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Why communities are critical for startup ecosystem development?

Even though communities are often looked at as social structures, it seems that they are indispensable for startup ecosystems too. 

The Startup Ecosystem Rankings Report 2019 by StartupBlink has discovered some interesting findings revealing the relationship between the success of the ecosystem and community. In many cases, behind a strong startup ecosystem, there was a vibrant community that worked alongside. And not for coincidence, most cities that were at the top of the rankings had a powerful community where people not only occasionally work towards the same goal but share a common lifestyle. 

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How to improve your startup ecosystem?

The startup ecosystem can only thrive when its players are working hand in hand. Even though both the public and private sectors can make a substantial impact, there are certain steps that only the public or private sector can take to improve the startup ecosystem and make it a better place for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

In this article, we will discuss what startup ecosystem players can do to improve their environment, while at the same time we will present two StartupBlink programs designed for raising awareness about your local startup ecosystem: City Partnership for private sector organizations and Ecosystem Partnership for the public sector.

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How to promote your startup ecosystem?

Just like private-owned businesses promote their products and services, startup ecosystems are not an exception and need to spread the word about their activities, players, and victories. There are dozens of tools to get your startup ecosystem in the spotlight, including mapping your startup ecosystem, generating reports, participating in the startup conference, writing about your ecosystem and, of course, joining forces with startup ecosystem development companies, like StartupBlink that can provide all the tools to boost your startup ecosystem visibility and exposure to the community of thousands. 

So, in this article, we will further discuss a few high-impact methods to advertise and promote your startup ecosystem.

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The Importance of Promoting and Marketing Your Startup Ecosystem

Although often seen as abstracts, startup ecosystems are real products that, like any other project, need marketing to exist and flourish. Successful ecosystems offer their players tangible and intangible advantages that are equally beneficial to everyone. Therefore, it is critical to promote your startup ecosystem and make sure to create a positive perception of what such an environment can offer to talented people encouraging them to stay and create in the city.

Given that private companies are more focused on internal investment, it is up to public sector institutions to step in. Municipalities or economic development corporations do important work on spreading the news about their local ecosystem. Nevertheless, we understand that startup ecosystem promotion can be complicated. The lessons we share are all from years of experience working with dozens of public sector organizations via Startup Ecosystem Partnership program focusing on the promotion and mapping of ecosystems. 

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The importance of Startup Ecosystem Mapping

One of several key elements for a flourishing startup ecosystem is open access to the knowledge and resources for everyone, whether it is an entrepreneur or supporting player, like accelerator, coworking space, government or startup organization. Hence, the popularity of startup ecosystem mapping is increasing as more players around the world understand the benefits of a transparent startup ecosystem and the visibility of the resources available in a particular location. 

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