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WeWork Labs Innovative Platform Review

With the increasing number of WeWork locations and members using this world’s famous coworking space brand, WeWork has decided to take a step further and offer entrepreneurs to join a very interesting initiative- WeWork Labs.

Eligible members can join this innovative platform with a slight increase in the regular price of their coworking package. Nevertheless, that should not stop you from enrolling and making the best use of this program because StartupBlink members are entitled to use WeWork cheaper. Our community can now book a free tour and receive up to 15 % discount. For more details, click here.

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WeWork Locations Around the World

Whether you are an entrepreneur, creative soul, freelance genius or someone with a mind blowing startup idea, it soon becomes a necessity to have the right environment to generate and share ideas with like minders, and regular office, in that case, is not always an option for everyone. StartupBlink has been collaborating with WeWork and offers a great opportunity to get up to 15 % off of any location around the globe using this link of WeWork.
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Future of coworking

Coworking is growing fast and is turning out to be an investable business because of the success of global players like WeWork which is expanding exponentially in all major cities. Startups have been the first to embrace coworking but large corporations are also moving towards it. As per GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) which is the largest coworking conference in the world, there will be 5 million people who will be coworking in 2022 from 1 million currently in 2018. Coworker, the global coworking directory already lists 9000+ coworking spaces in 158 countries.
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Top 5 Coworking spaces in Haifa

Israel is an already well-established startup hub. While most startup activity in Israel happens in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Haifa is soon becoming an upcoming destination for startups, entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors, coworking spaces etc. Technology and innovation are areas where Haifa ranks high. Lots of coworking spaces have also opened up recently to support this bustling startup culture. Israeli government is very involved in developing the startup ecosystem in the country and has invested a lot in R&D, innovation and tech. WeWork, the global coworking giant has also marked its presence in the city by opening a coworking space in 2018, and is offering StartupBlink’s members up to 15% discount by using this link.
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Top 7 Coworking spaces in Santiago

Latin America is soon becoming an innovative hub for startups. Topping amongst all the Latam cities is Santiago which is attracting startups, investors and accelerators alike. To support its budding startup ecosystem, many new coworking spaces have sprouted in the city offering plush offices, around-the-clock coffee, great conference rooms and yoga/gym facilities. As a strong signal that Santiago is becoming a coworking hub, WeWork, the global coworking giant have decided to open 2 coworking spaces in the city.
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