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Tools & Tips: Wrike’s Project Management Platform

Wrike’s Project Management Platform

Managing projects can be tricky, especially in the startup world.  Our day to day meetings, tasks, calls, emails, and shifting priorities can make it difficult to keep track of important objectives.  Thankfully, an innovative platform is tackling some of these problems.  Wrike provides online project management tools that enable teams to increase collaboration while simplifying the planning process – less headaches and more productivity.

Wrike is not another glorified task list cluttered with non-descript icons and disorganized priorities.  Importantly, the platform provides unique resources for different needs and specialties.  Business operations teams, marketing teams, and product development teams can all customize Wrike software to fit the demands of their collaborative environment.  Team members are able to quickly navigate through an easy to use dashboard denoting whether a task is in progress or completed.  Project requests can be assigned to individual team members, given a priority ranking, deadline, and proposed deliverables – no miscommunications!

Wrike’s Project Management Platform

Flexible Fit

One of Wrike’s most attractive qualities is its versatility.  Let’s face it, as startups or already well-established enterprises, we’ve collected a fair number of platforms, passwords, and accounts along the road to success.  Oftentimes we can become confused as new login information is created and more people are added to a team.  Wrike will not exaggerate this confusion.  Instead, it’s platform allows teams to integrate Google, Salesforce, Adobe, GitHub, MS Project, and many more.  For teams traveling between co-working spaces or managers who are frequently on the road, Wrike’s mobile apps for Android and iOS make it seamless to hop online and view progress with real-time visual updates.

Wrike’s Project Management Platform

Over 12,000 organizations and 2 million users have subscribed to Wrike.   Popular customers include AirBnb, Fridays, Brief Media, Stitch Fix, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  What I want so to stress here, is that Wrike is not made for a specific organization, and its benefits are not restricted to small or large teams.  Companies and nonprofits of all sizes and missions use Wrike to accomplish their objectives, streamline priorities, and improve organizational culture.  Importantly, this diversity is also reflected in pricing options that give all teams affordable options to sign up.  A free version is offered for those who want to get a taste of what Wrike offers, and paid plans start at $9.80 a month.

Current Customers

Testimony from a current customer, Umpqua Bank, highlights how Wrike helps its creative teams work closely with business teams on customer experiences, an important part of the bank’s values and approach to business.  Additionally, Wrike took visibility further by allowing companies to collaborate with vendors on early stages of project development.  “One big advantage of Wrike that has improved overall quality of work and communication is the ability for vendors to view jobs in the early stages.”  As project managers, engaging vendors in early stages of ideation and iteration can help ensure greater synergy and success as a project develops.  In this way, Wrike helps prevent potential misunderstandings and delays.

Wrike has also served as the primary organizational platform for the City of Reno’s Strategic Initiatives Manager and Community Liaison.  City government can be quite complex and projects need support from a wide array of departments to ensure success.  Wrike helps organizations break through traditional divides that hamper creativity and engage a variety of stakeholders to improve institutional capabilities.

Many of us are currently working to successfully gain traction and scale our business concepts.  Airbnb used Wrike to do just that when it crafted its new “experiences” division.  Wrike allowed the company’s Creative Production Manager to integrate key tools such as Salesforce, while also breaking the project down into key components.  Wrike provides an easy solution to common scalability challenges.  Teams can focus on pushing towards objectives rather than constantly organizing and reorganizing difficult to access data.

Manage to Win

Wrike truly offers a resource rich environment.  It’s software platform is great for experienced teams but, importantly, the company also offers educational materials for personal and professional development.  Free ebooks, blogs, and case studies can be found via their website.  The published topics are varied and include discussions on productivity, marketing, and management.  Developmental tools can be an essential aspect of any startup’s success.  They allow team members to gain new skills and address critical knowledge gaps.  Wrike not only provides exceptional software, they’ve crafted a community focused on effective project management.

Putting in months of creative effort to see a project fail because a lack of managerial efficiency hurts.  Resources end up wasted, morale is spent, and teams are left wondering what went wrong.  Simply put, Wrike allows you to avoid these situations and focus on your team’s capabilities and accomplishments.

Happy managing!