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Team Extension helps startups hire dedicated developers from East Europe

The past two decades have seen a tech boom with money flowing from investors for so many innovative apps and products. With the advent of so many technology companies and startups, hiring reliable committed developers has become a challenge. Team Extension is a platform that tackles this problem by providing dedicated developers, engineers, programmers, coders, and consultants in Eastern Europe. Trusted by both Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, they already have a team of more than 40 and counting.

The Brainchild

CEO Moe Jame explains, “After trying outsourcing and hiring freelancers, we faced issues like them leaving us in the middle of a critical project, we decided to start off our near shoring and offshoring company in Romania. Having experienced the pain of continuous recruitment, we offer on-site development facility being overseen daily by us.” Team Extension provides developer talent to work for clients located globally with no complications of freelancers or remote workers. The developers work in their office in a reliable work environment, making the clients feel secure about their code and ethics.

Bridging the gap between companies and talent pool, Team Extension however doesn’t serve as an intermediary like other players in the same market. They take up projects from clients and oversee end-to-end on the ground with their team of talented developers. The biggest motivation for Team Extension is the validation they receive from the clients regularly who love this idea of being able to hire dedicated developers hassle-free.

Current gaps in talent pool and opportunities

Currently, most companies globally are facing shortage of tech talent. And developer costs are the highest for tech startups. Hiring freelancers and remote workers is not a solution for all. Sites like Upwork and Toptal have no dearth of freelancers however companies face some issues while working with them. Firstly, there is always the issue of data security with such workers apart from project management of remote work assignments. Most companies still have to ensure they perform a thorough QA process once the tech freelancer submits deliverables.

Team Extension looks like a great solution since it also provides on-site developers to work at the client sites to help eliminate the above unpredictability. With offices in USA and Romania, they have developers working full time under reliable office settings for their clients so that the client data remains safe and secure. Eastern Europe is emerging as a global hub offering a high value proposition for superior talent at affordable rates, hence Team Extension taps into the right talent pool.

Way Forward

Team Extension is geared up with massive expansion plans for the next 18 months. CEO Moe Jame, a Swiss entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in tech, informs us that the company has grown a staggering 200% in the last 2 years. With demand for highly skilled talent increasing globally, there is a major shortage of resources to compliment that. Team Extension solves many such issues and already has 7 offices globally. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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