling household services Read more
DillBill is an online platform created to improve English speaking. Each person chooses a time and topic that suits him and develops his speech by joining discussions in English with video chat in groups of up to 4 people.  Read more
Gamepons is a gaming ecosystem builder that brings together game enthusiasts and game creators. Our vision is to build a bridge between the local ecosystem and gaming hubs all around the globe and our mission is to put Azerbaijan into the gaming map of the world.  Read more
Otomall is the platform that combines all kinds of services for automobiles. These services are supported by big data algorithms and artificial intelligence Read more
Social Innovation Lab is a startup studio founded with ambition to build first unicorn startup born out of Azerbaijan through lifting 50 tech startups annually by 2025. Read more
TayqaTech is an innovative company possessing all privileges related to innovative and high-quality software, technological solutions and services; by providing the best software products of their kind we ensure our customers’ competitiveness in the market. Read more
Unibroad International is a fully automated platform built to realize a dream of studying abroad at the world's leading universities. Read more
Payonix is a financial tech company. Make payments with 0% commissions by scanning the QR code. By downloading the “Payonix” application to your smartphone, you can benefit from modern, fast, easy, secure and contactless payments. Read more
Booknetic is the best appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress that allows customization and automation of online bookings. Read more
Medvoage has been dynamically operating. Due to the extreme high quality of the services offered, our company, which began its activities in three directions, was able to gain confidence and increase the number of these services in a relatively short period of time.  Read more
SmilePay is an innovative biometric payment solution that uses advanced facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technology takes the payment process one step further, making transactions faster and more secure.  Read more
CRBN Tech is a full-service software development company of engineers, designers, and developers founded in 2017. We bring custom solutions for enterprises and startups around the globe in Healthcare, Transport, Retail, and other industries.  Read more
ATL Tech is a company that specialized in Information and Communication Technologies with 9 years of experience in software development. By having partnerships with global companies, ATL Tech offers a broad range of products and services, including IT consulting, systems integration, security, software services, and solutions. Read more
Remox is Contributor and Treasury Management Platform Read more is a Customer Satisfaction Platform. This platform enables consumers to submit their complaints and opinions to companies online via the website. Read more
OrangeLine is a software solution developed by our company, meant for managing Call-center activities. It combines the following sub-systems: IP-telephony, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CCH (Customer Complaints Handling) and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Read more
It is a special software to facilitate the work of credit organizations operating in the field of small agricultural loans. After the first acquaintance with the customer, pulapp allows him to collect his business information on the spot and make a loan decision within 30-40 minutes. Read more
Online consulting services for agriculture and agrarian business. Dr. Agro is operating as an online assistant for farmers by using both traditional and precision methods.  Read more
Jintravel is an online travel market where you can buy tour and excursions. Read more
the app lets you be on the loop of latest fashion trends and explore shopping opportunities at suitably tailored prices for any preference. Read more
The Drop By Drop Startup project is an innovative drip irrigation system. Our product carries out planting of plants in gardens or houses using a fully automated and alternative water source.The innovation of our product completely eliminates the human factor in the irrigation. Read more
AllinUs is a platform that carries out product surveys. Here, companies benefit from the opinions of real people by placing surveys about the product they want to produce or the service they want to see,  Read more
FemTech assists women to create high tech careers for setting a foundation in their own startups, Explores many issues related to women working in the entrepreneurial sphere including leadership, teamwork, personal development.  Read more
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