The Startup Ecosystem of Addis Ababa

Home to 96% of Ethiopia’s startups, Addis Ababa boasts a vibrant startup ecosystem that is ranked 489 in the world.


In 2022, the startup scene of Addis Ababa shows much promise after advancing in the Global Ecosystem Index by 6 spots.

National Ranking

In Ethiopia

Regional Ranking

In Eastern Africa

Global Ranking

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The Startup Ecosystem in Addis Ababa

Startups in Addis Ababa excel in Transportation, Foodtech, and Energy & and Environment. There are some notable success stories contributing to the city’s growing Transportation industry. One of the most promising startups in Addis Ababa in 2022 is Orbit Health, EthSwitch, and Gebeya.

Global Rank

Addis Ababa is ranked within the top 500 startup ecosystems globally.

Top Industries

Addis Ababa’s startups excel particularly in Transportation where it ranks 168 and in Foodtech, and Energy & Environment. Find out more

Top Cities for Startups in Ethiopia - Ranked by StartupBlink
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Notable Startups in Addis Ababa
Orbit Health startup icon
Orbit Health
EthSwitch startup icon
Gebeya startup icon


Successful Transportation startups in Addis Ababa
Deliver Addis startup icon
Deliver Addis
Ride startup icon
ZayRide startup icon


Startups Ranking by Industry

Transportation icon
#168 worldwide

On our map, you can explore a total of 12 startups for Transportation.

Foodtech icon
#201 worldwide

In Eastern Africa, Addis Ababa's Foodtech is in top 201. Addis Ababa has a concentration of about 0% of the country's total Foodtech startups that are represented on our map.

Energy & Environment icon
Energy & Environment
#220 worldwide

Energy & Environment is ranked 220th in the world. Our database contains 7 startups for this industry.

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Why should you join Addis Ababa's Startup Ecosystem?


Within Addis Ababa there is an increased attraction for entrepreneurs to set up their startups in industries such as Transportation, Foodtech, Energy & Environment. These three industries represent about 56% of the startups represented on the Startup Ecosystem Map of Addis Ababa.


National Rank


Regional Rank


Addis Ababa is Ethiopia's 1st best startup ecosystem and is ranked 4th in Eastern Africa. With a population of 5M - 10M people, Addis Ababa is ranked th in the world. The city boasts some notable startup success stories including Orbit Health.

Startup Infrastructure in Addis Ababa
With a large variety of initiatives, Addis Ababa's startup ecosystem stands out from other cities in Eastern Africa. Addis Ababa offers a number of funding opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups. Below is a list of Addis Ababa's most prominent support initiatives:


Founders Institute startup icon

Founders Institute

FasterCapital startup icon


Startup Factory Ethiopia startup icon

Startup Factory Ethiopia

Coworking Spaces

blueSpace startup icon


X Hub Addis startup icon

X Hub Addis

Addis Garage  - blueMoon startup icon

Addis Garage - blueMoon


Addis Ababa Angels startup icon

Addis Ababa Angels

Gerar - The Creative Hub startup icon

Gerar - The Creative Hub

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