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WeWork Labs Innovative Platform Review

With the increasing number of WeWork locations and members using this world’s famous coworking space brand, WeWork has decided to take a step further and offer entrepreneurs to join a very interesting initiative- WeWork Labs.

Eligible members can join this innovative platform with a slight increase in the regular price of their coworking package. Nevertheless, that should not stop you from enrolling and making the best use of this program because StartupBlink members are entitled to use WeWork cheaper. Our community can now book a free tour and receive up to 15 % discount. For more details, click here.

What is WeWork Labs? 

WeWork Labs is an innovative platform that focuses on connecting entrepreneurs to high-quality members and a vast WeWork network since 2018. Unlike other We Company’s initiatives, Labs is meant solely for early-stage startups and forward-thinking enterprise companies. Such thoughtfully designed spaces are meant to inspire their global community to foster meaningful connections between startups and the educational, mentorship and financial resources necessary to drive their business forward. 

Benefits of joining WeWork Labs 

WeWork Labs platform offers a vast list of benefits to eligible startup founders. Among those, a global mentor network that comprises more than 1,300 professionals and each WeWork lab is operated by a dedicated Labs Manager that serves as a coach and a super-connector for our members. Also, the community aspect shines through this initiative just like in other the We Company programs; WeWork Labs spreads through all the continents and its community can get customized educational programming that meets a member’s personal and professional development needs. On top of that, more than 50 international service providers have partnered with WeWork Labs and now its members are entitled to exclusive benefits and discounts.

What they provide is truly unique as it is the only program that works with entrepreneurs through their entire journey building a startup, from ideation to pre-accelerator to post-accelerator. They have created a program that is open and inclusive to startups of all stages and supports various ecosystems by providing suitable content to maximize each entrepreneur’s learnings and success. 

WeWork Labs is especially relevant for startup founders that are looking for a first-step accelerator. Unlike the regular accelerator program, WeWork labs do not take any equity. Hence, startup founders can avoid committing to the questionable quality accelerator program and only use the mentoring and vast tools to improve their startup and the business idea.

Testimonials from companies that joined WeWork Labs 

Who can give a more accurate review of WeWork Labs than the startup founders who tried it themselves? The list of testimonials is vast and we would like to share some of the projects with you. 


Bowtie is an artificially intelligent receptionist for appointment-based businesses to automatically book and serve their customers.

Since joining the Dumbo Heights WeWork Labs location, they have grown from a team of 3 to a team of 7 and worked with their Labs Manager to focus heavily on ramping up their sales team and revenue growth. We have also introduced them to a handful of investors for their seed round. WeWork Labs continues to support Bowtie’s growth as they engage in acquisition talks with the biggest players in their market.


Civic Eagle is on a mission to improve democracy through technology. This winter, they competed in the Extreme Tech Challenge at the Consumer Electronics Show. They advanced to the finals, which will be held at Richard Branson’s Necker Island this spring. 

Since joining  WeWork Labs, Civic Eagle has been backed by investors like Backstage Capital and been accepted to TechStars Anywhere, a virtual accelerator program. This past month, co-founder Yemi’s story was profiled in WeWork’s Creator Magazine.


Lucky Iron Fish is a Canadian social enterprise dedicated to solving iron deficiency and anemia in developing countries. The fish is a small iron cooking tool that infuses any meal with a healthy amount of natural iron. For every fish sold in the US and Canada, Lucky Iron Fish deploys one in developing countries across the world.

Founder Gavin Armstrong took home $25,000 at this year’s WeWork Labs 1 Year Anniversary Pitch Competition.

WeWork also created an amazing video that profiled Lucky Iron Fish across their social media channels for National Innovation Day. This marketing mention directly led to a 40% increase in sales (year-over-year) and a 20% jump in the social following on all Lucky Iron Fish media accounts.

StartupBlink has also witnessed its effectiveness

StartupBlink has also had a chance to work in the WeWork Labs already and noticed how robust its network of entrepreneurs is. In only a few months of working there, we managed to close a big partnership deal that started from a cup of coffee. Unlike regular WeWork coworking spaces, WeWork Labs gather only entrepreneurs and startup founders which makes it easier for professionals to meet potential co-founders, partners, and sign contracts. 

WeWork Labs locations 

At the moment, WeWork Labs are not available in all WeWork coworking locations but rather in specific are available in over 50 locations in 32 cities and 15 countries:

South America: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte), Mexico (Mexico City)

North America: Canada (Toronto), United States (New York, Seattle, Durham, Houston, Washington, Dallas, Denver, Brooklyn, San Mateo, San Jose, Minneapolis, Portland)

Asia: Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), China (Shanghai, Hangzhou), India (Gurugram, East Mumbai, Bengaluru), South Korea (Seoul), Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Bangkok)

Africa: South Africa (Johannesburg)

Europe: Czech Republic (Prague), France (Paris), Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Koln), Ireland (Dublin), Poland (Warsaw), Spain (Granada), Sweden (Stockholm), United Kingdom (Edinburgh, London, Manchester), Israel (Tel Aviv, Haifa)

By joining WeWork coworking club you are already increasing your chances of meeting relevant people that could assist in turning your idea into reality. However, WeWork Labs offer you a more business-related network that comprises of thousands of decision-makers that are ready to mentor you. It is not enough to use WeWork coworking spaces to enroll in the program, you have to be either an entrepreneur or a startup founder. This way, WeWork Labs can ensure that every member is contributing to the principal idea behind WeWork Labs, to empower founders.

Do not forget that StartupBlink community can now use WeWork cheaper! Just book a free tour and receive up to 15 % discount for any WeWork location around the world. For more details, click here.