September’s 2018 Featured Hardware & IoT startups by StartupBlink

September’s 2018 Featured Hardware & IoT startups by StartupBlink

Being committed to promoting the StartupBlink Hardware and IoT community, we feature every month the innovative Hardware and IoT startups that shared their story, their vision, their trials and successes with us. This month, we present the amazing hardware and IoT startups which are bringing the future one step closer to our everyday life through their innovations in the fields of Healthcare Wearables, Consumer Electronics, Bio-responsive Games, Remote Monitoring of Animals, Robotics and Real-time Voice Communications.

Through our regular Online Pitching Events for Hardware & IoT Startups we give the opportunity to ambitious and brave entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a wide audience of hardware enthusiasts, investors and mentors, receive feedback and expand their network and increase their exposure.

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Let’s get to know better the inventive Hardware & IoT startups of September 2018!

Aurox GmbH

Can a personal health οrdeal bring forth an innovative hardware idea? Of course it can. Christoph Schöggler from Graz, Austria went through a painful outer ear infection that brought him to a physician who examined his ear with an otoscope. The cold front piece of the otoscope gave Christoph a comforting feeling of numbing to the aching ear canal and slightly eased the pain. This was the moment when Christoph conceived the idea of medical wearable products that will relieve discomfort by applying thermoelectric cooling to aching body parts and improve the wellbeing of thousands of people.

Aurox currently focuses on the development of novel wearables that apply precision cooling and envisions that through their devices, the wellbeing of millions of people can be improved. The advantage of the devices is that they are portable and can be used instantly, anywhere, to offer pain relief. Conditions such as fever, weather sensitivity or chronic pain can be relieved, improving in many ways the user’s quality of life.

The challenge of implementing a solution on how to dissipate heat the best possible way was a tough and very time consuming one for the Aurox research team. The team had to solve thermal management problems that no one has solved before (heat convection, thermoelectric power consumption, weight, etc.) but they can proudly say that after two years of R&D, they are the very first ones who have offered a solution to these complex thermal management problems with a specific aluminum alloy.

Christopher experienced his most overwhelming moment when he first felt the body cooling effect of the first completely working prototype. It was this profound moment that rendered all the past hard work and perseverance worthwhile and swept away any fears and doubts.

Tersa Inc.

For Adam Miller from Fort Collins in Colorado, inspiration for his pioneering product, came from a familiar place we all have found ourselves in: having to wait for long, bulky laundry cycles & having to iron our clothes! He wanted something that would dewrinkle & refresh garments in just 10 minutes – hands free. And the Tersa team, did just that! They offered to the world the Tersa Steam, the first fully automated, wall-mounted garment steamer.

Tersa’s vision is to change traditional clothing care methods by providing users with an easy to use, hands free, eco-friendly way to supplement existing clothing care. The startup’s team especially believes they can have a larger impact in hotels & similar commercial properties.

For Tersa, the biggest challenge has been and continues to be one of the actual development of a hardware product this size. Hardware is hard – especially when dealing with a wall mounted appliance. While we have identified a unique go-to-market strategy and have captured great interest both for hotels & home users – we have struggled to get the product to a place where we can scale production. The sweet rewarding taste of success came for the Tesla team when when they received the production sample units, had them fully assembled and were able to actually refresh some of their own garments!


Trevor Stricker from Boston, Massachusetts shared with us his inspirational vision and story of developing digital therapy video games designed to teach children emotional control. Trevor’s inspiration for his bio-responsive games was ignited though a clinical study contacted by Dr. Jason Kahri who started researching ways for children to build emotional regulation through play in the 2000s. For Trevor, who had been making video games for 20 years, this was an amazing opportunity to use games to make the world a better place. Knowing that 20% of children in the west suffer from some issue related to emotional regulation such as anxiety, outbursts, ADHD, he envisioned his startup offering a life changing treatment.

Mightier’s bioresponsive games help kids 6-14 build skills to better manage their emotions with just 45 minutes per week. Kids wear a Mighty Band heart rate monitor that controls game difficulty. They learn skills to stay focused and in control to succeed in the games. The company provides expert coaches to guide parents through every step.

Mightier’s product took 7 years in development but the rewards were profound. The most unforgettable and moment for Trevor was when a father broke down in tears of gratitude describing how his child has improved and family life progressed thanks to Mightier. This kind of inner moral rewards are the ones that supply him with strength and perseverance to fight against his biggest entrepreneurial challenge until now: convincing people that the company is legitimate. It has always been this way though. Bold claims for alternative ways to improve health and wellbeing are often met with resistance but the pioneering spirit of a hardware and IoT innovator with a vision, can and often does win.

Ivan Melekhin from Moscow, Russia is one of those lucky people who have an animal friend, a horse. That’s where his journey began. Ivan’s overall goal for his project is to form a community for the development of open architecture and algorithms for a horse remote monitoring system.

The system consists of a wearable sensor, data transport infrastructure, machine-learning based back-end and web or mobile-based apps and allow the user to monitor the horse’s physical activity such as walking, running, resting, sleeping, eating. The system at the same time registers vital health parameters such temperature, heart and breath rates. Ivan believes, that when we will collect the significant amount of data from various horses we will be able using community efforts to develop algorithms not only to monitor the animal in real time but to detect health conditions such as colic or lameness.

For this hardware and IoT entrepreneur, it’s important that humanity focuses on developing technologies aiming not only to improve our lives but the lives or our animal friends too. “First of all it’s fun and cool to know what your horse is doing right now even if you are on another side of the globe. Second, It’s very rare that you have access to 24×7 veterinarian monitoring. So if we will learn to detect an anomaly in behaviour on the automatic basis we will save a lot of horses lives and owners money”.

Ivan’s startup has participated in Berlin’s IoT Tech Expo 2017 where he received valuable inspiration, ideas and he established a strong belief in the IoT technologies for a better future.


MontyCafe is a product of a robotics professionals team consisting GBL Robotics. Some of the company’s projects are a Robot Sales Consultant, a Telepresence Robot, a Promo Robot for events and a Delivery Platform for stores. It’s not difficult to identify the team’s commitment to the Robots Evolution. MontyCafe, the startup’s latest creation, is the first robotic cafe as a franchise. It serves coffee, drinks, candies and much more. You may watch the robotic barista in action in it’s own youtube channel. MontyCafe has already been tested in two events: a promotion in a shopping mall and in the open air Afisha Picnic in Moscow, an one-day outdoor festival with 30000 visitors receiving enthusiastic responses from the public.

Currently the startup is the process of concluding an agreement with a shopping mall in Moscow, to set up the first kiosk, and they have already signed agreements to install MontyCafe in Kuwait, Dubai and Singapore scheduled for shipment within the next couple months.

As the team’s representative Pavel Zhdanov from Moscow, Russia told us, the company is very optimistic about the commercial success of MontyCafe as they offer the solution inclusive of Kiosk, Robot and System just for 15000 Euro + beverages equipment.

We would like to thank these inspirational startups for taking the time out their busy schedules to share their projects with the StartupBlink’s audience and wish them the very best for their endeavours. If you are a hardware or IoT startup looking to pitch your idea for our next event, please sign up here. For each event, we select 5 of the most interesting startups. Sign up soon to reserve your spot.