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Can You Start a Business Without Any Funding?

As a result of lack of job security and a shortage of jobs, a rising number of people have taken an interest in starting their own business over recent years. For some, working for themselves also means being able to earn more money, take greater control of their lives, and enjoy more freedom and flexibility when it comes to working. However, one of the things that can put a huge number of people off from taking the plunge is lack of initial funding.

There are various ways in which you can try and obtain funding to start your own business such as a bank loan, credit card, peer to peer funding and crowdfunding to name but a few. You could also look at getting a private inventor onboard and even do background checks online to help find the right investor. However, if you are unable to access any of these funding options for many reasons, can you still start a business of your own with little or no upfront cash?

Well, the good news is that there are various different things that you can consider if you have little or no funding but want to start a business of your own. Your existing skills, interests, and qualifications may play a part in the options available to you but there are many people that start working for themselves without having a cent available in terms of funding. By looking at the options open to you, it will be far easier to determine whether this is something you may be able to do.

One of the options you can look at is working as a freelancer from home. All you would need is somewhere quiet to work from in your home and access to a computer and internet. Many people already have computer and internet access at home. You can even set up a home office using furniture you may already have at home. If you do have a little money available, you could look at buying furniture for your home office – you can get some very good deals on used office furniture, so this needn’t cost a fortune.

If you have writing and research skills, one of the freelance careers you could look at is content writing. There are many businesses and individuals in constant need of a content writer to help with website copy, blogs, articles, and marketing materials. If you have a flair for writing and you want to be able to earn money from home, this is definitely an option to consider. As long as you have a computer and internet access, you can find work online, market your services online using social media and other platforms, carry out your work online, and submit it to your clients online. You can even receive payments online, so you literally wouldn’t need anything else. Other great options for freelancing from home include web designing, digital marketing, and freelance accountancy work amongst other things.