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Docintosh: A New Social Network Exclusively for Doctors

StartupBlink welcomes Docintosh to our traction membership program!
Supporting doctors via a powerful and supportive social network.

During the course of an average superhero movie, a leading character may save a few lives throughout the week.  All the while, soaking up the admiration and support of a loving fanbase.  Doctors, on the other hand, save hundreds of lives a year and rarely get the credit they deserve.  Surgeons and physicians have often expressed that they have only their teams to look to for support and understanding.  Docintosh, a startup based in Mumbai, has produced a new social networking platform for doctors to share professional knowledge and support.  StartupBlink would like to welcome their team to our Traction Membership Program!

The Idea

Docintosh’s directors, Rashmi Jaydeep Thosar and Jaydeep Sharadchandra Thosa, developed their initial idea after hearing multiple doctors express their desires to have a gated, online community just for fellow doctors and medical students.  A communal platform would allow users to share research, medical experiences, and potentially collaborate on special projects. Critically, all participants must be verified doctors or medical students.  From an educational perspective, access to experts can greatly help a student’s chance of success.  Docintosh allows users to pose questions to experts and participate in discussions on specific medical specialties.  A free flow of medical knowledge not only helps students but also helps experts connect with each other and address clinical challenges.

In addition to its knowledge sharing capacity, Docintosh provides doctors with networking opportunities.  The platform enables users to create professional circles and stay up to date with colleagues’ publications and cases.  After weighing all of the traditional benefits of a social network, Thosar discusses a critical aspect of their company’s success. Pharmaceutical companies use Docintosh to glean valuable market research and allow doctors to participate in paid surveys or projects.   


Thosar’s objective is to transform Docintosh from a young startup, into the “Asia Pacific’s largest community of doctors.”  The platform has a great opportunity to bring together a community of everyday superheroes and help support important medical research.