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Startup influencers and leaders can often be the driving force of a startup ecosystem. We are great believers of startup success stories and the psychological influence that it has on the ecosystem. To help create these success cases and share them, there must be individuals working on the development of the ecosystem and connecting part between its players. 

Such individuals, often called influencers are people who have unique importance on the startup ecosystem on the grounds of their work, personal projects or interpersonal skills. Leaders are responsible for creating opportunities for people to meet and connect. With an increasing interest in startup ecosystems due to global success stories, we have noticed a growing number of individuals that want to lead local ecosystems. 

Having in mind that taking on the leader’s role is a tough process for the ones without any prior knowledge, we have created City Partnership program that provides numerous tools for successful startup ecosystem leading. Also, this program helps us to scout individuals and projects that want to increase their visibility as the leader of the local startup ecosystem globally. Other than that, it helps us to decide whom to nominate as regional startup partners.   

Every Regional leader who grew beyond the level of his regional ecosystem, has the potential to become a Global leader (Global influencer) and be visible and important on the global level. Their mark is so extraordinary that they also make an impact on the startup ecosystem rankings around the world. Such influencers are either known for their projects (like Jeffrey Preston Bezos who founded Amazon) or their impactful ideas that shaped ecosystems. One thing that is relevant for both types of Global influencers is that they physically or psychologically build something substantial that influence lots of minds. 

Currently, StartupBlink map has one hundred specific leaders from all around the world. There is a mix of people that are in charge of giant companies and solo entrepreneurs that had a positive effect on the startup ecosystem players with their ideas. Every year, we update the list of leaders in preparation for our Report as some of the influencers become less relevant or someone makes a significant jump into the startup ecosystem world during the year. 

Curious to know who are the current startup ecosystem influencers? The full list is waiting for you here. Click on the top button of “Leaders” and then feel free to choose between “All Influencers”, “Global Influencers”, “Regional Influencers” and “Community Leaders”.

So, how do we choose our influencers? We look for one or more of the following items:

  • Mentorship value- either by a person or via a publishing tool ( e.g a blog)- do they share, inspire and guide others with relevant feedback?
  • Their contribution to making the startup ecosystem grow- organize events, mentoring, etc.
  • Success and proven track record – did they reach success with their startup
  • Geography- it is easier to join the list if no influencer exists in the area
  • Global or regional- we check the relevant sphere of influence of each influencer and decide if they are a global influencer ( making an impact in more than their current location) or a regional one focusing on their home city or country.
  • Interaction with Startupblink- helping us spread the word and giving us feedback on how to improve

In addition, we strongly believe that locations that nurtured global startup ecosystem leaders should receive a well-deserved boost in the rankings. This indicates that the location has favourable conditions and unique characteristics to create such influencers. 

Do you think we have missed someone on the global level? If so, please let us know about such global influencers. We would love to know more about them and continue filling up our list with relevant people who deserve being noticed and followed.