How do we choose the startup influencers

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Who are the influencers? They are not the richest or most successful people in the ecosystem- they are simply the people that push for the growth of the startup ecosystem, either globally or in their region ( country/ city)

We believe every startup needs mentors, and the influencers we choose are those we recommend to follow and connect to if possible. 

The list updates monthly ( we add and delete influencers)

So, how do we choose our influencers? We look for one or more of the following items:

  • Mentorship value- either by person or via a publishing tool ( e.g a blog)- do they share, inspire and guide others with relevant feedback?
  • Their contribution to making the startup ecosystem grow- organize events, mentoring etc.
  • Success and proven track record – did they reach success with their startup
  • Geography- it is easier to join the list if no influencer exists in the area
  • Global or regional- we check the relevant sphere of influence of each influencer and decide if they are a global influencer ( making impact in more than their current location) or a regional one focusing on their home city or country.
  • Interaction with Startupblink- helping us spread the word and giving us feedback on how to improve

Did we forget anyone? We might have, especially in the locations (countries and cities) that are only emerging now their startup communities. We are waiting for your suggestion us to add someone here.

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