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Moscow’s most promising solutions in 2022

Moscow presented the main promising solutions for international partners

Computer vision algorithms based on artificial intelligence helped Moscow radiologists analyze more than three million examinations. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence services into the unified radiological information service of the Unified Medical Information and Analytical System (EMIAS), the time to describe the examination has also been reduced – by an average of 30 percent. In emergency cases, the time from sending images to the system to receiving the radiologist’s report is a matter of minutes. This makes it possible to diagnose and help the patient quickly. The solutions are integrated into the digital health platform developed by the Moscow social development complex and Moscow DIT. Among the advanced solutions for AI-based image analysis are Botkin AI and Third Opinion AI solutions.

Artificial Intelligence based analytics was also used for making strategic decisions: for example, NtechLab ANTI-COVID AI video analytics service (NtechLab ANTI-COVID AI video analytics system) enabled constant monitoring of the level of congestion in public spaces and city transport system, as well as residents’ compliance with measures for protection against pandemic. The monitoring data was used to make management decisions, adjusting measures to combat the pandemic. 

Of particular importance during the pandemic were digital platforms that ensured rapid communication and data exchange among all participants in the health system. The work of the system – a cloud platform connecting patients, doctors, clinics, medical organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and lead generators – was especially noted.

Prompt access to medical services in conditions of epidemiological restrictions was provided by telemedicine platforms, including DocDoc, SmartMed, and the “Online Doctor” service by Mobile Medical Technologies (Online Doctor by MMT). Startups such as Checkme provided convenient solutions for self-diagnosis and doctor’s appointments, and home delivery of test kits made it possible to quickly diagnose a disease. Such a service was implemented, in particular, by Yandex (Yandex Home Test Kit Delivery Service), and test kits were provided by companies such as DNA Technology In Vitro Test Kits. 

A wide range of new services were presented by online educational platforms such as Akademika and 4Brain.