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Porque Digital: The Future is Now!

Porque Digital - The Future is Now

Covering a startup at its exact moment of inception is an exciting privilege.  It provides insight into the early beginnings of creativity, passion, and burgeoning business success. Porque Digital recently made its debut on the global digital media marketing stage in autumn 2017.  StartupBlink congratulates the Porque Digital team, and Founder, Aldo Castro, on their new company.   We’d also like to welcome them to the StartupBlink Traction Membership Program!


Porque Digital’s headquarters is in Medellin, Colombia, one of South America’s top-ranked and rapidly growing innovation hubs.  As Aldo likes to say, “the future is now.” Providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises is his strategy for success.  Aldo believes this is an ideal market because the services Porque Digital provides were previously unavailable to small business owners.  Importantly, the Porque Digital team delivers the complete package: curated campaigns based on their clients’ business goals, market position, competitor strategies, and internal capabilities.  

Aldo explains: “Today’s consumer is looking for relevant personalized content that provides value before buying and sharing their experience.”  Therefore, he and his team utilize social media strategies and video production to attract customers that fit their client’s needs.  Aldo distinguishes between campaigns that attract a variety of semi-interested customers and campaigns that attract customers who are most likely to purchase his clients’ products.  By focusing on clients’ unique capabilities and advantages, Aldo explains he is better able to “target the right customers and deliver the desired value by increasing sales funnel activity.”

Future Opportunities

Porque Digital offers services in both English and Spanish.  Importantly, in addition to its headquarters in Medellin, the company also has offices in Colombia’s capital, Bogota, and Houston, Texas.  As one of the United States’ largest corporate hubs, Houston is a great strategic location.  Carefully focusing its geographic influence will help Porque attract new customers and achieve an increasingly global reach.

The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly.  Money spent on global digital advertising campaigns is expected to reach 335.48 billion USD by 2020, roughly double 2015 figures.  With a strong focus on internationalization and quality service, Porque Digital stands to benefit greatly from this trend. Mr. Castro’s past experience as an MBA graduate and background in international finance could prove invaluable as the company expands.