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What is Startup Engineering Simulation?

What comes to your mind when you think of starting a company? How to raise capital, how to test the market, how to hire employees? Surely you don’t think of engineering simulation first, do you? But stay with us here and we’ll show you why engineering simulation is a great idea for startups. Instead of pouring years of hard work and money into an untested technology, simulation helps you determine the feasibility of your project and save you money and time with your prototype designs.

What is Startup Engineering Simulation? - StartupBlink

According to the Encyclopedia of Computer Science (4th Edition, July 2000), simulation is defined as “the process of designing a model of a real or imagined system and conducting experiments with that model”.

There are various types of simulations that can be conducted depending on the industry and goals. For instance, computer simulations or virtual simulations are performed to replicate a real-life situation on a computer and see how the system works. Simulations can also be carried out in fields such as engineering, technology, manufacturing, and processing. Continue reading What is Startup Engineering Simulation?