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Bratislava Startup Ecosystem

Bratislava Startup Ecosystem

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Introduction to Bratislava startup ecosystem

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is the youngest metropolis in Europe. It is situated on the banks of River Danube. Bratislava borders both Austria and Hungary, leading to a unique, beneficial position. In StartupBlink’s 2019 report, Bratislava ranked 1st in Slovakia and 118th globally.

Startups have many possibilities in Bratislava, from a huge variety of co-working spaces to investors. Andrej Kiska, the President of Slovakia, supports new enterprises and startups. Having a president with an economic and entrepreneurial background is pretty advantageous.  

Let’s delve into the main features of the Bratislava startup ecosystem…

Successful Startups of Bratislava

  1. ESET (@ESET): The company was founded in 1992, in Slovakia. The startup became a globally well-known, international company offering antivirus and firewall products. (Facebook)
  1. Sygic (@SygicOfficial): The Slovak brand, Sygic, was founded in 2004. Their product is a GPS system for mobile phones, available worldwide in more than 30 languages. Since the introduction of their product, the company was honored several times for being the Fastest growing technology company in CEE. (Facebook)
  1. Pixel Federation (@pixelfederation): The studio was founded in 2007. They are in the game development industry and currently, they have 4 games. (Facebook)

Advantages for startups in Bratislava:

Expansion: Bratislava is an especially great place for starting a business and creating a test market. After the introduction, expansion and management from Bratislava is quite advantageous. The capitals of Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic is so close management from Slovakia, Bratislava can be manageable.

Government support: The Government supports talented, young entrepreneurs and startups. The Government has accepted a startup initiative. This includes numerous advantages both for Slovaks and foreigners that want to start their business in Slovakia. The advantages include grants and startup visa.

Disadvantages for startups in Bratislava:

Small market: The Slovak market is rather small, as the country’s population is just 5 million. As a test market, it’s a great place.

Language: For foreigners, it’s a great idea to have Slovaks as team members due to the fact that not all data and papers are available in English. This is one of the main challenges concerning setting up a business in Slovakia.

Startup Events in Bratislava:

Startup Weekend: The main aim of Startup Weekend is to help young entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into real startups. Well-known and successful entrepreneurs help them.

Startup Awards: This event is a competition among startups from Slovakia. The main aims of this competition is to explore innovative startups, to inspire companies and to build Slovakia’s startup scene.

Startup Grind: Is the largest independent startup community that organises various events and have sponsors (such as Google).

Co-working spaces in Bratislava:

RubixLab: The organisation stands for building the eco-system within Slovakia. Their aim is to search for talents, entrepreneurs, and managers and grow the Slovakian startup environment. RubixLab’s services include incubation & acceleration, co-working spaces, consultancy, events & conferences, international network, and advisors.

The Spot: They provide space for enthusiastic and creative young entrepreneurs. The Spot’s main aim is to help startups with cooperation, education, and inspiration.

Impact HUB: A platform is provided by Impact HUB which connects innovative, talented minds. The first Import HUB was found in 2005, London and available in numerous cities. They provide various types of events and you can also rent space from them.

Connect Coworking: Whether you need a coworking, space or you just want to attend a startup related event Connect Coworking is right for you.

InQb: This coworking is a part of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, which offers start-ups a place to grow and work.

Bratislava Startup Investors

Local investors in Bratislava:

CEED Tech: is a cooperation of five startup accelerators. More than 450 mentors help the work of CEED Tech. They offer cloud services, analytics, transactional technologies, etc.

Launcher Startup Studio: The studio’s main aim is to push and implement the ideas of young talents with the help of experienced professionals. Their team includes investors, entrepreneurs, and specialists in the field of technology, business and other.

Angel Investors in Bratislava:

Neulogy Ventures: This company was the first to fund and help in the development of innovative startups in Slovakia. Their main goal is to grow entrepreneurs and startups with global impact.

Credo: The credo team supports young entrepreneurs from the early day. They work with Venture partners (from such companies as Cisco, Teradata, and GCWare) and advisors as well.

Speedinvest: They provide investment solutions, know-how and operational experience for talents.

Public-private initiatives in Bratislava:

SAPIE (the Slovak Alliance for Internet Economy): The members include such companies as Google, Facebook, and ESET. They help to develop technical and creative talent support in Slovakia.


We can state that there is a huge potential in Slovak startups and launching a startup in Slovakia. The government supports innovative, young entrepreneurs. There are a lot of possibilities that the country provides for startups and creative minds, concerning Slovaks and also foreigners.

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