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MioSalon brings innovative Salon and Spa Software to USA

The salon and spa market is recently on a trend of high growth. In general, the health and wellness industry is helping people relax and heal and at the same time feel beautiful. The salon and spa industry will reach USD 190.81 billion by 2024 as per a report. With increasing demand for such services, most salon and spa operators and owners are looking to standardize their systems to provide better services to their customers. MioSalon is one such software looking to revolutionize and automate salon and spa processes.

Salon and spa software help the operators run their daily operations smoothly. The software helps them schedule and manage appointments, bookings and even help in marketing activities like reaching out to past and current customers with offers and discounts. Additionally, it also helps in keeping track of all financial transactions, inventory management and assists in staff performance management as well. It is an all in one tool that assists the owners and staff to effective run and operate a salon and spa business without fragmenting its processes.

Current market scenario for salon and spa software

Most software products in this industry are expensive and cater to larger business chains and brands. These businesses are the only ones that are able to afford full suite of features. And most small salons and individual stylists cannot afford these tools and end up at times working in a fragmented manner. In a market that comprises of 80% of smaller chains and salons, there are very few good software solutions to assist in salon and spa management. MioSalon focuses specifically in providing a great solution to all types and sizes of businesses.

Another issue is that, most of these software tools base their pricing on features and small businesses have to then select lesser features to manage their operations and client base. This makes it more difficult for smaller businesses because on the contrary they have much higher need of having an extensive suite of software so that they can expand their business.

For as late as 2015, there were no standard software products in market catering to salon and spa management. Currently the big players in market are Mindbody, Zenoti, Get Timely, Booker, etc. Although great products, they are very expensive.

MioSalon and the way forward

To solve some of the problems mentioned above, MioSalon specifically has a unique pricing model where it provides a full suite to all its users but charges as per the number of users. This serves well for smaller businesses that can expect to receive all product benefits but pay as per the number of people using it. Within 2 years of operation, they have manages to acquire 1500 salons and spa across 10 countries like India, USA, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Lebanon, South Africa, etc. With a global target audience, their team works out of USA and India to support globally.

Currently bootstrapped, their main challenge is to increase their customer base globally. They are also heavily targeting USA customers. While there are a few big players in the market, MioSalon plans to gain market share by offering a unique pricing model where in all their customers get the full suite of features and the pricing is based as per number of users. Salon and spa software is a niche industry but at the same time it is growing aggressively. With more and more people using such services and more salons and spas sprouting globally, it sure is a lucrative niche to be a part of.

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