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Marketing & Sales
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The Startup Ecosystem of Ankara is ranked at number 280 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -70 spots since 2021. Ankara also ranks at number 2 in Turkey, and 21 in Eastern Europe.

Ankara is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Energy & Environment and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in Ankara, there is a sample of 23 Fintech startups in Ankara, 7 Energy & Environment startups in Ankara, and 7 Marketing & Sales startups in Ankara, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 58 startups in Ankara, 1 accelerators in Ankara, no coworking spaces in Ankara, no organizations in Ankara and no leaders in Ankara.

Startups in Ankara

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Organizations are investing heavily in IT security products to protect critical assets. However, a by-product of this investment is complex IT security platforms of fragmented security products, creating unforeseen vulnerabilities and additional workload for security admins. Picus’ founders experienced this problem firsthand and built a product that security professionals have found refreshingly holistic. With its unique approach, Picus continuously assesses IT security products and discovers missing security controls before hackers do. Read more
Loop Games is a domestic game studio which develops mobile games. Read more
HOP! is a shared-mobility company providing electric scooter rental services in MENA and Eastern Europe. Read more
Servislet is a full solution SAAS and marketplace provider in the automotive industry. Read more
Thundra provides deep insight into your entire serverless environment. Read more
ikas is a cloud based POS software for retailers. Read more
Waste Collection and City Cleaning Solutions Read more
We developed more than 50 games with educators and families and created a free open source AAC communication tool for nonverbal children in different languages. Read more
Ango AI provides fast training and validation data labeling service for AI teams. Read more
Agrovisio provides accurate, up-to-date, and customized data and accurate forecasts to the agricultural sector's stakeholders. Read more
Kidolog provides support to parents with video or messaging on issues they may need about pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Read more
Bakiyem is a financial technology company which offers online payment solution to all type of sellers in a very low cost. Read more
ihale teknolojileri offers SaaS, e-procurement, business intelligence, and public procurement services. Read more
Panteon is a software company that focuses on developing mobile phone games. Read more
Netvent is a digital marketing agency which was found by a dedicated and motivated team. Digital marketing, especially inbound marketing is a new trend and Netvent is making research and development in the area with the help of know how.Netvent, which has Turkey and U.K. offices and critical international partners, is giving consultancy services to companies who has agressive digital goals. Inbound marketing approach of Netvent is unique strategy which is composed of social media, search engine optimization, digital public relations and content marketing. We would like to create a very well designed and professional roadmap and offer after our first meeting. Read more
Pixofun is a gaming company that designs, developes and publishes games in cross platforms including social (facebook),online, Android, iOS. Our main focus is to create fun with sophisticated and unique social interaction mechanics in order to provide high engagement. Read more
Specializing in semantic technologies, Kimola's services enable companies to improve the usability of the big data by providing search, content enrichment and auto categorization with powerful statistics and analyses. Read more
TeklifimGelsin is a Personalized Financial Marketplace Platform that enables banks to provide personalized offers for banking demands Read more
Startup Buffer is a startup community where new startups are promoted. Read more
We work with you on your mobile application idea. Our team will help you get to market and validate your product faster. End of fun we handing fully-documented code. We believe sharing knowledge with other people that is great way to learn something. iOS and Android Development, Mobile Backend and Scaling, Git are our main workshop topics. Do you want to decide which technology you will use your next project? Let us help you. Read more
Infodif is a Turkish software and security startup which has a disruptive technology in Video Surveillance & Intelligent Video Analytics within R&D and work experiences that it get through decades.These experiences vary on medical,industrial and defense domains on which they achieved many projects.It is now scaling its know-how to product phase which provides them to diffuse their knowledge within their products. Infodif has focus on Video Surveillance and has products like Intelligent Video Analytics, Face Recognition and Car Number Plate Recognition combined on a unique platform. Based in Ankara, TR,Infodif is privately held company.Infodif has partnerships with prominent technology companies and has customers which varies on governmental agencies to international embassies. Within small by quantity but exceptionally talented team of engineers, Infodif gained a competitive edge and they have aimed to disrupt industry for changing conditions of game. Read more
AI-powered Data, Tools and Analytics Platform for Crypto Markets Read more
Cyber Security Risk Management and PCI-DSS Compliance monitoring for Payment Card Industry Read more
GEOSYS Geographic Information Systems develops turnkey IT solutions and services based on geographic information systems and technologies. Read more
Pars Makina makes technical design, analysis and production for renewable and environmentally friendly energy problem solutions. Read more
Realtime Emergency Recognition Technology of Brave New World! Read more
ZipPrime is a biotechnology company that has developed novel technologies for detection and preservation of nucleic acid molecules. Read more
Smart business analytics using existing security cameras ... Read more
Increasing the safety and efficiency of airports via automating all visual inspections with AI-based products. Read more
Cervos Space was founded in 2020 and is Ankara based NewSpace company. Read more
Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Data Visualization, BI, SaaS, Read more
Onlock is a smart lock and its ecosystem that allowing people to control their lock remotely and share with anyone and anywhere. Read more
Imed Surgical is a technology based orthopedics medical device and software developer and manufacturer company. Read more
Green Consult and Finance is a carbon consultancy company which also carries out R&D and Innovation activities for clean-tech projects. Read more
Mikro Biyosistemler is a biomedical microsystems company based in Turkey. Read more
KuartisMED is a biomedical company developing products for the well-being of preterm infants. Read more
Sensgreen is a technology company that provides indoor environmental quality enhancement with plug&play sensors and AI. Read more
NTR is a TV company broadcasting to more than 900 million viewers across 40+ countries in Africa with French and English language Read more
Restearn is a customer loyalty and marketing platform for retail & hospitality industry leaders that value data-driven growth Read more
Marketyo is a retailer's e-commerce solution partner. Read more
ICS Defense develops software and hardware platforms that can be used to detect and prevent the cyber attacks on critical infrastructures. Read more
Digital health platform solution for patients of Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis patients and respiratory health enthusiasts. Read more
Barimeks Blockchain Technologies builds blockchain solutions for cryptocurrency market. Read more
Creworker Neptune is a big scale 3d printer. Build volume size is 390mm x 290mm x 235mm. The big building volume gives you freedom to design, make up-to-scale prototypes and other endless printing possibilities. Complete structure of the Neptune is build with industrial grade aluminum parts and electronics. Using 3d printer is not yet easy to use as standart office printer.But creworker try to make it easy to 3d print for everyone. Thanks to easy connection system creworker 3d printer can print over USB flash or Wireless connection. You can upload and print with your web browser also watch out your print process. Read more
Web sitesi tasarımı ve hazır siteler. Oto galeri sitesi, hazır emlak sitesi, firma tanıtım sitesi. Read more
A social network for who can't publish their writings as book and who want to read e-books little-known. Writers can sell their e-books online and readers pay them. Kitabyte also work to create e-books as .epub format for who want to create their ebook.  Read more
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