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5 Tactics To Attract Top Talent

5 Tactics To Attract Top Talent

In the startup world, one of the toughest things to do is to hire efficiently. So many job seekers are willing to blatantly lie about a basic skill in order to get a job. It could take weeks after they are hired to figure this out – a major waste of time and money if the skill required is essential to their job. Startups often do not have the time to go through multiple rounds of hiring while working hard to become profitable. Investors often want to see progress in terms of numbers rather than progress in processes. The following are five tactics that will help attract top talent.

Pay More Than Anyone Else

If you want top talent, you are going to have to pay for it. A great web developer that works at incredible speeds without mistakes should be paid for their good work. People want to be valued for the jobs they do and want to be compensated if they are better at it than their peers. Intern programs can make it easier to figure out who is worth doling out a big salary for and who can call the company for a reference when looking for full-time employment. In skill sectors with a small talent pool you might have to pay more, in sectors with an abundance of talent salaries may be negotiated down.

Don’t Underestimate Perks

The millennial generation loves perks.  Attractive perks could include a happy hour where at 4 pm everyone can grab beers or free energy drinks in the break room. People want to be comfortable where they work and genuinely happy about coming in on a daily basis. Paying for a company softball league where the company provides a keg weekly is another perk that could draw some top talent. The work hard and play hard mantra is becoming more and more popular so don’t undervalue this.

Benefits Help Everyone

The way health insurance is going to work over the next decade is a mystery.  Some politicians want to modify the ACA while others want to completely abolish it. Paying for the insurance or subsidizing insurance for your employees can help attract talent. Adding things like vision and dental might seem a bit overboard, but people value this as much as salary in some cases. The truth is, getting insurance is a nightmare but using a company plan is much easier as you can just ask HR where you are covered.

Have a Clear Career Path

Startups suffer when a talented individual leaves the company.  Especially if it is because the former employee felt they didn’t have a clear future with the organization.  In many cases, former startup employees have decided to leave a company because they had no idea where their career was heading, and it has not been mapped out or discussed. Doing research on a candidate is as important as the candidate looking up proper cover letter templates to make sure their resume looks professional. Although startups may not be able to offer a career path during early stages of development, they can offer stock options and other benefits to help convince talented individuals to stay.

Just Let Them Work From Home!

The ability to work from home allows employees quite a bit of freedom as they can work from nearly anywhere with an internet connection. Allowing staff to work from home twice a week is a great perk, but it is also important to make sure productivity does not go down. Plenty of jobs don’t require” in-office” work as they’re many ways to meet virtually. Keep these days in the middles of the week as you might deal with hungover workers on Mondays or Fridays if you give these as days to work from home.

Attracting top level talent is easy.  Simply make your company the place talented individuals want to work.  People want to enjoy going to work or at least not dread it on a daily basis. That should not be hard regardless of the industry you are in.