Paris Startup Ecosystem

Paris Startup Ecosystem

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Introduction to Paris’ startup ecosystem

France is seldom thought of as a hotbed for startup innovation. Some of the problems cited by entrepreneurs and investors include high taxes, language barrier and aversion to risk.

However, startups and innovation are gradually becoming an important element of France’s business coverage.  In StartupBlink’s 2019 report, Paris ranked 1st in France and 12th globally. Continue reading Paris Startup Ecosystem

Hyderabad Startup Ecosystem


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An introduction to the startup ecosystem:

Hyderabad, a city in the South of India, is known for its biryani, pearls and heritage. In recent times, it is being talked about for a new reason. It is the wave of entrepreneurship that has hit the city in the last few years.

India is the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem and Hyderabad did not want to be left behind. The city is a thriving hotspot for information technology (IT) startups with several of them making it big! Such is the euphoria that graduate students no longer want to pick up a well-paying job but prefer to start up.  In StartupBlink’s 2019 report, Hyderabad is ranked 5th in India and 75th globally. Continue reading Hyderabad Startup Ecosystem

Mumbai Startup Ecosystem


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Mumbai – The city with growing startups

With a growing number of startups being created in India each year, the country is bustling with more startup energy than ever. And playing a very important role in India’s burgeoning startup scene is its financial capital – the city of Mumbai.

“While Bangalore had taken early lead in the Indian startup story, a lot of entrepreneurs from the leading institutions in the area, as well as already established product companies have chosen Mumbai as their launchpad city, and more and more are continuing to do so,” says Sasha Mirchandani, founder of Kae Capital and co-founder of Mumbai Angels.  In StartupBlink’s 2019 report, Mumbai is ranked 3rd in India and 29th globally. Continue reading Mumbai Startup Ecosystem

Belgrade Startup Ecosystem

Belgrade Startup Ecosystem

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An introduction

It is amazing to look at the development of the startup system in Serbia, and in Belgrade, in general. Few years ago, there were only a handful of startups that were trying to kickstart innovation and create a system that would enable future startups to have an easier time when launching their own idea. Most of the people the ecosystem comprised of were freelancers working for companies that outsourced work to the Eastern countries due to cheaper prices.  In StartupBlink’s 2019 report, Belgrade is ranked 1st in Serbia and 115th globally.  Continue reading Belgrade Startup Ecosystem

London Startup Ecosystem

London Startup Ecosystem

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Introduction to the Ecosystem

London startup ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Dopplr, TweetDeck, Fotango, Songkick were some of the first successes of the city and currently it houses over 1000 startups.

London provides startups an opportunity to tap into markets that have already been saturated in the U.S. and expand globally. The government has also taken a keen interest in developing London’s startup ecosystem with the establishment of Tech City in East London.  In StartupBlink’s 2019 report, London is ranked 1st in the United Kingdom and 3rd globally. Continue reading London Startup Ecosystem

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