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Rankfull: Democratizing Employment

Learn more about Rankfull's innovative approach to employer reviews and job searches.
Rankfull – “What it’s like to work where.”

You don’t need this blog post to tell you corporate structures can be manipulative, damaging, and misleading.  Alternatively, employers have also found themselves on the receiving end of disparaging public comments from disgruntled employees.  In both cases, clarity is lacking.  Rankfull, a startup out of Portland, Oregon is working hard to ensure that job applicants and employers have an even playing field for feedback and workplace reviews.  CEO Kristine Campbell’s company offers employees and human resource practitioners the ability to engage on a verified and anonymous platform. Rankfull is an exciting addition to StartupBlink’s new, City Partnership Program program, which focuses on highlighting innovative new companies and giving them the attention they deserve!

Rankfull’s Edge

Completing Rankfull’s employer review survey is like chatting with a straight-talking friend.  It asks the questions that strike at the heart of the matter at hand. “Would you want your loved ones to work for this company?” By relying on such personal questions, Rankfull helps highlight important distinctions in employee satisfaction.  Moreover, the survey’s questions take a no frills approach to management evaluation. With prompts like, “Keep or fire the CEO?” there is little room for ambiguity.  Rankfull acts as a clarifying agent for evolving employee roles and relationships.

Clarity is not the only selling point Rankfull has to offer though.  In addition to insightful, verified employer and employee reviews, Campbell’s platform is also preparing to make waves in the job search market.  Rankfull uses the employer reviews it aggregates to produce rankings and ratings of different employers across the United States. Users can opt to search for a job or list a job based on geographic locations and specific employment categories.

Combining the utility of a job search engine with the value of an employer review platform allows for more comprehensive and informed job searches. “Rankfull will change the way employers work with their employees,” explains Campbell. “Employees will be in charge of their careers again, instead of at the mercy of unhealthy corporate cultures and bad managers.”

Importantly, Rankfull’s employer reviews are kept to strict yes or no questions or quantitative rankings.  Comments are not allowed. Employees are also verified via their LinkedIn profile to ensure surveys are completed by legitimate employees instead of internet trolls.  Campbell distinguishes Rankfull from other employer review sites, like Glassdoor, and explains that oftentimes review companies only require an email to register. Not verifying employment details leaves companies and other employees open to criticism by potential trolls or competitors.

Looking Towards the Future

Rankfull is experiencing a great deal of early success.  Its website has received coverage from influential organizations such as Geekwire, TechFestNW, and Collision Conference. Campbell also participated in  Geekwire’s “elevator pitch” program.  A platform that challenges entrepreneurs to pitch their business idea in the time it takes to ride the elevator to the top of Seattle’s Space Needle (an estimated journey of 43 seconds).  

Rankfull is continuing to attract publicity and users.  Therefore, Campbell is looking for additional team members and a co-founder to help her manage the business’ growing reach.  For potential employees, perhaps it would be important to mention that Campbell has gained inspiration from role models such as Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey, hardworking figures who quietly broke the mold and changed the world.  If you’d like to do the same, make sure to check Rankfull out!

Rankfull’s Contribution

Searching for a new job is difficult.  Reviewing an employer is intimidating. Receiving false criticism is frustrating.  Rankfull’s platform provides meaningful contributions to addressing each of these challenges.  Additionally, Campbell has pledged 10% of the company’s profits to charities working to empower marginalized or underrepresented individuals in technology, retrain workers, and support women and girls.  Rankfull is improving how employees find jobs, review employers, and subsequently how they are hired and treated. It is an admirable goal and we look forward to following their progress.