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In July 2021, the final version of the 2020 Coronavirus Innovation Ranking was published. The ranking is compiled by the international research organization StartupBlink based on data from the Global Map of Coronavirus Innovations. We are celebrating 40 countries and 100 cities that lead the innovation against COVID-19. The coronavirus innovation map is available to exploreat

San Francisco Bay Area got the 1st position as this city has the biggest number of startups and solutions led by the Slack remote work program and the Verily artificial intelligence screening system. New York City, ranked 2nd, is best represented in the category of grants and support programs for scientists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs – it has 13 solutions out of 48. The champion solution from New York is Peloton, which is available on-demand, to continue to add new, pre-recorded content to bring the best workouts possible during the pandemic. Moscow with dozens of innovative solutions is ranked in the 3rd position. Its “champion” solution is the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine which has proved its particularly high effectiveness and accessibility, it is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe and could save many lives also in the developing countries.

The following places in the top 5 were distributed as follows: 4th – Boston, 5th – Toronto.

The Global Coronavirus Innovation Map was launched in March 2020, with organizations as the Health Innovation Exchange by UNAIDS and more than a dozen local governments. Since, more than 1,000 solutions have been added to the map, more than 100 thousand users from 110 countries have used the map, including representatives of more than dozens of healthcare ministries around the world. 

The first trial version of the Coronavirus Innovation Ranking was published in April 2020 and analytical reports on the ranking and the key ecosystems have since been released summarising the findings. The ranking algorithm takes into account the number and type of innovation in the fight against coronavirus in the analyzed cities and countries, and also awards additional points for selected outstanding initiatives, designated as “champions”. All solutions are pre-moderated and selected by experts according to the criteria of quality and reliability of information.