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The startup ecosystem is a rapidly and constantly evolving and changing environment. With this high pace, it is not easy to always keep up with it and understand where the different actors are coming from. Opportunities come and go on a daily basis and might decide about the fate of your own idea or business. The only way to really be proactive is to continuously analyze the local and the international startup ecosystems and thus increasing the own odds for success. As this would practically already take a whole team of people working on it fulltime by itself, entrepreneurs are in a particularly difficult position. And yet it is exactly those entrepreneurs who the whole startup ecosystem eventually depends on. So let’s take a look at the startup ecosystem step by step.

What does startup ecosystem mean?

A startup ecosystem’s ultimate goal is to nurture the creation of new startup companies and is made up of particularly three types of actors: the entrepreneurs, their startups, and all organizations providing some value for the system. The latters are in particular universities, funding organizations, support organizations, research organizations, service provider organizations and large corporations. (see Startup Commons for more information).  Continue reading Understanding the startup ecosystem by StartupBlink.com

The way we vision startupblink to change the startup ecosystem


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We started StartupBlink because we felt that something was missing in the ecosystem. Founding a startup is a lonely endeavor, and it seems to us that startups are mainly focused on what they do, and only come to surface when they need something ( e.g. investor or employees). We want to create a community that is oriented into cooperation, sharing information and mutual accountability. Continue reading The way we vision startupblink to change the startup ecosystem

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